revlon root erase discontinued

Revlon Root Erase Discontinued: Why There Is Revlon Shortage?

is Revlon root erase discontinued? Revlon was founded in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and chemist Charles Lachman in New York City. Revlon has acquired an exclusive place in the beauty aisle for the last century. It started with the launch of Nail Polish, and now it has a wide range from lipstick to root erase. Revlon was the first company brave enough to stand against racism by featuring a Black Model, Naomi Sims.

Revlon root is one of the beloved products by the people. Customers feel like they could never have a better way to touch their roots mess-free so conveniently. It has been discontinued, and there is no confirmed information regarding that. Other than that, all the products are still available for customers, which are as wonderful as Revlon root erase.

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Is Revlon root erase still being made?

revlon root erase discontinued

There are no particular reasons for Revlon’s erase discontinuation, but there is something Revlon customers should know. Revlon has been an iconic brand able to secure its place among the top beauty brands. Recently it came to light that the company has filed for ‘Chapter 11 Bankruptcy’. It is a type of bankruptcy in the US where the debt business has to devise a plan to recognize the company. Revlon CEO Debra Perelman hopes that filing it will help the company to deliver the products to customers along with a clear future path. No one wants to lose such a rare brand after a long connection and trust.

Will Revlon be able to come out of this Bog?

Revlon has served for over a century now. Every business has to face troughs and crests at some point. The most popular and core product of Revlon is lipstick. Revlon suffered many losses during the pandemic when the masks became the new normal. Wearing masks reduced the number of people using lipsticks. In April 2020, 44% of women bought lipstick for themselves, but in 2021 it dropped down to 30% only. Revlon did not think that the pandemic would affect the company unexpectedly. Many other reasons are affecting the brand too. It is just a hope the company will come back on track soon. It has survived a century, so it will not vanish in a blink.

Is this a Goodbye To Revlon?

As per the news, Revlon has been facing many issues lately. Revlon has filed for bankruptcy in the US. Revlon root erase has been discontinued even though customers loved it. Revlon sales have dropped since the pandemic. Despite all of the difficulties, Revlon is still concerned about its customers. Revlon is focused on how it can deliver products to customers without any blockade. Customers should be relieved that they can still get the products on the website or in stores. Fortunately, Revlon is not out of stock yet, but sooner or later, we may have to say goodbye.

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