Italian Herb and Cheese Bread Discontinued

Is Italian Herb and Cheese Bread Discontinued? – Why Subway do this?

Is Italian Herb and Cheese Bread discontinued? Subway is a food chain that is known for providing healthy meals and snacking options to people. It is an on-the-go food brand, opposite its competitors regarding its nutritional value. While brands like McDonald’s and KFC offer high-calorie burgers and deep-fried meal options, Subway, on the other hand, is known for offering low-calorie and nutritious food. The best part about this brand is that you can customize your sandwiches and subs as per your requirement.

They offer a variety of bread you can select from while making your subs. The brand has discontinued a fan-favorite bread called Italian cheese. Along with this fan-favorite bread, it is also sad that chicken breast has been discontinued. Although many users need to comply with this statement, they feel it would be very stupid of the brand to discontinue two of the most famous products in the line of subway chain. People are saying that this is merely a supply chain problem and will be sold in some time.

What do customers have to say?

Many regular customers of this bread are saying that this news is fake. One user has even reported on Reddit that the bread has not been discontinued but just merrily facing some supply chain issues that will be addressed by the brand pretty soon. This bread is available in some subway stores, whereas in most subway stores, this is unavailable. 

There is a shortage of Parmesan oregano cheese topping that has been going on in the country. The shortage also likely influences subway because some particular bread is unavailable in the market. As soon as the supply chain issues are solved, the bread will likely return soon. This discontinuation unavailability is not permanent, and this is what customers must know before protesting against anything. 

But the chicken breast is for sure going out of production, and this is a final decision. Many loyal customers of Italian herb and cheese bread have even said that if the brand decides to discontinue this particular bread, they will stop eating it altogether. No official statement has been announced by subway regarding the same. The brand has yet to comment, and customers are hoping that the bread will return to business soon.

Subway’s reaction to the discontinuation

Subway has not officially reacted to the backlash the brand has been facing due to the decision to discontinue. All the news you are reading online is assumptions because no concrete facts support the same. Many fear that the Italian herbs and cheese bread will also be discontinued.

 Some workers at the subway have confirmed the news of the discontinuation of chicken breast. They have said that the ingredient has not been performing well, which is why the brand has understood that it is no longer needed. So to save costs and also to avoid any wastage of products, it has been decided that the brand will permanently discontinue chicken breast. 

The decision and the final verdict related to Italian cheese and herb bread have yet to be announced by the brand. But many people have concluded that it’s just some supply chain-related disruptions. 

History of Subway

Subway is a food chain from the United States of America that sells healthy fast food. It is an internationally best-selling food chain that has opened several chains in different countries worldwide. It is one of the most successful food chains in the United States of America.

Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965 when he was 17 years old. It has since expanded globally. In 2015 it was the world’s fastest-growing franchise. It has opened 37,540 locations in more than 100 countries. Almost half of its chains are in the United States of America. The headquarters of Subway is in Milford, Connecticut.

Subway is the second best-selling food chain in the United States of America, currently just behind McDonald’s. It spends a considerable amount of money on advertising every year. They have been known for marketing their brand as a healthy meal and snacking option, which is also fast food. This is contrary to the generally available fast foods in the market that are high in calories and promote health issues. 

They have introduced various campaigns such as a fresh serve and sub-club to promote their brand as a freshly made and healthy option. Many people have a sub sandwich every day as one of their meals. Their ingredients of high-quality and known to promote a healthy lifestyle

Evolved Menu of Subway

Italian Herb and Cheese Bread Discontinued

Subway has decided to evolve its Menu again and introduced three new items to its list. Subway is known for being very creative with its products and the kind of customer experience that it wants to give. It gives its customers the liberty to make sandwiches or Sub without doing anything. They have a variety of bread, toppings, and sauces that customers can choose from in a budget-friendly option that is nutritious and fulfilling.

A new sandwich called Mooza Meat is now available in all subway stores. It is a sandwich made from capicola, black forest ham, mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and banana peppers on Artisan Italian Bread, drizzled with the new parmesan vinaigrette. It is perfect for those who want to balance the list and nutrition. 

The next sandwich introduced on the Menu of the subway is supreme meat. This sandwich is primarily based on different kinds of meat used in the sandwich. The core ingredients are pepperoni, salami, capicola, black forest ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and banana peppers.

The third new sandwich is called Benissimo. This sandwich was both in collaboration with footballer Jimmy Garoppol. He decided on all the ingredients. The ingredients are pepperoni, rotisserie-style chicken, provolone, spinach, tomatoes, and peppercorn ranch on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.

All the sandwiches were curated under the supervision of culinary experts. They take extreme care of nutrition and taste while curating all their new sandwiches. This is why most of the products released by subway are appreciated by the public even though they are so healthy.


Subway keeps introducing and discontinuing many of its ingredients in the market. Since it’s a customized food chain where customers can choose their ingredients, even one ingredient or component going out of supply can make a huge difference in the sandwich. Most likely Italian herbs and cheese bread will come back really soon. As per some insider news, the brand is trying to sort out the problem, and very soon, you will be able to enjoy your favorite brand as a part of your daily Sub

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