FairLife recall 2024- still available or not?

Fairlife is a US brand of ultra-filtered milk, was founded in 2012. The Coca-Cola Company distributes it. Fairlife is based on the idea that delicious goods that satisfy customers’ needs and provide nutrition may be made using milk and its natural health benefits. They specialize in tasty dairy-based items to make sure that everyone gets enough nourishment. Currently, their vision stretches well beyond the bottle. in this article we known About FairLife recall or their availability.

Fairlife LLC recently announced the voluntary recall of their 2% reduced-fat Ultra-Fairlife. In recent years, the brand has also faced several allegations. In this article, we learn more about the brand and its products.

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Fairlife $21 million class action settlement

FairLife, the ultra-filtered dairy company, declared in 2022 that its yearly retail sales exceeded $1 billion. In 2020, Coca-Cola purchased the remaining ownership in Fairlife. It happened after owning a minority stake through a joint venture with Select Milk Producers.

Fairlife, its parent company, Coca-Cola, and other defendants reached a $21 million settlement. This was to resolve a class action complaint in 2019 claiming they lied to customers about cow mistreatment.

The settlement applies to customers who bought Fairlife or Fair Oak Farms milk products on or before April 27, 2022. The settlement includes milk, ice cream, butter, yogurt, and other dairy goods from Fairlife and Fair Oak Farms.

Multidistrict litigation has been filed against Fairlife. It is alleged that the company and its milk products, Fair Oak Farms, use false advertising to claim that their milk originates from safely treated dairy cows. Fairlife milk products’ labels apparently state that the cows are handled with “the best care” and “amazing care and comfort.”

In spite of these advertising claims, Fairlife is accused of mistreating cows and lying to consumers about them.

The plaintiffs argue that “if they had known the truth about the brand’s handling of dairy cows, they and other customers would not have paid higher prices for Fairlife or Fair Oak Farms milk products.”

Coca-Cola and the other companies involved in the lawsuit have declined to admit any wrongdoing. However, they have agreed to settle the consolidated class action complaint for $21 million.

According to Fairlife’s 2021 stewardship report, the company invested over $8 million. This is to promote animal welfare standards at its suppliers while creating new technologies to improve animal care.

Fairlife began with a high-protein milkshake for athletes. But since then, it has grown into other value-added dairy products, including its popular milk. It was announced in May 2023 that Coca-Cola had chosen New York State as its “preferred location” for a new production facility for the dairy brand. It would cost roughly $650 million.

Lactose-free milk Fairlife smells bad

Thousands of people have allegedly become very sick after consuming a lactose-free milk product produced by Coca-Cola. They reported that the products smelled like “rotten eggs.”

Customers of Fairlife lactose-free milk have turned to social media in 2023. They complained of bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps mere hours after consuming the product.

Many Reddit, TikTok, and Facebook users reported a foul odor like “rotten eggs” after opening the container. Iwaspoisoned.com is a website that analyzes food-borne illnesses. It had logged 103 complaints about the brand in 45 days.

“Based on our knowledge, the actual impact may be far greater,” the website’s founder, Patrick Quade, stated in January 2024. Quade predicted that thousands of customers could have been affected by the milk.

Fairlife milk is described as “ultra-filtered,” high-protein, and low-sugar. It has a long shelf life when unopened. It is available at major retail chains such as Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, and Kroger.

The Food and Drug Administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment on possible food-borne illnesses. Fairlife denied that anything was wrong with its milk.

The business stated in an email, “We take any customer concerns sincerely and can confirm that there are no food safety issues or associated with Fairlife recall products.” 

Customers who reported to the company were told the odor was “normal” and the product was safe. Dramatic comments from sickened customers provide a different picture.

The claims involve a wide range of Fairlife milk products, from skim to whole milk protein drinks and chocolate milk. This is not the first time this 12-year-old brand has faced criticism.

As previously stated, Coca-Cola and other parties agreed to pay $21 million to settle 2019 claims. It is for false advertising that Fairlife products were derived from humanely treated cows, per reports in 2022.

Consumer Report to Fairlife

Consumer reports urged Fairlife to protect customers from high quantities of potentially dangerous plastic chemicals in its food. CR recently tested various foods and noticed that Fairlife’s Core Power High Protein Chocolate Milk Shake drink included some chemicals. It has the highest levels of phthalates of any product tested. Phthalates are a plasticizer, a chemical used to make plastics more flexible and resilient. Also, they have been connected to a slew of health issues, even at low levels.

Apart from this information, detailed data needs to be available to support the issue.

Recall of Fairlife products

Fairlife LLC voluntarily recalled its 2% reduced-fat Ultra-Fairlife milk on April 11, 2024. It is due to quality concerns related to a certain code. The recall is being issued in response to the product’s probable curdling and separation. This issue falls short of Fairlife’s strict quality requirements.

Despite this, it is crucial to point out that there are currently no food safety or health issues associated with this recall. The implicated item is Fairlife 2% Milk, packaged in 52-ounce containers with UPC 85631200277 and case UPC 5631200278. The problematic item’s lot code and expiration date are FA (TIME) 726-207 and BB 06/04/24, respectively.

This recall is defined as voluntary and is only due to a variation in quality standards. Apart from this, there has been no recent recall of any of Fairlife products.

Fair Life’s $650 million dairy facility in New York

On April 18, the Coca-Cola Company and New York Governor Kathy Hochul organized a groundbreaking ceremony. It is for a Fairlife dairy processing facility in Webster.

The $650 million, 745,000-square-foot building will serve as the ultrafiltered milk brand’s flagship location in the Northeast. The factory is planning to use 5 million pounds of milk every day. Thus, it is the largest dairy plant in the Northeast, according to the state.

The facility is planned to create 250 jobs and be functional by late 2025. Empire State Development will grant up to $21 million in support under the performance-driven Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit Program.

In return for promises to create jobs, the New York Power Authority offers about 8.5 megawatts of cheap power.

Fairlife’s ultrafiltration technology extends the shelf life of their milk. It will also provide more protein, calcium, and less sugar than regular milk.

Hochul stated, “This is personal to me as I come from a family of Irish dairy farmers. Soon, it will be personal to thousands of other residents in the Finger Lakes. They will have access to employment and financial opportunity.”

Fairlife chose New York over Pennsylvania last year, in large measure. It’s because the Empire State provided a buildable location. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro has suggested extending the state’s industrial site development program in this year’s budget.


Tim Doelman, CEO of Fairlife, stated that “customer demand for Fairlife products is at a record high. This new production facility will enable us to boost our capacity. Thus, it will deliver a fair life to even more families across the country.”

Coca-Cola is the latest major CPG business to build a new factory or expand an existing facility in advance of a product’s increased sales.

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