Is Marc Jacob’s Decadence Discontinued 2024?

So, you know that perfume called Marc Jacobs Decadence that many ladies liked? Some fans are wondering if it’s still around.

Yep, Marc Jacobs Decadence is a perfume that smells flowery and nice. But lately, people are still looking for it in stores. Some say they saw it on eBay, but Marc Jacobs’s Decadence discontinued now.

Marc Jacobs discontinued Decadence in late 2022. Why? Fewer people were buying it, and there were some issues with making it. But don’t worry! Marc Jacobs still makes other perfumes that people like.

So, even though Decadence is discontinued, Marc Jacobs is still making new scents for us to enjoy!

Well, some people are bummed out because it’s discontinued. Even though some fans are upset, they still hope they can find the perfume somewhere they trust or get a good deal on other Marc Jacobs stuff.

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Why Do Perfumes Get Discontinued?

Perfumes can be discontinued for several reasons. Here are some:

  • Not Selling Enough: Sometimes, more people need to buy perfume, so the company stops making it.
  • Changing Trends: Like how clothes and music styles change, what people like in perfumes can change too. If a perfume isn’t famous anymore, they might stop making it.
  • Expensive Ingredients: Some perfumes use fancy ingredients that can be hard to find or cost a lot. They might stop making the perfume if they can’t get these ingredients anymore.
  • New Looks: Companies sometimes like to change how their perfumes look. When they do this, they might stop making some perfumes to make it easier.
  • Limited Time Only: Some perfumes, like special treats, are only around for a short time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Too Many Perfumes: There are so many perfumes out there! If a company has fewer, they might stop making some to simplify things.
  • Rules and Laws: Sometimes, the rules about making perfumes change. If a perfume doesn’t follow the new rules, they might have to stop making it.
  • Company Plans: Companies have big plans for their perfumes. Sometimes, they stop making some, focus on others, or create new ones.

Will Marc Jacobs Beauty Make a Comeback?

Marc Jacobs Beauty, which everyone loved but discontinued in 2021? Well, it’s coming back! Coty, the company that makes Marc Jacobs perfumes, bought the rights to Marc Jacobs Beauty, and they’re bringing it back in 2025.

Marc Jacobs Beauty was super popular because they had incredible makeup that famous people and makeup fans liked. They had fabulous mascara, eyeliner that stayed on well, and lovely lipsticks.

People were sad when Marc Jacobs Beauty disappeared, but now they’re excited it’s returning! Coty says they’ll still make cool and different makeup, but they might add some new stuff, too.

We don’t know precisely what the new Marc Jacobs Beauty will look like, but people are excited to see it! Some people hope they’ll return the old favorites, while others want to see what new things they’ll have.

Even though we have to wait to see, one thing is for sure: Many people, including us at GRAZIA, are excited for Marc Jacobs Beauty to return!

What Smells Similar To Marc Jacobs’s Decadence?

If you’re sad that Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume is discontinued, or if you want to try something new, there are other perfumes you might like! Check out these options:

  • Gucci Guilty: It smells fancy, like Decadence, with hints of mandarin, peach, and patchouli.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: This one is bold and flirty, with scents of coffee, vanilla, and flowers.
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid: It’s a bit complex but extraordinary and smells like black truffle and bergamot.
  • Decadence One Eight K Edition by Marc Jacobs is a particular version of Decadence with a touch of gold.
  • Dior Poison: It’s a classic perfume with a spicy and sweet smell, like coriander and vanilla.

There are many choices out there, so you can find one that fits your style and makes you feel fabulous!


The discontinuation of Marc Jacobs Decadence perfume has sparked disappointment among fans. While its departure may leave a void for loyal customers, it also paves the way for exploring new scents. Brands often make decisions based on sales, changing trends, and practical considerations. 

However, alternative fragrances are available for those mourning the loss of Decadence. Whether it’s Gucci Guilty, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, or others, there are plenty of options to discover and enjoy. While change can be bittersweet, it opens doors to new olfactory adventures in perfumery.


Why was Marc Jacobs’s Decadence discontinued?

Perfumes can be discontinued for various reasons, including sales performance, changing trends, and rebranding. In the case of Decadence, the brand likely made strategic decisions based on market dynamics.

Is there any chance of Marc Jacobs’s Decadence making a comeback?

While rare, some fragrances return as limited editions or in reformulated versions. However, there’s no official confirmation regarding Decadence’s return.

What alternatives can I consider if I love Marc Jacobs’s Decadence?

If you miss Decadence, explore other Marc Jacobs fragrances like Daisy, Lola, or Honey. Look for scents with similar notes (e.g., woody, floral, or oriental) from different brands.

Are there any remaining stock or vintage bottles of Marc Jacobs Decadence available?

Some online retailers or auction platforms might have leftover stock or vintage bottles. However, exercise caution to ensure authenticity and quality.

Did Marc Jacobs release any official statement about Decadence’s discontinuation?

Brands often don’t provide detailed statements for individual fragrances. However, you can check official Marc Jacobs channels for any updates.

What made Marc Jacobs Decadence so popular among fragrance enthusiasts?

Decadence stood out for its luxurious packaging (resembling a mini handbag), unique scent (with notes of plum, saffron, and amber), and bold marketing campaigns.

Can I find similar fragrances to Marc Jacobs’s Decadence from other brands?

Yes! Look for perfumes with rich, sensual notes like plum, vetiver, and patchouli. Brands like Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci offer similar vibes.

Will Marc Jacobs release a new version inspired by Decadence?

While nothing is confirmed, brands occasionally revisit successful scents. Keep an eye out for any surprises in Marc Jacobs’ announcements!

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