Is Bulbhead going out of business

Is Bulbhead going out of business in 2023? – Is they Closing?

Is Bulbhead going out of business? BulbHead is the home of bright ideas, where everyone will find something they like. This is the right place if someone is looking for intelligent solutions to everyday problems. The researchers are constantly searching the globe for the best products for this website. Every day, they review the new gadgets and carefully select a mix of innovative and practical

Founded in 2015, it is a cutting-edge website designed to provide “BulbHeads.” They work for the customers, providing a superior shopping experience. Their products include high-quality images, informative videos, and customer reviews, allowing Bulbhead to voice their opinions and make informed purchasing decisions.

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How does Bulbhead work?

Bulbhead has chosen only the best-of-the-best items for everyone’s home, garden, kitchen, kids, pets, beauty, healthy living, or even gifts for a family member or friend. If we join their email list or follow them on social media, they will show us the day’s newest product launch as it happens. And if we are “BulbHeads” like them and have a product or idea we would like them to consider, we can share it, suggest it, or let them know, and perhaps we can also contribute to their goal! 

Because each product offered at is rare and distinct, all of their products have informative videos to help convey their attributes and benefits. We can also find product ratings and reviews, as well as informative and entertaining blog posts, to provide us with an open and transparent browsing and online shopping experience. Their website was created with customers’ convenience in mind, regardless of whether we prefer to shop on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. When we decide to make a purchase, we will also have easy order tracking and real-time customer service.

Products offered by Bulbhead

Is Bulbhead going out of business

The Bulbhead team selects high-quality products, each serving a specific purpose. You can find them below if you’re curious about their product categories.

  • Kitchen and baking supplies for the home and office
  • Tools and gadgets
  • Animal Supplies
  • Cleaning and Organization of Entertainment
  • Auto Apparel and Outdoor Living Industries
  • Fitness Equipment

However, apart from that, they also feature products created from scratch by Bulbheads.

Where to buy Bulbhead?

Ajit J. Khubani currently owns and operates BulbHead. Khubani is an American entrepreneur who owns As Seen on TV brands like Telebrands. BulbHead ships internationally, and the company is changing its domain name to to expand its offerings. The BulbHead review team could only find two places to buy from after conducting an extensive online search: and Amazon.

Their website offers a wide variety of Bulbhead products. You’ll find items as simple as A Posture Corrector. Or the ever-popular Slim Cycle by Bulbhead on their website and Amazon store. Before purchasing, you can read a detailed overview of each product on their website, which will assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of the item you are purchasing.

If you are still deciding whether to purchase directly from their website, you can switch to Amazon. With many verified reviews and purchases, Amazon is undoubtedly a more trusted source for online shopping. It provides a wide range of Bulbhead products.

Bulbhead does not have a physical location, so it focuses on providing an excellent online shopping experience. Telebrands’ headquarters are in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA, which is also the location of Bulbhead’s headquarters. However, the items are available online and at major stores across 120 countries.

How to contact Bulbhead?

This brand is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm AST, and on weekends, the contact timing is limited to 8 am – 8 pm ET. It can be reached using the following methods: phone: +1 (800) 887-2717, online contact form, and online messenger. BulbHead, like its shipping section, made it difficult to find any return policy information online. If customers are dissatisfied with their purchase, they can return it within 30 days. To be accepted as a return, all items must be in their original condition and packaging.

The following steps must be taken to make a return:

  • Contact customer service by phone or through a contact form.
  • Prepare the order number, address, and name in advance.
  • Explain why you’re returning.
  • Follow the instructions that were sent to you.
  • Ship items in their original packaging to the provided address.

All refunds will be issued to the original account within five business days of receiving the item. Shipping costs will be deducted from this amount, so be aware of the amount that should be returned to the account.

Is Bulbhead a scam?

While it is true that Bulbhead has received numerous negative reviews on the Internet, the brand is unlikely to be a scam. Bulbhead is a legitimate website. We cannot guarantee it, but our opinion is based on information from various sources. Some customers are dissatisfied with the service. However, Bulbhead products are also available on Amazon, and the reviews there are very positive. So, while some customers may have had bad experiences with Bulbhead, calling it a complete scam may be a bit much.

While searching for reviews online, we found some unflattering customer responses on Reddit. However, we did notice one thing: many people have formed their opinions before even 

using Bulbhead products. This is most likely because people dislike telemarketing. As a result, most online opinions suggest that Bulbhead may not be worth it.

Is Bulbhead going out of business in 2023?

Bulbhead is a place with something for everyone. It aims to provide practical solutions for our day-to-day problems and bright ideas for our home and daily needs. According to Internet research, Bulbhead has both positive and negative customer reviews. However, the company is not closing down.


Finally, as a telebrand company, Bulbhead has struggled to establish a positive reputation. Many people have conflicting feelings about Bulbhead products. There are certainly customers who have had positive experiences with Bulbhead.

However, they were simply unlucky enough to receive a good package or service from Bulbhead. We cannot guarantee a positive experience. However, Bulbhead’s return policy allows for adequate testing.

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