Is Nina Ricci Perfume Discontinued in 2024?

Nina Ricci Perfume Discontinued. Nina Ricci makes lovely perfumes that lots of people like. Some, like L’Air du Temps, have been around since 1948! They smelled flowery and came in cool bottles with birds on top.

Ricci Ricci is still sold in some places, such as Amazon. But Capricci, from 1960, has been discontinued, which is a bummer because it also smelled flowery.

Even though some perfumes are discontinued, Nina Ricci makes new ones, like Nina and Nina L’Elixir. They’re like fancy art in special crystal bottles. Perfumes can remind you of things and make you feel stuff, and Nina Ricci’s perfumes are good at that!

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Other Discontinued Perfumes That Are Worth Exploring

Here are some old perfumes that are discontinued but are worth exploring! Check these out:

Guerlain Mitsouko: This one’s been around since 1919! It’s got peach, jasmine, and other stuff that makes it smell fancy and mysterious.

Chanel No. 22: Imagine a soft, powdery smell from 1922. It’s like Chanel No. 5 but gentler, with flowery and vanilla smells.

Balmain Vent Vert: This 1947 perfume smells like fresh, green grass after it rains. It’s like nature in a bottle!

Estee Lauder Azuree: This one, from the 1960s, is rich and smells like leather. It’s confident and classy, like a sunny day at the beach.

Guerlain Vol de Nuit: Made in 1933, it’s like going on a nighttime adventure. It has a fantastic, woody smell.

Even though you can’t buy these anymore, people still love them! Perfume fans think they’re super special.

Why Do Companies Discontinue Perfumes?

Let’s find out why companies discontinue perfumes:

  • People Like Different Smells: Just like how clothes and music change over time, what smells good changes, too. So, perfumes that were cool before might be less popular now because people like different smells.
  • Some Ingredients Are Hard to Get: Making perfumes is like cooking; you need the right ingredients. But sometimes, those ingredients are hard to find or are not allowed anymore because they might not be safe. If a perfume can’t use its unique ingredients, it might disappear.
  • Special Editions are Tricky: Have you ever heard of limited editions? They’re like unique toys that are only around for a little while. Perfume companies do this, too, but once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. It makes them feel special but also means they don’t stick around forever.

So, that’s why sometimes your favorite perfume vanishes from the shelves!

What To Do If Your Perfume Is Discontinued?

Here is what to do when companies discontinue perfumes. Let’s find out!

  • Check with the Maker: The people who made your perfume might have similar others. It’s best to smell them in person to see if you like them.
  • Look Online: There are websites where people talk about perfumes. You might find someone who knows about a perfume like yours.
  • Try Something New: If you can’t find a perfume like yours, it’s time to try something different! There are lots of fabulous scents out there.

What Perfume Smells Like Nina Ricca?

Here are some perfumes that are kind of like Nina by Nina Ricci:

  • Experimentum Crucis by Etat Libre d’Orange is about apples, musk, and other excellent smells. It’s like a science experiment in a bottle!
  • Riviera Sunrise by Atelier des Ors smells like basil, lemon, and oranges. Imagine waking up to a sunny day at the beach!
  • Flash Back by Olfactive Studio: It’s like a memory from when you were a kid. It smells like apples and cedarwood, like going back in time!
  • Discovery Set by Foras: This set includes many different scents to try. It’s like a treasure chest full of perfume adventures!
  • Divine Dancer by Exaltatum: Inspired by flowers and dancers, it’s like a beautiful dance in a garden!
  • Pivoine Souveraine by Houbigant: Imagine a garden full of peonies and jasmine. It’s like walking through a flower paradise!
  • Beso de Luna by Beso Beach: This perfume is as mesmerizing as the moon reflecting on the sea. It’s like a dreamy night under the stars!

Where Can You Buy Discontinued Perfumes?

If you’re on the hunt for discontinued perfumes, there are several avenues you can explore:

Online Communities and Forums:

Websites like Fragrantica, Basenotes, MakeupAlley, and Facebook groups provide platforms for buying, swapping, and discussing fragrances. You can search for specific perfumes that people are selling or create a post about what you’re looking for.

Online Marketplaces:

Amazon is a great place to find discontinued fragrances. Make sure to buy from listings “Sold and Shipped by Amazon” to ensure reliability and easy returns if needed.

Etsy, Poshmark, and Bonanza are other online platforms where you might discover rare scents.

Niche Perfume Retailers:

Some niche perfume boutiques specialize in hard-to-find fragrances. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you to unique discontinued scents.

Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops:

Remember to appreciate the treasure trove of discontinued perfumes waiting to be discovered in thrift stores and vintage shops. You might stumble upon a hidden gem from years past.

The Bottom Line

In the end, even though some Nina Ricci perfumes are discontinued, people still love them. But don’t worry! There are other perfumes they like to try. You can find new favorite scents while remembering how extraordinary Nina Ricci’s perfumes are.


 Which Nina Ricci perfumes are discontinued? 

 Some Nina Ricci perfumes, like Capricci, Fleur de Fleurs, and Farouche, are discontinued. But people who love perfumes still really like them.

 Can I still get Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps? 

Yes! In stores, you can still find L’Air du Temps, the one with the pretty crystal doves. It’s been around long, and many people still like it.

 Where can I find discontinued Nina Ricci’s Ricci perfumes? 

You might find them in particular stores selling rare things, like online shops or thrift stores. Sometimes, places like Amazon or Etsy have them, too.

Can I buy Ricci Ricci now? 

Ricci Ricci isn’t made anymore, but you might still find it on websites like Amazon and Walmart in the US or Amazon in the UK and Europe.

What smells like Nina Ricci perfumes? 

 If you like Nina Ricci’s scents, you might also like Chanel No. 5. It’s similar. You can also try Nina Ricci’s other perfume, Nina.

Can I find old perfumes in old stores? 

Yeah! Sometimes, you can find excellent old perfumes in vintage shops or thrift stores. It’s like finding hidden treasures!

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