Is Freedent Gum Facing Shortage and Discontinuation in 2024?

Is Freedent Gum Facing Shortages and Discontinuation in 2024? Freedent gum is chewing gum that makes your breath fresh without sticking to your teeth. It has an excellent spearmint flavor that tastes smooth to chew. 

If you like Freedent Gum, you might wonder if you can still get it in the United States.

Freedent Gum is famous for its fresh taste and because it doesn’t stick to things. It started in 1975 as the first gum that doesn’t stick to teeth. 

But some changes in the gum world affect whether you can find it.

Wrigley’s makes Freedent Gum, but it is part of a bigger company called Mondelez that also owns other snack brands.

Mondelez has decided to stop selling gum in some places, including parts of North America. That means some flavors of Freedent Gum might be harder to find or no longer made.

People aren’t buying as much gum, especially during the pandemic when they’re not going to stores as often. Mondelez wants to focus more on selling snacks like chocolates and biscuits, which would make them more money.

However, there might be fewer of them soon because the company that makes Freedent is discontinuing its gum business in some places, such as North America and Europe. 

So, if you like Freedent gum, buying some is a good idea before it becomes hard to find! 

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Who Manufactures Freedent Gum & When Did It Come Out?

Freedent is a chewing gum made by Wrigley’s. It emerged in 1975 and changed how people chewed gum. It was different because it didn’t stick to dental work like braces. Freedent has a pleasant spearmint taste. It comes in eight flavors: Winterfresh, Peppermint, and Bubble Gum. 

Wrigley’s is a big company that makes candy and gum. It started back in 1891, selling soap and baking powder. Then, they started packaging gum with their baking powder in 1892.

The story of Freedent began when people told Wrigley’s that regular gum was sticking to their dental work. So, Wrigley’s made Freedent using a new gum base that doesn’t stick as much. It was introduced in 1975 and was Wrigley’s first big gum brand in 53 years.

In Canada, Freedent used to have a different version called Freedent Total, but it was replaced with Excel White in 2006. In the Netherlands, Freedent is still available in various flavors and is sometimes used as a more affordable option to another gum called Orbit.

Some of Wrigley’s most popular gum brands are Juicy Fruit and Wrigley’s. They’ve been around for a long time, and many people like them.

What Makes Finding Freedent Gum Difficult?

Gum sales have dropped because fewer people are buying it, especially during the pandemic when folks stayed home more and didn’t go to stores as often. Mondelez & Wrigley are two big snack and candy companies. 

There is believed to be a massive drop in sales because people aren’t buying as much gum. This is mainly because the number of reasons people use gum has decreased. The pandemic and how people act differently have affected big gum companies like Mars, Wrigley, Concord Confections, and Hershey.

Mondelez is also eliminating its gum business in North America and Europe and selling off its Halls cough drops business.

Even before the pandemic, Mondelez wasn’t making as much money from gum in specific markets. Now, it’s focusing more on selling chocolates and baked goods like Oreos and Cadbury because it thinks it’ll make more money that way.

Mondelez wants to make 90% of its money from selling chocolates and biscuits. To help with this, it’s been buying from other companies that make baked goods. For example, it recently bought Chipita, a European company that makes croissants and other baked treats. This has helped it sell more snacks and make more money.

Is Freedent Gum Sugar-Free?

Freedent is a chewing gum that doesn’t have sugar but tastes fruity. It’s good for your teeth, helping keep them white and removing stains. So, free is the way to go if you want to end your car ride just as relaxed as you started.

Chew Freedent gum when you need a break from writing or working. It gives your brain a little breather. Whether you’re doing homework, a job report, or even posting on social media, Freedent is there for you.

This sugar-free gum isn’t just tasty; it also helps your teeth. The French Union approves it for Oral Health.

Gums That Were Once Popular But Are Now Discontinued

Remember these gums? They used to be popular, but now they’re discontinued:

  • Fruit Stripe Gum: It had bright colors and fruity flavors, but it’s gone now.
  • Super Bubble: This pink bubblegum was a favorite, but it’s been discontinued too.
  • Black Jack Gum: It had a unique licorice taste, but you can’t find it easily anymore.
  • Beemans Gum: This gum flavored with pepsin was famous long ago, but it’s not around much anymore.
  • Clorets: They had a strong minty flavor and were green because of chlorophyll. It’s not as expected now.
  • Chiclets: These small square gums are in many homes but are not as easy to find.
  • Teaberry Gum: It had a unique wintergreen flavor, but it’s now considered old-fashioned.
  • Bubble Yum Dr. Pepper Flavor: Bubble Yum tried different flavors, including Dr. Pepper, but it’s no longer available.
  • Big League Chew Grape: This grape-flavored gum was used by baseball players like shredded tobacco. Now, only the original flavor is available.

These gums may bring back memories, but they’re hard to come by.

Which New Gum Flavors Are Worth Trying?

