Is Jergens bar soap discontinued? – Discontinued News

Jergens has been a well-known brand in personal care for decades, notably with its bar soaps and moisturizing lotions. Among its various products, the Jergens Mild Bar Soap was a favorite among many customers. It’s due to its mild flavors and reliable performance. Fans of Jergens Mild Bar soap have recently reported empty stores and concerning rumors.

Is the famous Jergens Mild Bar Soap discontinued? This article explores the discontinuation of Jergens bar soap and analyzes its reasons. Read on to learn more about the product.

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About the Manufacturer

Kao USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Kao Corporation, a prominent Japanese consumer goods company. Founded in 1887 by Tomiro Nagase, Kao Corporation started as a manufacturer of beauty care products and has since expanded globally. The Americas division, known as Kao USA Inc., was established in 1882 with the creation of the Andrew Jergens Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kao USA Inc. oversees well-known brands like Jergens, Biore, and John Frieda. It focuses on personal care, beauty, and household products.

Jergens Mild Bar Soap is one of its product offerings. It was known for its gentle cleansing properties. Thus making it a favorite among those with sensitive skin. Its mild formulation was ideal for daily use. It provides a balance of effective cleaning without harsh ingredients that could irritate the skin. The soap’s popularity endured for years, with loyal customers purchasing it regularly from stores.

The discontinuation of Jergens Mild Bar Soap

Jergens bar soap discontinued

Long-time users of Jergens Mild Bar Soap noticed the first signs of trouble when it began to disappear from store shelves. Ben, a loyal soap customer for nearly 20 years, noted its absence at Shoppers Drug Mart and Dollarama in Toronto. He thought this was a temporary stock issue, as it had happened before. However, as the weeks passed into months, Ben resolved to seek answers by contacting Jergens directly.

Ben’s inquiry to Jergens yielded sad results: “The Jergens Mild Bar Soap had been withdrawn due to low sales.” In an email answer, Jergens pointed out that consumer demand affects their product availability choices.

A product may be discontinued when retailers find it difficult to keep selling it when consumer demand drops. Jergens expressed regret for discontinuing a product with a loyal following. The company stressed that its focus will remain on offering a varied range of products to fulfill the demands of its customers. According to sources, the company issued no official messages or recall notices.

The decision to remove Jergens Mild Bar Soap shows a common problem in the personal care market. Companies continually assess the performance of their products. It also monitors customer demand against production costs and market trends.

Companies may focus on other popular products when a product no longer meets sales expectations. This approach may disappoint loyal customers, but it enables businesses to remain competitive and adapt to market trends.

Other discontinuations

Jergens Mild Bar Soap’s withdrawal is not an exceptional case. In recent years, Jergens has had issues with other products. One such issue was the recall of their Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer in 2022. The recall was issued due to the presence of Pluralibacter gergoviae, a bacteria that poses a minor risk to healthy people but can be problematic for people with weak immune systems. As a precaution, Jergens removed the affected items from the shelves and informed customers, proving its commitment to quality and safety.

The voluntary recall included certain lots of Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer in 3 oz and 10 oz quantities, manufactured between October 1 and October 18, 2021.

Jergens responded quickly by contacting regulatory authorities. It improved cleaning and sanitization practices and offered affected customers a free product coupon. This incident shows the challenges and duties related to ensuring product safety and customer trust.

Discontinuations and recalls can frustrate customers, especially when they are concerned about popular products. Companies such as Jergens have to strike a balance between the market’s demands, production limitations, and the need for new product innovation.

These decisions can be difficult for devoted customers. But they often reflect a business’s dedication to quality and safety.


The discontinuation of Jergens Mild Bar Soap symbolizes the end of an era for many long-time customers who relied on its mild cleansing features. Even though the news may be upsetting, users can adjust to the change by knowing the reasons behind the choice and looking into alternatives.

There are several mild and effective bar soaps on the market. So, finding an equivalent product is simple. Being aware and adaptable will ensure your skincare routine stays efficient and joyful. Personal care brands like Jergens keep innovating and responding to customer needs.