Starbucks Gingerbread discontinued

Why Starbucks Gingerbread discontinued – What’s new in 2023?

Why Starbucks Gingerbread discontinued? Starbucks is known to release a new collection of lattes during Christmas. To celebrate the spirit of Christmas, many other products by Starbucks are also released in the market. People enjoy these limited additions, and it almost feels like Christmas, even in November. This is a brilliant strategy by brands as it attracts customers to their limited edition products. Not only does it increase sales, but it is also a free-of-cost marketing method.

The Gingerbread latte is one such product that comes on the menu of Starbucks Christmas season every year. But this year, fans were disappointed that the gingerbread latte wasn’t on the Christmas menu at Starbucks. This particular latte is one of the best-performing drinks in the Starbucks limited edition menu. But even though it is so famous, Starbucks decided to not continue the tradition this year. Gingerbread is a sign of Christmas celebration. 

People make gingerbread houses every year on Christmas. Starbucks got inspired by this idea and released a similar product that tasted gingerbread but in a coffee. The Gingerbread latte is one of many festival products released by Starbucks. Other drinks, including Peppermint Mochas, Toasted White Chocolate Mochas, Caramel Brulée Lattes, Chestnut Praline Lattes, and Eggnog Lattes, are also released. 

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Is the gingerbread latte by Starbucks discontinued?

Well, the answer to this is unknown. Starbucks, anyways, releases the gingerbread latte only during the Christmas season. This coffee returns to the market every year, and people are really pleased today during the holiday season of Christmas. The tradition has been continuing for over many years now. The product was introduced in the market in the early 2010s, and many people appreciated its taste. This is why Starbucks made it a permanent part of its holiday menu. 

But this year, the gingerbread latte has yet to make a comeback since the Christmas menu was released by Starbucks. This could mean that Starbucks has decided to discontinue the sale of a gingerbread latte. However, the product has been absent from the Starbucks menu since 2018. In some parts of the world, Starbucks released its gingerbread late, even after 2018, but it remained lacking in most countries. 

Starbucks Gingerbread discontinued

There have been a lot of articles explaining why Starbucks has discontinued its gingerbread latte from the menu. But upon reading all these articles, you will find that there needs to be more factual information. All of them are just clickbait articles that do not offer any legitimate reason Starbucks has discontinued the gingerbread. 

Why was gingerbread discontinued by Starbucks?

People tried to contact a lot of barristers regarding this issue. Since Nu information has been officially given from Starbucks, people have had to resort to unofficial sources of information. Upon contacting the barristers of Starbucks, it was found that the product was discontinued simply because it wasn’t making much money. Contrary to popular belief, it was found that this particular product needed to make more money for Starbucks. 

In fact, for some years, the product was only being purchased by a few people. This is why Starbucks discontinued this product and released new variants instead of the old ones. If a product is not making enough money, then a brand automatically discontinues it. This is the reason gingerbread has been discontinued by Starbucks. 

But if you like this drink and want to taste it again, then Starbucks has a solution for you. Starbucks has put forward the recipe for a gingerbread latte on its official website. Following this recipe, you can make a gingerbread latte home and enjoy it with your loved ones this Christmas. 


The Gingerbread latte has been discontinued by Starbucks due to low sales. The product performed really well in the market for many years. It was on the holiday menu of Starbucks and was a limited edition released only during the Christmas season. But for the last 3-4 years, the product has yet to appear on the holiday menu of Starbucks. This is because many people have yet to buy this late Starbucks, so Starbucks decided to discontinue it. 

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