Butterfinger Bells Discontinued

Are Butterfinger Bells Discontinued in 2024?

Are Butterfinger Bells Discontinued? Yes, in 2006, Butterfinger Bells discontinued production. Butterfinger Bells were a special kind of Butterfinger candy shaped like little bells. They were like regular Butterfinger bars but in a festive bell shape. You could usually find them around the holiday season.

But now, they have been discontinued. Also, Butterfinger had to say goodbye to Germany in 1999 because people there didn’t like that it had ingredients from genetically modified corn. It caused a bit of a fuss.

Back in 1992, they made Butterfinger BBs, which were like tiny versions of the regular bars. Kids loved them a lot. The only funny thing was that the chocolate on them melted easily. So when you grabbed a handful, your hands got all chocolatey. But everyone thought it was okay.

In 2009, there was some drama, and they introduced Butterfinger Bites. But honestly, they didn’t taste the same. The good news is that now they have new peanut butter cups from Butterfinger, and those are pretty yummy!

You know, Greenpeace, a group that cares a lot about the environment, convinced Nestlé to stop selling Butterfinger in Germany. Even though Butterfinger was super popular, making lots of money, Greenpeace wanted it gone. In 2010, Butterfinger sales were about $598 million. It was considered to be one of the top-selling candy bars in the United States from 2007 to 2010. That’s a lot of candy, love! 

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A Brief History Of Butterfinger

Butterfinger is a yummy candy made by Ferrero SpA, part of the Ferrero family. It’s been around for a long time, starting in 1923 when a clever person named Otto Schnering from the Curtiss Candy Company came up with the idea. Imagine a crunchy peanut butter centre covered in delicious chocolate – it’s so tasty!

Back in 1934, Butterfinger even appeared in a movie with Shirley Temple, which made it super popular. In the ’80s, it got even more famous by being featured on The Simpsons.

Now, there have been some ups and downs in Butterfinger’s story. In 1999, it said goodbye to Germany because of some issues with ingredients. Those cute little Butterfinger BBs, the mini round bites, also left in 2006. It may be because people didn’t love them enough, or there were problems behind the scenes.

Butterfinger Bells Discontinued
Butterfinger Bells Discontinued

But don’t worry! Even though some things went away, Butterfinger is still here. The regular candy bar and Butterfinger Bites are still keeping our sweet cravings happy. They even have their official website, showing that Butterfinger is still going strong.

So, from its start in the 1920s to being on TV and in movies, Butterfinger’s story is a mix of tasty successes and some sad goodbyes. It’s a candy that makes us happy and reminds us of good times.

Other Discontinued Butterfinger Candies

There are some discontinued Butterfinger candies! Let’s tell you about them:

  • BBs: Back in 1992, they had these little Butterfinger bars called BBs. They were like marbles and came in bags. The Simpsons advertised them. They stopped selling them in 2006 but brought them back in 2009 as Butterfinger Bites.
  • Buzz: In 2009, when everyone was really into energy drinks, they made a big Butterfinger bar with caffeine! But they had to stop selling it because it had too much caffeine.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: In 2014, they made something like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but with crunchy and creamy peanut butter, covered in milk chocolate. But they stopped making them in 2018 when someone else started making Butterfinger.
  • Dark: They tried making Butterfinger with dark chocolate, but they stopped selling them in 2018 when someone else took over making Butterfinger.

What Happened To Butterfinger?

Butterfinger, that yummy candy bar we all love, used to be owned by Nestle, but now it’s in the hands of Ferrero, the folks who bring us Nutella. They’re making some cool changes to the bar to make it even better.

Another Butterfinger bar hit stores in February 2019, and they’ve used a different kind of chocolate coating that has more milk and cocoa. This means it tasted even richer and creamier. They’ve also used peanuts from the U.S. for that crunchy inside, and they’ve roasted the peanuts themselves.

And here’s a neat thing—they’re making the recipe healthier by getting rid of some stuff. No more hydrogenated oils (those that have trans fats) and no more TBHQ, which is a preservative. According to Butterfinger, these changes make the candy bar crispier and fresher. Yum!

Why Did Butterfinger BBs Get Discontinued?

In 2006, the tiny Butterfinger BBs disappeared from the candy world, and we’re still not sure why. The people at Nestle, who made these little treats, didn’t tell us the real reason, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Some candy lovers weren’t too happy about it, and some even signed petitions to bring back these mini goodies.

