Similac shortage 2022 - Is it Still and Problem for 2023?

Similac shortage 2023 – What is the update on formula right now?

Nowadays, it’s very hard to find Similac? Is there any Similac shortage in 2022? Similac is a baby formula brand manufactured in the United States of America. Recently the United States of America experienced a nationwide shortage of baby formulas. Parents were not able to find the baby formula in their nearest supermarkets. These baby formulas were not even available on online websites.

 It eventually led to many problems in the country as most parents depend on these baby formulas for feeding their babies and infants. Their unavailability leads to a shortage of food for babies. Less than half of the babies in the United States of America are breastfed. This means that mothers in the USA are dependent on these market baby formulas rather than traditionally feeding their babies.

It was reported that Abbott, which is the largest producer of baby formula in the United States of America, had recalled its production, including Similac, because of some bacterial transfusion. Its Michigan production center was also called off because many babies had been infected due to the consumption of these bacterial baby formulas. As a result, the United States of America faced an acute shortage of baby formula for a very long period.

Why is there a shortage of Similac?

Similac shortage 2022 - Is it Still and Problem for 2023?

The parent company of Similac, Abbott, had to stop manufacturing baby formulas and other related products because of some reported bacterial transfusions. All those babies who consumed their bacterial transferred products were affected due to the same. This is why the brand suddenly had to discontinue its production. 

This caused a considerable supply issue in the supply of baby formulas in the USA. Mothers had to look for other substitutes to feed their babies as the baby formula was unavailable in the market. The other brands supplying baby formulas went out of stock quickly as Similac was unavailable in the market, and demands were high. Additionally, the company was trying to bring back its previous production rate due to the pandemic. 

All the manufacturing units were having their share of setbacks after the pandemic and moving back to normalcy. All of these factors together contributed to an extreme shortage of baby formulas. Nearly 40% of the baby formula in the United States of America market is produced by Abbott. Due to its shutdown, no other company in the market could take its place suddenly as they were not prepared for the future.

Is Similac suitable for babies?

Similac shortage 2022 - Is it Still and Problem for 2023?

Yes, Similac is very safe for babies. It is made by Abbott, which has been producing infant-based nourishing formulas for over 85 years now. It has been the leading brand in the baby formula niche for a very long time in the United States of America.

The product is available in different variants for children of other age groups so that you can choose the product as per your child’s age. It can be stored easily for around six months. Each box contains 400 g of product. But before making your child consume this baby formula, you must consult your pediatrician.

Is there still a Similac Shortage?

Now Similac is back in production, which means that the baby formula shortage will no longer be prevalent in the United States of America market. The brand faced a lot of obstruction on its way to recovery and finally made its way back into the market. Just four months before its relaunch, there were some hygiene-related concerns again.

But now, the brand has finally beaten all the odds and made its way back into babies’ homes. In many areas of the United States of America, shopkeepers and store owners are still regulating the purchase of this baby formula per person. This means that no one is allowed to stock up on this product, and investment is allowed only in regulated quantities so that everyone gets their share. 

This indicates that the future is still not that optimistic, and there can still be some supply fluctuations. Now that people know how shortages can feel, they appreciate baby formulas more than before.

Similac has successfully come back into the market earlier than people were expecting it to. Its central production unit was shut down completely, and many changes were made by the brand and its strategies and work policy. Now they have developed a better internal system and product management to ensure quality checks.

Regulate the price of baby formula

Due to less supply of baby formula, many unethical practices have started in the market. Many baby formula manufacturers began selling their products at higher prices due to high demand. The federal government thus announced the regulation on the cost of these baby formulas to end these fair practices.

 In May 2022 White House also extended a proposal in which it was regulating reforms to help parents, especially of lower income groups, with this shortage of baby formulas. Due to increased prices of these baby formulas due to their shortage, parents from lower income groups could not get anything for their babies.

The White House also took necessary measures to increase imports from countries like Mexico, Chile, and the Netherlands. These countries are significant producers of baby formulas. To Satiate the increasing demand for baby formulas in the United States of America, the government had to resort to international imports.


Similac went out of stock due to some hygiene-related concerns and bacterial transfusion. This is why it had to shut down its production unit, and the product was ultimately out of the market for a very long period. Since this company occupies around 40% of the total market share in baby formulas, it caused a significant supply chain disruption in the market.

 Parents could not find any baby formula for their babies for the most extended period. All the small baby formula manufacturers were producing whatever it was in their capacity, and the stocks were selling out pretty kuthli. But now, after almost two years of problems, both have finally returned to the market. They have promised the public to offer the best services and quality. 

People are hoping there will be no supply chain disruptions from now on and baby formulas will be available in the market. But for now, supermarkets and shops advise customers to buy these baby formulas in regulated quantities so everybody can get something.

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