Why Starbucks gold card discontinued - Did Starbucks get rid of it?

Why Starbucks Gold Card discontinued – Did Starbucks get rid of it?

Why Starbucks gold card discontinued? Starbucks can be called the pioneer coffee-selling brand, which capitalized on the hot and cold coffee market so much that we have so many other fast food chains just selling coffee and desserts. Starbucks has released a lot of innovative and creative strategies in the market, which helped it get a unique position of its own. It keeps on releasing new products and discontinuing the old ones. It has special menus for different seasons and festive seasons as well. This makes it another brand that constantly keeps evolving to please customers.

The gold card was a holy Grail by Starbucks, which could be used to get free drinks and desserts. And it was a one-time subscription through which you could earn reward points on each purchase from Starbucks. The idea behind this card was to collect the reward points until you could redeem them to get a free product. It also gave extra benefits like discounts on each purchase and special offers.

This was a very intriguing way to attract customers, leading them to believe that the card was very profitable. It also gave them a sense of being a particular customer of Starbucks. The Gold Card was discontinued in 2019 by Starbucks, and now this feature is no longer available.

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What were the criteria behind getting a gold card?

Not everyone could directly get a goal card. You had to work your way up to get a gold card from Starbucks. Initially, when you signed up for the Starbucks rewards program, it usually began at the green level. Then slowly, after accumulating at least 300 points, you would get the gold level. 

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After accumulating 300 points, Starbucks will mail you a gold card to flex to your friends. Gold cards by Starbucks became a status symbol that people used to show off in their social circles. The best part about the gold card was that you would get two stars on each purchase of one dollar at Starbucks. These stars could further be used to buy free drinks and coffee or other eatables by Starbucks after redeeming them.

You could also get unlimited free in-store refills which means that as a gold card holder, you could get your drink refilled as often as you want. This means that even after finishing your grande, you had the opportunity to earn your grande refilled. There were a lot of exclusive offers and deals associated with a gold card that only the cardholders could enjoy. 

Why was the gold card discontinued by Starbucks?

It was in 2019 that Starbucks decided to discontinue its gold card. Now everyone had the opportunity to get their drinks refilled and claim a free gift on their birthdays. The point redemption criteria were replaced by free offers on purchases of a particular amount. Starbucks has been following this policy for the last couple of years. Initially, people needed clarification as they could not see their gold card membership on their mobile phone apps. Later on, it was clarified by Starbucks that they are no longer following the conventional policy of gold cards. 

This was done because the people who were not regular Starbucks drinkers often felt inferior and stopped purchasing drinks from Starbucks. There was a hierarchy system among the buyers through gold cards, which was different. This is why Starbucks discontinued its goal cards and provided everyone with equal facilities and services.

This helped Starbucks in improving its sales and attract new customers. Due to the option of unlimited refills, many people gravitated towards Starbucks, even if they are a little more expensive than the already available brands in the market. 

Wrapping up

Gold cards are a thing of the past, and there is nothing such as unique and exclusive customers for Starbucks now. Sarthak streets every customer equally, which has contributed to the company’s growth. Now everyone has the opportunity to avail different offers and discounts from Starbucks. You can also get free gifts on your birthday, even if you enter the Starbucks store for the first time. This is a great way to promote customer harmony and make them feel important. 

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