Discontinued Fast Food Items

Discontinued Fast Food Items in 2023 – You will Miss All of These Now

Discontinued Fast Food Items – Most of us love fast food. Whether it is your friend’s birthday, a road trip, a get-together, bachelorette, late-night cravings and whatnot, you name it, and every food hogging includes fast food. People are aware of junk food’s disadvantages and are conscious of their health but still can not resist it. The creamy, saucy, spicy and cheesy fast food always makes us drool. Even serious health obsessives and gym enthusiasts have a cheat day once in a while.

People love fast food so much that even during the pandemic, when the complete lockdown was going on, people used to make stuff at home from scratch. Momos, burgers, noodles, french fries, pizzas, sandwiches, and everything with cheese. That homemade fast food has one benefit: it was a little healthier in a way.

How will you feel when you will not see your favorite item on the menu card? It would be frustrating when you are craving your favorite thing but cannot find it anywhere. Some fast food items can not be made even at home because they will lack in its taste. The chef that cooks the dish, the place where it is served, and the people who do it all add another level of taste and love to the plate. 

We are in a series of saying goodbyes to many things like cars, pet foods, shoes and many more. Here fast food items have joined the series. Many fast food items are on a list of discontinuities. You accept it or not, but yes, we all will miss our favorite cravings. Junk Food went into the Junk this time.

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Fast Food Items that we are going to miss

Once we get attached to something, it is hard to let it go. Human love and worldly love are two different things, but the love for food is beyond everything else. A quote says, “Eat to Live or Live to Eat.” It simply means that there are two kinds of people. People who fall into the ‘Eat to Live’ category are those for whom food is just a basic necessity to survive. On the other hand, people who fall into the category of ‘Live to Eat’ are the Foodie ones for whom food is not just a means to live but also Life itself.

Let’s see which items are going to be missed by Junk Food Lovers-

  • KFC’s Potato Wedges
  • KFC’s Double Down
  • McDonald’s Arch Deluxe Burger
  • McDonald’s McSalad Shakers
  • Burger King’s Cini-Minis
  • Wendy’s Chicken Caesar Pita
  • Jack in the Box’s Cheesy Macaroni Bites

KFC’s Potato Wedges

Fries are typically served in fast food places, but KFC was an exception until recently. KFC stopped selling potato wedges and is now only selling fries. It is kind of weird to lose its uniqueness. Despite having a secret formula, the SRFs’ crisp flavor and texture are excellent but not particularly distinctive.

The “angry” potato wedge club made its point at this point. The potato wedges at KFC have a distinct flavor and texture.

KFC’s Double Down

Even though the Double Down sandwich was usually a limited-time offer, consumers were drawn to it because of its classic yet thrilling flavor. Customers still enquiring about their return purchased nearly 10 million KFC Double Down sandwiches. Unexpectedly, a Double Down has fewer calories than a Big Mac, making it seem like a diet option.

McDonald’s Arch Deluxe Burger

Mcdonald’s doesn’t usually miss when they launch a product, but the Arch Deluxe was an epic fail. The gourmet Arch burger had a flavorful quarter-pound patty with bacon and Arch sauce.

It failed horribly to get parents to go to McDonald’s with their kids. McDonald’s sells 6.48 million hamburgers daily, so this failure does not count. It is the reason they are a prosperous restaurant chain.

McDonald’s McSalad Shakers

Although we’ve never thought fast food salads were a good idea, we still believe that the McSalad Shakers were the best version of the dish we’ve ever tasted. But the three choices — chef, garden, and grilled chicken Caesar — didn’t excite customers enough for the cup-o-salads to remain on the menu for over three years.

Burger King’s Cini-Minis

The Cini-Minis was created in 1998 due to a collaboration between Burger King and Pillsbury. These tiny cinnamon buns came hot and with a packet of icing that could be used for dipping or pouring on top. They were designed to be the best portion of the cinnamon roll or just the center of the bun. There is no confirmed reason for its discontinuation, but we sure miss it.

Wendy’s Chicken Caesar Pita

You probably tried and adored Wendy’s Chicken Caesar Pita if you frequented the restaurant chain in the late 1990s. This dish (and the other two the chain offered) was allegedly Wendy’s response to the “wrap craze” sweeping across fast food restaurants at the time. It had warm bread, low-fat Caesar dressing, and warm chicken.

Before it was withdrawn, this dinnertime classic lasted for about three years. However, many people attempt to reproduce it on websites like Pinterest and Top Secret Recipes, continuing its legacy.

Jack in the Box’s Cheesy Macaroni Bites

Since there aren’t many fast food places that serve mac & cheese, it’s safe to say that customers were thrilled when Jack in the Box introduced its macaroni bits in 2008. As “finger food” that was “easy and portable,” these little triangles were packed with Kraft mac and cheese and “enveloped in a crispy, tempura-style covering.” Why these little bits didn’t become a regular item on the chain’s menu is a mystery.

These mentioned fast food items are just a few delicacies that got discontinued. Apart from these items, there are other items like Pizza hut’s taco pizza and triple-decker pizza, Sonic’s french toaster, Taco bell’s XXL chalupa and several other things that fall into the discontinuation list, unfortunately.

Will any of the discontinued fast food come again?

Discontinued Fast Food Items
Discontinued Fast Food Items

It is hard to say if any of the discontinued fast food items will make a comeback. Although, some things are already on the menu again after discontinuation, like Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza and Panera Toasted Frontega Chicken.

People are so in love with these fast food items that they start a petition to bring them back after their discontinuation. It is the power of people’s passion and dedication. These petitions, social media groups, tweets and comments make brands bring the discontinued items back on the menu.

Chipotle’s smoked brisket and KFC’s Double Down are two items we will see soon in the restaurants again. There is no surety if we will be able to get back all the discontinued fast food items, but if this kind of petition storm keeps coming, then certain things will also keep coming on our plates. 

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