If you want to try something new, here are some excellent gum flavors:

  • Watermelon Mint Fusion: It’s like having juicy watermelon with a hint of refreshing mint.
  • Matcha Green Tea Gum: For those who love matcha, this gum has a nice balance of earthy green tea flavor and many antioxidants.
  • Mango Tango: This gum tastes like a tropical paradise with a mango flavor.
  • Bubblegum Lemonade: A fun twist on classic bubblegum with a zesty lemonade kick.
  • Cinnamon Roll Delight: If you like cinnamon rolls, this gum has that warm, cozy flavor, like a mini dessert.

Everyone has different taste buds, so try different gums and find the one you like the most!

What Are Some Popular Gum Brands Worldwide?

Let’s check out some chewing gum brands from different places:

Global Gum Brands:

  • Wrigley’s: Wrigley’s, owned by Mars Inc., makes famous gums like Juicy Fruit and Doublemint, which are known worldwide.
  • Trident: Another well-known brand, Trident, offers many flavors and is famous for its good quality.
  • Orbit: Orbit is famous for its minty flavors and is quite popular in the gum market.

Chewing gum has a long history, going back many years. In the past, people chewed on things like tree resin. Gum has many different types and flavors to suit everyone’s tastes.

Where To Find Freedent Gum?

Even though things are changing in the gum world, you can still find Freedent Gum in certain stores. Here’s a simple guide to help you find it:

  • Walgreens: This is a big pharmacy where you can usually get Freedent Gum. Look for it in the candy or gum section. You can also check their website to see if it’s available and even order online for pickup or delivery.
  • Rite Aid: Another pharmacy called Rite Aid also sells Freedent Gum. Visit a Rite Aid store near you and see if they have the flavor you like.
  • Kroger: If there’s a Kroger grocery store nearby, you could find Freedent Gum there. Look in the gum section or ask a store employee for assistance.
  • Walmart: Walmart sells many different things, including Freedent Gum. It is in the same aisle as other chewing gum.

Other gums, like Biodent, are similar to Freedent. They come in tropical flavors like strawberry, spearmint, and banana. You can also try Active Denture Chewing Gum and Dentyne Ice Sugar-Free Gum, suitable for people with dental work, like braces or dentures.

These other gums can help freshen your breath without damaging your dental work.

What Are Some Alternatives to Freedent Gum?

Here are some gums you can try instead of Freedent Gum:

  • Trident: This gum comes in many flavors and lasts a long time. It doesn’t have sugar in it.
  • Orbit: Orbit gum tastes fresh and minty. It’s sugar-free, too.
  • Extra: Extra gum has many flavors to choose from, and it’s also sugar-free.
  • Dentyne: Dentyne gum comes in classic and spicy cinnamon flavors. It won’t stick to your dental work.
  • Wrigley’s Spearmint: This gum has a classic spearmint flavor many people like.
  • Active by OrthoGum: This gum is made not to stick to dentures. Dentists recommend it, and it doesn’t have sugar.
  • Biodent: Biodent gum comes in flavors like tropical, strawberry, spearmint, and banana. It’s suitable for people who are doing dental work.
  • Dentyne Ice Sugar-Free Gum: This gum is like regular Dentyne but without sugar. It won’t stick to your dental work.
  • Wrigley’s Winterfresh: You might like this gum if you like the wintergreen flavor. It’s refreshing and won’t stick to your teeth.

You are picking a gum that tastes good to you and doesn’t cause problems with your teeth.

Final Thoughts 

Freedent Gum might be a bit hard to find in some places because the gum world is changing. But don’t worry too much! You can still get it in certain stores. People like Freedent Gum, even though other gums are becoming more popular. But guess what? Other gums out there taste similar, and keep your breath fresh. Sometimes, things like this happen with stuff we like to buy. It’s normal! 

So, keep checking the stores, and you might still find your favorite gum. Hey, trying new gums can be fun too! Even if Freedent Gum isn’t always easy to find, there are still ways to enjoy that refreshing taste without worrying about it sticking to your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I still get Freedent Gum in the US? 

Yes, but it may be harder to find because of changes in the gum industry.

Why are people saying Freedent Gum might be discontinued? 

The company that makes Freedent Gum, Wrigley’s, is stopping its gum business in some places, including parts of North America.

Will certain flavors of Freedent Gum be affected?

Yes, some flavors might be more complex to find or might not be made anymore because of the company’s decision.

Why did the company decide to stop making gum? 

Gum sales went down during the pandemic, so the company wants to focus on selling other snacks like chocolates and biscuits.

Is Freedent Gum still being made? 

It might still be in some stores, but it could become even more challenging to find in the future.

Where can I find Freedent Gum? 

You can try places like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, and Walmart.

Is there a shortage of Freedent Gum? 

Yes, especially since the company is stopping its gum business in North America and Europe.

What should I do if I like Freedent Gum? 

If you’re a big fan, buy some now before it gets even more challenging to find.

Does Freedent Gum still not stick to dental work? 

Yes, it’s still made not to stick to things like braces, so it’s easy to chew.

When did Freedent Gum first come out? 

It was introduced in 1975 by Wrigley’s and became popular because of its excellent spearmint flavor and because it doesn’t stick to things.