Is Mitsubishi Still In Business?

Is Mitsubishi Still In Business? Yes, Mitsubishi is still in business. However, they need help selling their cars in North America and finding success in certain areas. Despite concerns about their future in the region, they’re showing resilience through increased sales and strategic initiatives.

Their recent sales figures indicate a notable improvement compared to the previous year, with the Outlander leading the pack in popularity. Seeing their efforts pay off is encouraging, especially with models like the Eclipse Cross doubling their sales.

However, logistical issues at the Port of Baltimore are causing some disruption in their supply chain. Mitsubishi’s decision to divert shipments to other ports shows its commitment to mitigating these challenges and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Receiving recognition for customer satisfaction with their electric and hybrid vehicles is a positive sign, as it demonstrates their commitment to quality and service. Winning awards for models like the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid further reinforces their competitiveness in the market.

The introduction of ClickShop 2.0 reflects their commitment to innovation and enhancing the car-buying experience for consumers, which could contribute to future sales growth.

While Mitsubishi faces uncertainties, their recent performance and strategic initiatives suggest they’re adapting to the changing market landscape and are determined to remain a significant player in North America.

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Is Mitsubishi Making A Name For Itself In The Car Industry?

Mitsubishi Motors is getting noticed by others. They ranked second among mass-market car brands in a 2022 report about customer experience. This is a big jump from where they were three years ago, moving from 17th place in 2020. They were also the most improved brand in the study last year, significantly improving compared to the previous year.

The CEO, Chaffin, says it shows that all their hard work is paying off. They’re making new cars, updating their dealerships, and ensuring customers are happy. This ranking is like a pat on the back, saying they’re doing a good job.

What Is The Future Of Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi has outlined its plans and strategies. Let’s delve into what lies ahead for Mitsubishi:

Medium-Term Strategy – “Challenge 2025”:

  • MMC’s “Challenge 2025” strategy focuses on sustainability and a carbon-neutral future.

Goals by 2030:

  • 40% reduction in vehicle CO2 emissions.
  • 50% reduction in operational CO2 emissions.
  • This commitment reflects MMC’s dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation.

2024 Model Year Lineup:

For the 2024 model year, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) introduces several updates and special editions:

  • Platinum Editions: Available for the Outlander and Outlander Plug-in Hybrid.
  • Refreshed Outlander SEL Black Edition: Features blacked-out exterior and interior trim.
  • Trail Edition: Honors off-road heritage for the Outlander Sport.
  • Two Years of Limited Maintenance: Every 2024 Mitsubishi vehicle sold in the US includes two years of limited maintenance, covering oil changes, tire rotations, and cabin air filter replacement.

2024 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid:

As the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric SUV, the 2024 Outlander Plug-in Hybrid combines bold styling, advanced technology, and premium finishes.

Key features:

  • Super-All Wheel Control 2 twin-motor 4WD system.
  • Thirty-eight miles of all-electric driving range (EPA-rated).
  • Four hundred twenty miles of overall driving range (electricity + gasoline).
  • Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

16 Upcoming Model Launches:

  • Mitsubishi’s “Challenge 2025” includes plans for 16 new models over the next five years.
  • These models will cover various segments, including ICE-powered, hybrid, and fully electric vehicles.

Focus on Southeast Asia and Oceania:

  • Instead of expanding in the US, Mitsubishi will concentrate efforts in regions with solid momentum, such as Southeast Asia and Oceania.
  • Due to their established popularity, the brand plans to develop more trucks, SUVs, and vans for these markets.

Concept Cars and Future Vehicles

Mitsubishi continues to explore innovative concepts and future vehicles, including the Mitsubishi GT PHEV concept and the E-Evolution Crossover SUV.

In summary, Mitsubishi aims to balance sustainability, innovation, and market-specific strategies as it moves forward.

The Wrap

Mitsubishi is still in business and doing well. Despite facing some challenges and hearing rumors, Mitsubishi keeps making cars, improving its reputation, and offering more to customers. They care about making customers happy, developing new ideas, and changing people’s wants. 

Mitsubishi is a big name in the car world, and it’s not going anywhere. They’ve got some famous cars, they’re constantly making sure their cars are good quality, and they’re planning. So, no worries, Mitsubishi is sticking around and doing great in the car business. You can count on seeing more from them in the future.


Is Mitsubishi still selling cars in the US?

Yes, Mitsubishi still sells cars in North America. But they might sell fewer cars here in the future.

What problems are Mitsubishi dealing with in the US? 

Mitsubishi has been growing less than they wanted in North America. They only offer a few different types of cars, and the ones they have are getting old. Also, they don’t have any factories here; they must bring all their vehicles from other places.

How many cars did Mitsubishi sell in the US last year? 

They sold about 120,000 cars in the US last year.

What kinds of cars does Mitsubishi sell in the US? 

They sell two small SUVs, a medium-sized SUV, and a small car called the Mirage. But they only have a few different models.

Does Mitsubishi have any factories in the US? 

No, Mitsubishi doesn’t have any factories in North America. They bring all their cars from other countries.

Is Mitsubishi thinking about leaving the US market altogether? 

They’re still determining, but they’ve talked about selling fewer cars in North America. For now, they’re still selling cars here.

What is Mitsubishi focusing on in Southeast Asia?

They’re primarily focusing on selling cars in Southeast Asia, which is part of their plan to work with another company called Renault.

How does Mitsubishi plan to compete without factories in the US? 

Even though they don’t have factories here, they’re trying to keep up by making small car changes yearly.

How has the pandemic affected Mitsubishi’s business in the US? 

The pandemic and other things like having few different cars to offer and how Mitsubishi sells their vehicles have made things hard for Mitsubishi in the US.

What does Mitsubishi want to do in the US in the future? 

They’re working with over 300 car dealers nationwide to sell cars that use less gas and are cheap. They’re also thinking about making more electric and hybrid cars in the future.

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