We don’t have a clear answer on why Nestle said goodbye to the BBs. It’s like solving a tasty puzzle! People’s taste buds changed, or not enough BBs were sold, or the cost of making them got too high. If you’re sad about missing them, here are three candies to try:

  • Reese’s Pieces: They’re like small, candy-coated peanut butter treats. They’re crunchy outside and have creamy peanut butter inside, just like Butterfinger BBs.
  • Snickers Bites: If you like peanuts, caramel, and chocolate together, Snickers Bites are a good choice. They’re tiny and still give you that satisfying crunch and sweet-salty taste.
  • Whoppers: These are not peanut butter candies, but they’re crunchy and small, like Butterfinger BBs. They’re malted milk balls with a sweet, chocolatey taste.

Even though Butterfinger BBs are no more, you have these other options to enjoy. Whether you go for the peanut buttery Reese’s Pieces, the nutty Snickers Bites, or the crunchy sweetness of Whoppers, you’ll find something you like!

Can You Still Buy Butterfinger Bells?

Yes, you can still buy Butterfinger Bells. According to the official Butterfinger website, they are available for purchase at various retailers such as Instacart, Target, Walmart, Kroger, CVS Pharmacy, and Sam’s Club. You can also find them on Amazon.

Butterfinger Bells are a seasonal variant of the classic Butterfinger candy bar. They are shaped like bells and have a crispy peanut butter centre coated with a layer of chocolate. The bells are available during the holiday season, typically from November to December.

So, if you’re craving the delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate, head over to your nearest retailer or order them online. Enjoy your Butterfinger Bells!

How To Make Butterfingers At Home?

If you have lots of candy corn, here’s a fun thing to do instead of just eating it. You can make a tasty treat and give it to your friends, family, or even trick-or-treaters!

Here’s what you’ll need

  • 3 cups of candy corn
  • 1 cup of creamy peanut butter
  • A pack of milk chocolate chips

What to do

  • Get an 8-inch square cake pan and line it with parchment paper (ask an adult for help).
  • Put the candy corn in a big microwave-safe bowl. Heat it for 60 seconds, stir it, and keep heating in shorter times until it’s smooth.
  • Add peanut butter to the melted candy corn and stir it all up.
  • Put this mix into the cake pan and chill it in the fridge for about an hour. Then, cut it into 12 pieces.
  • Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring in between short times until it’s smooth.
  • Use two forks to dip each candy piece into the melted chocolate and put them on a paper-lined tray to cool.
  • You can keep them at room temperature for a chewy treat or in the fridge for a crunchier one. Enjoy!

What are some of the best alternate options For Butterfinger Bells?

If you’re looking for tasty alternatives to Butterfinger Bells, here are some great options:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Delicious cups with a perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate.
  • Snickers: A classic choice with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate.
  • Kit Kat: Crispy wafers layered with smooth milk chocolate.
  • Twix: Enjoy a cookie bar topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.
  • Almond Joy: A delightful combination of coconut, almonds, and milk chocolate.
  • Mounds: If you love coconut, Mounds offers a rich experience covered in dark chocolate.
  • Milky Way: Indulge in nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate in this satisfying candy bar.
  • Baby Ruth: Packed with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and a milk chocolate coating.
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar: A classic favourite, simple and sweet with creamy milk chocolate.

These alternatives provide a variety of flavours and textures to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Bottom Line

So, those special Butterfinger Bells we used to enjoy during the holidays won’t be coming back. It’s a bit sad when our favourite candy takes a break, but don’t worry! The regular Butterfinger candy bar that we all love is still around and ready for us to grab at the store.

Some other versions, like Butterfinger BB’s, Butterfinger-flavored hot chocolate, and the Naked Butterfinger, decided to step out and take a break at different times. But guess what? The original Butterfinger candy bar, with its awesome crunch and peanut butter taste, isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay, and we can still get it whenever we want.

Ferrero, the company taking care of Butterfinger now, might try some new things with the candy. But don’t fret – the classic Butterfinger that we all adore will always be there. 

If you ever want to talk more about candy or have questions, ask! We’re here and super excited to chat about all things sweet. Until we speak again, be well, stay curious, and see you later!