Butterfinger discontinued 2024- is still in market?

Butterfinger is a bar of candy made by Ferrara Candy Company, a subsidiary of Ferrero. In 1923, Otto Schnering introduced butterfingers. Butterfinger became highly popular, with sales of $598 million in 2010. From 2007 to 2010, it was the eleventh-best-selling candy bar in the $17.68 billion US chocolate confectionery industry. In this article, we learn everything about Butterfinger discontinued products.

Butterfinger comes in many different types. Some Butterfinger variations have been discontinued over the years. Butterfinger BBs are among the most popular discontinued snack items that consumers struggle to give up.

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About Butterfinger

Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage business. It purchased Baby Ruth and Butterfinger from RJR Nabisco in February of 1990.

Nestle stated in January 2018 that it would sell over 20 of its US confectionery brands to Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA for $2.8 billion. This includes Butterfinger. The transaction was completed in March 2018. The newly acquired brands were integrated into the Ferrero Candy Company’s business activities.

Ferrero revamped the Butterfinger in January 2019. It made labels that read “Improved Recipe.” “Better” Butterfinger, as advertised, contains larger-runner peanuts roasted at the manufacturing site. The packaging has also been updated to prevent spoilage.

The brand stated that sales had “improved with the new recipe.” It happened notably after reporting a double-digit sales drop prior to the brand revamp. However, some social media users have criticized the new revamped recipe.

Discontinued Butterfinger products

Like many businesses over the years, some of the Butterfinger products have been discontinued. It includes

  • Butterfinger BB’s
  • Butterfinger Buzz 
  • Butterfinger Ice Cream Bar
  • Butterfinger Cups
  • Butterfinger Dark

Nearly two decades after its discontinuation, Butterfinger fans continue to demand a relaunch of a famous variant of one of its candy brands. It is nothing but Butterfinger BBs. They’re a bite-sized, spherical variation of the iconic peanut butter chocolate bar.

The small, spherical variant of Butterfinger’s popular candy bar first showed up in the early 1990s. It appeared in an advertisement campaign featuring none other than “The Simpsons.” Years later, a candy lover on Reddit recalls the snack as “hands down one of my favorite candies growing up.”

Butterfinger BBs were officially removed from shop shelves by 2006. The move upset Butterfinger fans, who were also puzzled when the brand changed its recipe in 2019. The main difference between the old and new Butterfinger is that the new one is less sweet and has a stronger peanut flavor. While some people like the new take on the famous sweet, only some are satisfied.

Butterfinger Ice Cream Bar is a candy with an ice cream filling. It was introduced in 1991 and is still sold as individual bags today. Another product, similar to Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars but shaped like nuggets, was launched in 1992. But it is now discontinued.

Nestle also launched the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup. It is similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But it has both crunchy and creamy peanut butter and is covered in milk chocolate. It was Butterfinger’s first novel item in over five years. Nestle spent nearly two years creating the product. However, they were discontinued in 2018 after the bars had been sold to Ferrero SpA.

Another product, Butterfinger Dark, is produced from dark chocolate. They were phased out in 2018 after Ferrero SpA purchased the bars.

Why did Butterfinger BBs get discontinued?

Companies rarely explain why they discontinue certain items. Butterfinger, on the other hand, handled the issue directly on social media. It clarified that the BBs were being discontinued for profit reasons. The candy producer responded to a message on X, now known as Twitter, stating that Butterfinger BBs were withdrawn owing to low sales.

Despite this obvious answer, others have their thoughts about the withdrawal. There is a possibility that the snacks are choking hazards. It has also been suggested that the discontinuance was due to candy quality issues. The product had allegations that BB’s chocolate exterior melted quickly.

There are many variations of the candy bar that are currently on the market. But it doesn’t seem that other Butterfinger goods suffer from the same fate.

Indeed, BBs are no longer available. Also, there is no sign that the once-popular candy will ever come back. Butterfinger also offers various variants of its original candy bar that may satisfy the craving.

Butterfinger Minis have a different appealing round form than BBs. But they are also more poppable than a standard-size Butterfinger bar. Butterfinger Fun Size is another nice option. While munching, keep in mind that a particular number of fun-size candy bars equals a whole bar.


Butterfinger made Nest Eggs before, which were as similar to BB’s as a snack fans could get. But Nest Eggs have also been discontinued. It has left candy lovers devastated.

Someone inquired about Butterfinger candy on X but received a poor response. “Butterfinger nest eggs were stepped down,” said a Butterfinger representative on the social media platform. The original poster’s reaction aptly captured the deep loss people are facing for both Nest Eggs and BB: “This is a tragedy.” As Butterfinger fans, we could only hope that they would bring back our favorites soon.

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