Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued

Is Luxury Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued or still exists?

Surprising news for fans of classic American style – Ralph Lauren bedding is no more. The company shared that they decided to discontinue these beddings because people are into different types now. Before, many folks loved Ralph Lauren bedding for a touch of fancy in their bedrooms. But we’re not quite sure if they discontinued the Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet!

Even though Ralph Lauren’s bedding is no more, the memories of its classy style will stick around. People who love timeless American elegance always remember the excitement of picking out Ralph Lauren bedding to make their bedrooms feel super fancy.

Why Was Ralph Lauren Bedding Discontinued?

Home decor styles change a lot, and it looks like Ralph Lauren’s bedding couldn’t match the new trends. This could be the major reason behind the discontinuation of Ralph Lauren’s Bedding. Nowadays, people prefer simple and modern styles, and not many are into classic fancy bedding from Ralph Lauren. Even the biggest fans of these beddings had to understand that not many people wanted them anymore.

Exploring Ralph Lauren: A Fashion Journey

Ralph Lauren is a big fashion company from America. It was started in 1967 by a man named Ralph Lauren. He made clothes that looked fancy and reminded people of the rich American style.

They sell different things like clothes, stuff for the home, accessories like bags and jewelry, and perfumes. They have many brands, from not too expensive to super fancy. Some famous ones are Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, and Ralph Lauren Collection.

One of their popular brands is Polo Ralph Lauren. They started with clothes for men and later made clothes for women, too. Their logo, a horse rider on a shirt, is very famous.

Now, Ralph Lauren has many brands and stores in 30 countries around the world. Many people know and like their products.

Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued
Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued

What are the pros and cons of discontinuing Ralph Lauren Bedding?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding. Imagine it like a mixed bag of candies.

Its Pros:

  • The blankets and sheets are made from top-notch materials.
  • They’ve got cool and special designs that make your bed look fancy.
  • When you snuggle up, it feels super fancy and comfy.
  • They’re built to last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart.

Its Cons:

  • Finding them might be like a treasure hunt – a bit tricky.
  • Sometimes, these old collections cost more than the new ones.
  • The one you want might not be in stock right now. Bummer, right?

Where Can You Buy Discontinued Ralph Lauren Bedding?

Looking for discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding? Start by checking online. If you know the collection’s name, search on eBay or Amazon. If not, just Google ‘Ralph Lauren discontinued bedding.’ You can also explore local second-hand stores or use Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. These places often have old and vintage stuff. Lastly, reach out to Ralph Lauren directly. They might have a list of discontinued collections you can buy. Or, they could guide you to a store selling those discontinued beddings. You can visit these websites:


  • They have a special section with older Ralph Lauren bedding.
  • Prices can be up to 40% cheaper than usual.
  • They have collections with names like Meadow Lane and Analena. These have cool designs like flowers and trees.
  • Sometimes, they give an extra 20% discount called a Loyallist Offer.


  • Macy’s also has older Ralph Lauren bedding in their sale section.
  • You can save around 40%.
  • They have comfy cotton blankets and pillows.


  • On Amazon, you can search for “discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding” to find some.
  • But hurry! Stock changes a lot, and there might not be many left.

Other Places

  • eBay: You can find both new and old Ralph Lauren bedding here.
  • Pinterest: Surprisingly, Pinterest can be helpful. Look for boards like “Ralph Lauren’s Retired and Current Linens” to find what you like.
  • Etsy: Sellers here have many Ralph Lauren bedding options. Just keep checking for new stuff.

So, if you’re looking for old Ralph Lauren bedding, these places can help you find some good deals!

What’s Next for Ralph Lauren Home Stuff?

Even though they discontinued making Ralph Lauren bedding, the company still has lots of other home stuff. They offer everything from classic furniture to cool lights for people who want to make their homes feel fancy. Even if they don’t sell bedding anymore, Ralph Lauren is still working hard to make top-notch home decor that lasts a long time.

Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued
Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued

How do you safely buy older Ralph Lauren Bedding?

If you’re looking for older Ralph Lauren bedding, you might find it as a collector’s item. But be aware the prices might not be as low as the first sales on regular websites.

