Vaniqa Discontinued

Is Vaniqa Discontinued In 2024?

Do you know about Vaniqa cream? Many people use it to slow down facial hair growth. But now, it’s discontinued. People are worried and looking for other options. 

Vaniqa was made by Allergan, but they discontinued it. People ask if they can still get Vaniqa in 2024 or if it will return. 

This blog will discuss what’s happening with Vaniqa, other options like eflornithine cream on Amazon, and getting it from special pharmacies. Oana Health can help you quickly and cheaply if you need the active ingredient in Vaniqa.

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What is Vaniqa and How Does it Work?

Vaniqa, or Eflornithine, is a medicine used to help women with excessive facial hair and sleeping sickness. It’s been around since the 1990s and is considered necessary by the World Health Organization. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. make the injectable kind. The World Health Organization gives Eflornithine for free in places where sleeping sickness is expected.

When you put Eflornithine on your skin, it can sometimes cause acne or other skin problems, such as redness or a rash.

A company called Gillette figured out in the 1980s that using Eflornithine cream slows down hair growth. After testing it on women with too much facial hair, the FDA in America approved it in 2000. The European Commission also gave it the thumbs up.

With a prescription, Vaniqa is the only cream you can get that helps reduce facial hair growth. Many agencies, such as the FDA and the European Commission, have approved it. It’s not hormonal, and it’s not a cosmetic.

Different companies sell Vaniqa in various places:

  • Almirall sells it in Europe
  • SkinMedica in the U.S.
  • Triton in Canada
  • Medison in Israel
  • Menarini in Australia

Who Makes Vaniqa?

Allergan Pharmaceutical makes Vaniqa cream. It’s a big company in America but registered in Ireland. In 2016, it sold a part of its business called Actavis to Teva Pharmaceuticals for a lot of money. Then, in 2019, another company called AbbVie bought Allergan for even more money. This was mainly for tax reasons so that the new big company would be based in the U.S.

Using Vaniqa Cream

Doctors may suggest Vaniqa cream to treat unwanted facial hair. But it won’t make the hair disappear forever. It would help if you still did your usual hair removal routine while using the cream. It takes about three to four months to see the best results.

To use the cream, you should apply it to the areas with too much hair twice a day, at least eight hours apart. After applying it, wait for an hour before washing that area or applying makeup. Also, remember to wait five minutes after removing the hair before applying the cream.

How is Vaniqa offered?

Vaniqa is a cream with a white to off-white tint that is readily available. In Europe, it is offered in 30 g and 60 g tubes. In a cream for topical use. Vaniqa includes:

15% w/w eflornithine hydrochloride monohydrate, which is equivalent to 11.5% w/w anhydrous eflornithine (E.U.) and

13.9% w/w anhydrous eflornithine hydrochloride (U.S.)

The dosage of Ornidyl, designed for injection, was 200 mg of eflornithine hydrochloride per ml. Eflornithine hydrochloride comes in the injectable form of Ornidyl. Sanofi-Aventis licensed this, but it is no longer sold in the U.S.

Side Effects and Other Treatments

Most people don’t have problems with Vaniqa cream, but some might experience skin irritation. If you want to permanently remove hair, you’ll need treatments like lasers or electrolysis. These can be costly and may require several sessions. 

However, many people use Vaniqa cream to slow down hair growth while getting these treatments. However, the company that makes Vaniqa cream stopped making it in 2023.

Discontinuation of Vaniqa (Eflornithine) and its impact

Dr. Warren R. Heymann, a medical expert, wrote about Vaniqa, a cream used for excessive facial hair. He said that Vaniqa, also known as Eflornithine, was discontinued. This cream has been available since 2000 and works by stopping a specific enzyme needed for hair growth. Some studies showed that using Vaniqa with other hair removal methods or medicines could improve it.

Dr. Heymann mentioned that using Vaniqa alongside specific laser treatments could reduce hair loss. He also noted that some patients found Vaniqa helpful, while others didn’t notice much difference.

Although Vaniqa is no longer sold, a similar cream called Florexa exists but is not FDA-approved. People can get Eflornithine from special pharmacies.

He also discussed how Eflornithine, the main ingredient in Vaniqa, has been used for different purposes over the years. It was initially made for cancer treatment but later became known for treating sleeping sickness and certain cancers.

Where to Find Vaniqa Alternatives and Caution for Online Purchases?

Even though Vaniqa cream is no longer made, there’s still a way to get a similar cream with the same benefits. You can get it from special pharmacies that make personalized versions of the cream. These pharmacies can ensure you still get the active ingredient in Vaniqa, even though the original brand isn’t available.

Some people might think of checking on Amazon to find Vaniqa cream, but it’s essential to know that Amazon doesn’t sell prescription products like Vaniqa. They don’t work with pharmacies to make personalized versions, either. So, if you’re looking for this cream online, buy it from a trusted place that sells the right stuff.

What’s Next in Hair Removal and Skincare Updates?

The skincare world is always changing, with new products constantly being released. Keeping up with these changes helps people find the latest ways to remove hair.

Checking for news about skincare and talking to doctors can help you stay updated on new products and treatments.

It’s important to stay positive when things change in your skincare routine. Trying out new products and routines can lead to good results.

The Wrap

While Vaniqa may have been discontinued, there are still alternatives available to manage unwanted facial hair. Individuals can explore options like eflornithine cream despite the setback through compounding pharmacies. It’s essential to stay informed and consult healthcare professionals for guidance. 

Additionally, maintaining a positive outlook amidst changes in skincare routines can lead to discovering new, effective products. Embracing innovation and staying proactive ensures individuals can continue to find solutions tailored to their needs. Though Vaniqa may no longer be on the shelves, there are still ways to navigate this aspect of personal care with confidence and optimism.


Why was Vaniqa cream discontinued? 

Vaniqa, a cream for lessening facial hair, was discontinued because there wasn’t enough of the main ingredient. The company that makes it, Allergan, said it couldn’t keep making it.

Are there other options like Vaniqa? 

Yes, there are other things to try if you want to reduce facial hair. Some options are birth control pills and certain medications that can help with hairiness.

What else can you use instead of Vaniqa? 

You can try creams like Ethinyl Estradiol/Norethindrone or pills like Spironolactone (Aldactone) to manage facial hair.

How long until you see less hair with Vaniqa? 

Usually, it takes about four to eight weeks to notice a difference after using Vaniqa cream. But everyone’s different so that it might vary.

Can you still get Vaniqa from special pharmacies? 

Yes! Special pharmacies can make something similar to Vaniqa if your doctor prescribes it. Sometimes, it’s cheaper than the original.

Are there natural options instead of Vaniqa? 

While natural methods might not work well, shaving, waxing, or laser treatments can help control facial hair.

What’s the best thing about Vaniqa? 

Eflora cream, which has something called Eflornithine, is a good choice. It works like Vaniqa, slowing down facial hair growth in women.

Can you get a cheaper version of Vaniqa? 

No, the cheaper version of Vaniqa, called the generic version, is also unavailable.

Are there other medicines without harmful effects? 

Both birth control pills and anti-hairiness pills work well for most people and don’t cause many problems.

How do you know which option is best for you? 

Talk to your doctor about what’s going on with your skin and what you prefer. They can help you find the best choice for managing facial hair.

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