Is Campmor Going Out Of Business in 2023?

Is Campmor going out of business? Campmor is a company that deals in outdoor recreation equipment, established in 1978 in Bogota, New Jersey. Initially, the Company was started with its one and only Paramus, New Jersey, retail store. Primarily, the Company was a mail-order company that created an eCommerce site in 1998. 

This evolution proved to be successful. Then the Company said we have around 70-75 percent of its business coming from its e-commerce site, 20 percent from its one and only Paramus retail store, and the rest, i.e., 5 percent, comes from catalogs and mail orders.

The Campmor company mainly sells outdoor camping gear, equipment and apparel, Tents, sleeping bags, clothing, other accessories, and footwear. Its warehouse facilities, along with its order processing facilities, are all provided in Paramus, New Jersey, located at Campmor retail stores.

Campmor is a Private retail company headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey. After Campmor established its retail stores at various places, including corporate offices in Mahwah, New Jersey, along with Paramus, New Jersey retail store. is its official website.

This blog post will walk you through everything you need to know about Campmor. Its discontinuation, why Campmor is going out of business, who owns it, its competitors and what brand it is, and even more.

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Is Campmor Going Out Of Business?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, “Campmor is going out of business” because of several issues, the Company has shut down its doors, but we don’t know for how long. 

Even though the Company has already discontinued its various items. For example, Campmor 95686 lightweight promo tremor 100% Nylon Long Sleeve S.Z. L axed from the market, and even this product is still looking for it online. As the Company deducted this item from its products list.

They also offered Biannual Warehouse Clearance Event to sell as much merchandise as possible before finally shutting its doors. They said the Campmor is now getting ready for new products, which is why we are having this event.

So, according to the Company and its regular customers, there are ups and downs that the Company faces, and this is the reason for shutting its doors, but it is not clear that the Company will ever be rebuilt. Campmor may or may not come to the market again.

Why Is Campmor Going Out Of Business?

Campmor is going out of business, it is true. But do you know what is the root cause for its sudden change? If you are unaware, you must explore this blog section, even the blog, to gather more information about Campmor and its discontinuation. 

So, here we are; the root cause is the Company Campmor is planning to head into a new frontier. 

According to Steve Caldwell, a Customer Service Manager, the Campmor company needs changes, and they will make changes to serve their customers the best. This family-owned business has been in Bergen County for over five decades.

According to people and their regular customers, the reason for its discontinuation seems to be another, as they had mentioned in a post to say that “The Campmor Company was in trouble” Later, the user started, “I was walking to my home and on the way home from hiking I and my friend Kathy stopped at the Campmor retail store. As we walked into the store, we could see the things were displayed, and there was a large banner announcing a “Spring Sale.” 

We went in and asked one of the salespeople standing there if this was the first time we had seen such a spring sale at the Campmor store. He told me they were trying to sell out all their items as soon as possible to get money in hopes of surviving. The Company is in trouble now, and if it can stay, it’ll be tightening up its product line and maybe even becoming a niche specialty retail store and perhaps just an online seller… 

Let’s see what happens, and only time will tell. Their website is still running, so we’ll have to wait and see. According to the salesman, Amazon is the only reason for the Company’s trouble.” 

The user continued, “I’ve spent much money at Campmor over the year, but even more, I’ve enjoyed hours of wandering through the store ogling over the gear.”

Is Campmor A Good Brand?

Yes, Campmor is a good brand, according to customer reviews. The Company ranks 25th among other camping sites. Customers have rated 2.92 stars after their purchases. Let’s see what customers are reviewing regarding this brand.

One of the customers reviewed, “titled, It was a good experience, later continued, “I ordered my product, and I got it before a day of its expected delivery. Besides, the package allowed me easy return along with its form. If it comes to products, then they were amazing. I ordered Lowa hiking boots, and they were well fitting and comfortable. People were friendly in nature the customer service was helpful. Overall the brand is outstanding in terms of products, customer service, deliveries, and all.”

Another user stated, “titled, I love Campmor…40 years ago I started…, “I started climbing mountains in NH 40 years ago, and I love Campmor. I bought every single product from Campmor at that time. Now I have aged and slowed down, but all my clothing and gear from Campmor are perfectly fine.” He added, “Although I take good care of all my stuff. Campmor prices and the service is rated 10 on 10. It is excellent.”

One of the excited users wrote, “Great Products, Great Service,” “I ordered 19 products on the first day of the week, and I got all my items hardly in 3 to 4 days. If it comes to items, they were impeccable and were exactly similar to its shown online catalog. Before ordering, I prefer to glance at all the reviews and photos. I have done exactly the same before ordering these items, and I can say all the reviews and photos were helpful. I have been in the habit of using Campmor items for many years, and I have never been disappointed in the service and quality of the products. Even I recommend all other people and my son, who is now heading to Australia and we shopped every item from Campmor retail store. Thank You, Campmor!”

Who All Are Campmor Competitors?

Several companies compete with Campmor, including Thule Group,, HRX, Montbell Co. Ltd, Camp Saver LLC, JAX Merchantile Co., and Helly Hansen. These companies are online retailers that deal in outdoor and action sports equipment, clothing, etc. Other online retail stores’ websites are also there. Let’s have a look:


These were the top online retailers’ competitors of in March 2023.  

According to recent reports, in March 2023, the tough competitor for was which had 2.4 million visits, and the second competitor was, with around 204.9K stops. Third was, with 1.6 million. Fourth was, with 135.8K; fifth was, with 371.9K visits in March 2023.

The rest of the brands are also the tough opponents, with 125.6K visits, with 7.0 million trips, with 51.1K visits, with 4.4 million visits, and with 88.0K visits in March 2023.

What Technologies does Campmor use?

There are several popular technologies that the Company Campmor uses, including Facebook Workplace, ASP.NET, Gorgias, Pinterest for Business, and many more.

Who Is The Owner Of Campmor Brand?

The CEO of the Campmor Company is Daniel Jarashow, and Anna Chirico is the CFO of the Company. Campmore has two investors, including PPP and PPP. 

What is’s annual revenue?

The annual revenue of is 66.1 million U.S. dollars. Zippia’s data science team has 300 employees in a Campmor company, and the revenue per employee is 220,199 US dollars. In 2021, Campmor got a payment of 66.1 million U.S. dollars, and this revwhichhest revenue that Comearned.

Wrapping Up

There is no clear-cut answer about its discontinuation. Still, according to some sources, it is believed that the Company is dealing with various issues that may lead to shutting down its doors for some time or may be permanent. 

The Company has return policies including, if found detective and damaged, you have the right to complain and directly call Campmor Customer Service, or you can email or drop a message on its website.

All the unused items can be returned for a refund within 3 months of purchase. But Gift cards are not refundable and returnable.