Ralph Lauren is worried about fake bedding being sold. They say that if you see bedding on internet auctions, flea markets, or sold by individuals, it could be affected or even stolen. This is especially true for newer collections, but that’s also where people sell older discontinued and vintage bedding.

If you’re buying, make sure the seller is legit. Fake Ralph Lauren usually has counterfeit labels. Check out sellers on Etsy and eBay because they have protections to stop people from selling phony stuff.

You can get good deals on older Ralph Lauren bedding. Sometimes, you can find retired bedding at authorized sellers, or online sellers give you a second chance to buy old collections.

What’s Special About Ralph Lauren Stores And Services?

If you ever go inside a Ralph Lauren store, you’ll feel like you’re in a special place. Each room makes you feel part of its unique style, with special lights, furniture, and music. Flagship stores are like magical places, sometimes in famous buildings, and they’re so cool that they’re like tourist spots.

Ralph Lauren’s customer service is really good, and their stores are awesome. The staff is great – they even have tape measures to help with fitting. The changing rooms are clean and neat, and there are enough staff to make sure lines move fast (except on Black Friday when every store is super busy).

Women’s clothes are usually more expensive, and there aren’t as many deals. The best deals for women are generally on one shelf with golf shirts and long-sleeved Polo shirts. There’s also a clearance rack, but you have to spend time looking for good deals.

For men’s clothes, the deals and sales are amazing, and regular prices are great, too. The short-sleeved Polo golf shirts, made of soft and durable cotton, are neatly folded on shelves. They cost $39.99 every day and go down to $29.99 during sales. There are lots of colors, from simple ones to bright ones.

Ralph Lauren is doing something new with Snapchat. They made a program where you can scan the Polo Pony logo on clothes, and it shows cool things using augmented reality. You can check the logo anywhere it appears, like on shopping bags or ads. This lets you explore Ralph Lauren and buy something, too.

Ralph Lauren is great with physical stores, but they’re also good at digital stuff. They were one of the first to have mirrors in dressing rooms that do cool things. They’ve tried different tech, like a 4D fashion show and holographic window displays.

Now, Ralph Lauren has a new thing called The Ralph Lauren Virtual Experience. It’s like going to their fancy stores in different places like Beverly Hills and New York, but you can do it from home. Lots of people use this every day.

Where can you find bedding similar to Ralph Lauren?

If you want comfy bedsheets, there are some good places to check out. Let’s talk about a few.

Cozy Earth

  • They have nice sheets but are a bit expensive.
  • They use bamboo and have free shipping.
  • They don’t have a lot of choices, but what they have is good quality.


  • These guys have cool designs and good quality.
  • They’re a bit fancy, and prices are higher.
  • You get free shipping, and they have different colors but not too many.


  • Walmart has a bunch of bedding options that are budget-friendly.
  • They sell different brands so that quality can be hit or miss.
  • You can buy online or in their stores, and they have a big return window.


  • Amazon is like a giant store with everything, including sheets.
  • You can find cheap and expensive stuff but watch out for quality.
  • Shipping is quick if you have Prime, and you can return things easily.

Lands’ End

  • Lands’ End is mostly known for clothes, but they have lots of bedding, too.
  • They have a big range of prices and some cool patterns.
  • You can customize things with your name. They offer free shipping for orders over $99.

Nest Bedding

  • They sell more than just mattresses; they also sell sheets and stuff.
  • Good quality and not crazy expensive.
  • Lots of colors to pick from.


  • They offer fancy bedding at a pretty good price.
  • Lots of organic choices, and they even have free shipping.
  • It takes longer to ship, around a week or so.

So, if you want comfy sheets, these places have got you covered!

Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet Discontinued – The Wrap

In wrapping up, it’s a bittersweet moment for fans of Ralph Lauren bedding. The iconic brand has decided to discontinue its bedding outlet, marking the End of an era for those who cherished its classic American style. While the decision might disappoint many, it’s a reminder of the ever-changing trends in home decor. However, it’s not all gloomy news. Ralph Lauren remains committed to enhancing homes with its other exquisite decor offerings, ensuring that the legacy of luxury and quality continues. For those who have fond memories of Ralph Lauren bedding, the nostalgia will linger. Still, there’s solace in knowing that the brand’s dedication to timeless elegance endures in other facets of home decor.