Has Silk Next Milk Discontinued – Why they stop making it?

Has Silk Next Milk Discontinued? Sadly, this dairy-free choice has been discontinued. Wondering why? Let’s find out why Silk Next Milk is gone, and its alternatives and see if it might come back. Come along as we figure out why it’s not on shelves anymore!

This is a piece of bad news for fans of Silk Next Milk! People who love its sweet taste and creamy texture are pretty sad about it. Some are even trying to save it with a petition! 

A lot of people liked Next Milk because it tasted like regular cow’s milk. Sadly, we won’t be able to enjoy it anymore.

Silk has some not-so-great news for fans who love a specific set of products. The brand, known for its dairy alternatives, like milk without lactose and casein, shared disappointing news.

A fan asked if they still had unsweetened creamers available. Sadly, Silk confirmed that they discontinued them. But they did mention that they could tell their team about the fan’s request.

Silk’s unsweetened coffee creamers had various flavours, like almond. They were made with ingredients such as sunflower oil, pea protein, almond milk, and natural flavours.

If you’re curious about prices, Silk’s sweetened coffee creamers can be found at Walmart for around $4.90 in 32 fluid-ounce containers.

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What Is Silk Next Milk, And Why Is It Healthy?

Silk Next Milk is a yummy plant-based milk made for people who don’t want cow’s milk. It’s got some amazing things you might want to know:

Ingredients: It’s made by mixing oat, coconut, and soy milk to make it taste like cow’s milk but without dairy. They worked hard to make sure it felt just as nice and creamy.

Nutrition: Each cup of Silk Next Milk has less sugar and fewer calories than regular milk. So, if you want something creamy but with less sugar, this could be your go-to drink.

Fortification: Silk Next Milk has important vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D added to it. This makes it just as good for you as cow’s milk.

Heart-Healthy: It’s also good for your heart because it has low saturated fat and no cholesterol. So, if you’re looking for a dairy-free and heart-friendly choice, Silk Next Milk is there for you!

Why Was Silk Next Milk Discontinued?

Danone, the company that makes Silk and So Delicious plant-based brands, has stopped making two plant-based milk alternatives: Silk Next Milk and So Delicious Wonder Milk. They introduced these in 2021 to taste and feel like regular milk but made from plants. Unfortunately, these products are no longer available as of 2023.

Danone explained that they decided to focus on creating new and innovative plant-based products to meet the changing preferences of customers. They mentioned a new product, Silk Protein Almond Milk, which has as much protein as dairy milk, less sugar, and more calcium. This product was launched in the U.S. in January.

The company didn’t say why they stopped making Silk Next Milk and So Delicious Wondermilk, but they emphasized their commitment to bringing tasty and nutritious plant-based options to people.

This decision by Danone comes at a time when plant-based milk sales have faced challenges, with a 0.7% decline in 2023 after four years of growth, according to Circana, a market research firm based in Chicago. Sales dropped even more, by 2.9%, in the 52 weeks ending Feb. 25.

In a nutshell, We don’t know the exact reasons why Silk Next Milk was discontinued. Sometimes, companies stop making a product because people aren’t buying it as much or it costs too much to produce. It could also be because of issues with getting all the ingredients or decisions the company is making.

Even if we love a product like Next Milk, sometimes it has to say goodbye. It’s like when you have to part ways with an old friend. The memories stay, but we have to find new things to enjoy. 

If you’re feeling sad about it, you can grab another favourite milk and remember the good times you had with Next Milk!

Will Silk Next Milk Return?

Right now, there’s no official news about Silk Next Milk coming back. Things can change so that it might return later. You can keep an eye out for updates from Silk or ask your local store to stay in the loop.

Can You Still Buy Silk Next Milk?

Looking for Silk Nextmilk? You can grab it at different stores. At the moment, there’s a little problem delivering Silk Nextmilk to your door. No worries, though! You can still grab it from other stores near you. Here’s where to find it:

  • Target: Check the dairy-free milk section in Target.
  • Kroger Family of Stores: Look for Silk Next Milk at Kroger and similar supermarkets.
  • Safeway Family of Stores: Safeway and related stores might have it.
  • Walmart: Look on the shelves at Walmart.
  • HEB: If you’re in Texas, HEB stores should have Silk Next Milk.

For more details on where to buy it, you can use the store locator on the Silk website. 

Recommended Alternatives To Silk Next Milk

Here are some other plant-based milk you can try if you can’t find Silk Next Milk:

  • Not Milk: It’s creamy and good for cooking and baking.
  • Wonder Milk: Like Nextmilk, made with oat, coconut, and soy.
  • Chobani Extra Creamy Oat Milk: Tastes and feels similar to Next Milk.
  • Planet Oat Extra Creamy: Rich and great for cereal.
  • Rebel Kitchen’s Mylk: Similar to Next Milk and can be used for lattes.
  • Oatly (Full Fat): Good for cooking and can replace dairy milk.
  • So Delicious Dairy Free Wondermilk: Tries to be like dairy milk in taste and texture.

If you’re looking for unsweetened options, nut pods might be a good choice. They have flavours like almond + coconut, French vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. You can get them at Walmart for $5.24.

Walmart’s Great Value also has a sugar and lactose-free French vanilla flavour for $2.68.

Changes in Coffee Creamer Brands: What’s Happening?

Silk isn’t the only coffee creamer brand making changes to its products. International Delight, for example, has removed its entire one-touch latte line. These were designed to turn regular coffee into a latte quickly. To use them, customers just had to fill their cups two-thirds full of coffee, shake, and add the topping. The flavours included vanilla, mocha, caramel, chocolate macadamia, and Cold Stone Creamery, but these have all been discontinued.

Coffee-Mate, a rival brand, confirmed that it no longer offers the cookies’ n cocoa flavour.

This variant contained ingredients such as seed oils, a mix of natural and artificial flavours, carrageenan, and an additional five grams of sugar. It used to be available in 32-fluid-ounce containers for $4.69 at Kroger.

The Final Takeaway

Silk Next Milk has unfortunately been discontinued. Despite its popularity, the company, Danone, decided to stop making this plant-based alternative. While there’s no official confirmation of its return, things can change, and it might come back in the future. Stay tuned by keeping an eye on Silk’s updates or checking with local retailers. Meanwhile, if you’re on the lookout for dairy-free options, explore other plant-based milk alternatives available in the market. The decision to discontinue Silk Next Milk aligns with industry trends, and the evolving preferences of consumers are steering companies toward developing innovative and nutritious plant-based alternatives.

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