Is AOS Deodorant discontinued or shortage only in 2023?

Is AOS Deodorant discontinued or shortage only in 2023? The best course of action for everyone would be to check their deodorant. Following filing a consumer’s petition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2022, more than 30 brands have been identified as having the cancer-causing ingredient “benzene.” Since then, one of the companies has issued a recall for 17 of their deodorant items. There has yet to be a recall for the remaining brands.

Deodorants and antiperspirant products from 30 brands contained benzene levels above the maximum allowed limits. This is according to the Valisere lab’s findings. Art of Sport (AOS) deodorant is not included in the recalled products list, according to the sources. In this article, we will go over AOS deodorant in depth.

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AOS Deodorant’s history

An American personal care firm, “Art of Sport,” creates a line of unisex body and skin care products. AOS was established by Matthias Metternich, Brian Lee, and Kobe Bryant in 2018. These products are mainly targeted at athletes. This company’s products include body washes, deodorants, soaps, lotions, and other personal care items. Initially, the business operated as a direct-to-consumer brand, selling its goods online and through

In collaboration with Target, Art of Sport introduced its items through offline retailers in 2019. This collaboration was Target’s most significant ever men’s skincare deal. After being added to CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, HEB, Meijer, Dick’s, and military retailers, the Art of Sports brand will have more than 25,000 retail locations by 2020. 

Starco brands acquire AOS

Is AOS Deodorant discontinued or shortage only in 2023?

The AOS Group Inc. (“Art of Sport” or “AOS”), a manufacturer of premium body and skin care products, has been purchased by Starco Brands. Starco is the creator of consumer goods with behavior-changing technology under an all-stock agreement. This deal was finalized on September 12, 2022.

The Art of Sport was specially developed with various raw materials. It was designed to absorb pollutants, flush holistically, prepare, rejuvenate, and safeguard athletes’ skin. This is according to Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest sports icons in history.

According to Ross Sklar, the president and CEO of Starco Brands, “its brand ethos mirrors Kobe’s total commitment to excellence, making it extremely compelling and by our business culture.” According to the statement, this brand dominates the pregame, game, and postgame periods of sports.

AOS listed in the 20 best deodorants list of 2023

Body and skincare products made by Art of Sport are designed to support athletes. The company’s products, with performance-driven ingredients, provide athletes’ skin with everything they require to obtain high performance on and off the ground. Kobe Bryant, Brian Lee, and Matthias Metternich are three experienced businessmen who established the Art of Sport. James Harden, Javier Baez, Sage Erickson, and Juju Smith-Schuster are among the company’s athlete partners.

There are a lot of brands that make really good men’s deodorants. These brands are mentioned on the website “Observer.” The website suggests that in 2023, AOS will be ranked as one of the top 20 best-smelling deodorants for men.

AOS smells fantastic with adding the deodorant flavors of apple and cedar. With freshness-activated odor-blocking technology, our body stays cool and also smells great. This deodorant is free of phthalates and parabens. To help us stay fresh all day, energizing matcha and moisture-wicking arrowroot powder is included. The product is also dermatologist-tested. The brand also ensures no stains or marks are left behind after spraying this product.

Why are Deodorants out of stock?

Deodorant and antiperspirant components manage and control sweating and body odor. They contain antimicrobial chemicals as well as aroma agents. These components increase the moisture content of products, improve their shelf life, and provide several other benefits. They are frequently used to stop germ breakdown and lessen body sweat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has harmed the market for deodorants and antiperspirant substances. The use of these products has significantly declined due to travel restrictions and a growing culture of self-quarantine.

Due to a shortage of labor and raw materials, the production of these goods has been put on hold worldwide. The marketplace for deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients has been impacted by this.

Deodorant and antiperspirant production and sales slowed as a result of the lockdown imposed by the epidemic. This also had an impact on the worldwide supply chain and the demand for these chemicals.

Deodorants discontinued

In recent years, several spray and deodorant brands have been discontinued. It was because the products might have included benzene, a substance that causes cancer. More than half of 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant body spray from 30 different brands contained the known carcinogen benzene. This was found after a citizen’s petition was submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2021.

Benzene is a class I solvent and has “severe toxicity.” According to the FDA, Benzene shouldn’t be used in the production of drug ingredients or products. The FDA did impose a “temporary” higher limit of 2 parts per million for the usage of benzene in liquid hand sanitizers during the outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that long-term exposure to benzene can cause problems with the immune system, blood, and bone marrow. This includes cancers like leukemia. According to the CDC, benzene is used in the United States. It’s most frequently found in dyes, detergents, lubricants, and rubbers. Antiperspirants are typically classified as drug products; however, deodorants are classified as cosmetic items, so they shouldn’t be used in those.


However, the FDA and product manufacturers are conscious that benzene could be present in food and medicine items at deficient levels. “Benzene is not a purposefully added ingredient in body sprays,” the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) claimed.

According to the statement, “PCPC and its partners are fully dedicated to customers’ safety.” They ensure customers have access to cosmetics and personal care products with chemicals that have been adequately examined for safety and follow the law. Companies and individuals are legally required to ensure that their products’ ingredients are healthy for the intended purpose.

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