Trix Cereal Bar discontinued or still available in 2024?

Breakfast is considered the most vital meal of the day. You most likely have happy childhood memories of eating your favorite cereal and milk combo at the family table. Sadly, some of our favorite foods from childhood were either too sweet to last or failed to grow with us. Trix Cereal Bar discontinued or still available is question of theirs fans.

In 1991, General Mills introduced a fruit-shaped version of Trix. It has been a popular cereal since 1955. Over the years, the cereal has changed.

Trix fans from the 1990s are sure to recall this change, as it replaced the original design for 15 years. Later, In 2006, General Mills decided to discontinue the product. Again, in 2018, the firm announced that it would bring back the popular design. So, what happened to the Trix Cereal Bar? Let’s dive into this in the article.

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About the Manufacturer

General Mills, Inc. is an American multinational company. It produces and markets branded processed consumer foods for retail sales. The company promotes popular North American products such as Gold Medal flour and General Mills breakfast cereals.

In the past, the cereal bar category has expanded rapidly. The number of food-bar items rose rapidly between 1990 and 1999. As a sign of customer tastes, General Mills’ cereal bars sold so quickly that the business had to limit the amount that retailers may order during the 2000s.

Since 2004, General Mills has launched more goods aimed at the growing number of health-conscious customers. The company has chosen to transition its whole breakfast cereal line to whole grains. The company also began producing healthier cereals for children. General Mills has reduced the amount of sugar in all cereals sold for children to 11 grams per serving.

General Mills’ breakfast cereals include Trix and a variety of additional options. Also, General Mills has discontinued a large number of cereal products over time.

What happened to the Trix Cereal Bar?

Trix Cereal Bar is a convenient, no-mess, chewy cereal bar made with Trix cereal pieces. The Classic Trix from the 1990s are back in their unique fruity shapes. 

General Mills reintroduced the original ball shape and natural colors to its cereal in 2006. Following customer complaints, the unnaturally bright colors returned in 2017. Well, the individuals have spoken again. The brand has received over 20,000 demands to bring back the shapes.

The Trix cereal saga proved that customers are still strongly split on the concept and value of eating healthily.

In 2018, cereal company General Mills stated that it would reintroduce a discontinued version of the 63-year-old cereal. Even with the artificial, neon-colored colors removed during a company-wide makeover that occurred before,

Trix sales weren’t affected by the change. It replaced vegetable juice, fruit juice, and turmeric extract for chemical colors. Erika Smit is the business’s technology director. She stated at an industry conference in July 2016 that the new Trix “exceeded expectations.”

Instead, the company has received many complaints from customers. It was discovered that current patterns toward more “natural” products are not consistent.

A General Mills representative, Mike Siemens, stated, “We made this choice since our fans were split.” “Some really enjoyed it, and some truly wanted the old Trix back.”

Nielsen, a market research agency, reports that 50% of North Americans and 61 percent of customers globally avoid artificial colors. It is primarily due to health concerns.

The term was once commonly used to refer to measurable traits such as calorie or nutrient content. But customers nowadays assess the nutritional value of their foods. It is based on a long, flexible, and highly customized list of factors. It includes the presence of gluten, MSG, or GMOs, as well as the absence of artificial additives and how the food was grown.

Many of these traits have yet to be proven to have an impact on a food’s nutrition. Someone who dislikes artificial colors in their daily diet, for example, might expect it in their beloved Trix breakfast.

This has provided a hurdle for the packaged and processed food industries, like General Mills. Thus, it has witnessed a sales decline in recent years. While the industry has attempted to react to changing customer health preferences, there needs to be more clarity regarding which desires to adapt to. It is especially true when they conflict with other factors that customers value, such as taste and price.

Trix had a similar experience, according to Siemens. In January 2016, the firm produced a modified version of the cereal. They did this after evaluating 69 organic alternatives for the original product’s bright yellow, orange, purple, red, blue, and green dyes.

While the flavor and nutritional value of the new Trix were nearly identical, the trademark red was duller. Also, the company’s experts were unable to discover a suitable alternative for blue and green, so they were removed.

The company received immediate criticism on social media. That caused General Mills to reconsider its reformulation.

“Clearly, people have distinct food preferences,” Siemienas explained. “We believe in giving customers choices.”


“We’ve heard from a huge number of Trix lovers who’ve reached out via social media. They say they want their fruity shapes back. Kids from the 1990s can rejoice in their fruity shapes. They are back in Trix,” said Scott Baldwin, General Mills Cereal’s marketing director.

The company claimed that it was working to make sure that the cereal looks and tastes like fans remember it. “The shapes would be available nationwide in the fall of 2023,” said the company.

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