Why Things remembered going out of business

Why Things remembered going out of business – closing stores in 2023

Why Things remembered going out of business? Things Remembered is a retailer-based company situated in the United States of America. It deals in personalized gifts and other gifting options. Some famous products from this brand include special cards, jewelry engraving, and personalized materials. The company was founded in 1967 and has been selling personalized gifts to the citizens of America for over five decades now. 

Initially, it was really popular, but the company started facing losses over time. As a result, they had to eventually file for bankruptcy. The company also decided to close many stores throughout the United States of America. Still, many of the stores were kept alive for the public in the hope that the company would be able to come out of the financial crisis pretty soon. 

The reason behind the brand going out of business was that it needed a more modern strategy. As the trends are evolving and the youth is interested in different kinds of products, It has become essential for companies to be dynamic and change continuously to stay relevant. The company has been on the path of decline since 1990. Around 800 stores could not make profits and were actually making losses. 

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Is things remembered going out of business?

Why Things remembered going out of business

Things remembered have been unprofitable for the past three decades. The company was established around 55 years ago and became popular for the personalized touch it gave you as gifts. It was highly appreciated by the youth now. But over time, the company stopped making profits, and hundreds of its stores needed help to meet the desired goals.

The company tried several strategies to retain the trust of the public. The event started offering IPO to recover from the losses they had been facing for a very long time. But even after going public with their offerings, they could not become profitable. They released different varieties of products, released their catalogs, and did advertising, but nothing worked.

In 2019 at the peak of its financial crisis, the company filed for bankruptcy. Many people believe that the company will soon shut down all its stores and be gone for good. But later, people learned that the company was acquired by 2019 Enesco, LLC. The acquisition took place in March 2019. Enesco is a famous name in the world of gifting and is known internationally for its good quality services. Since then, things remembered his working under Enessco, and it has become a subsidiary organization.

Is things remembered still operating?

Why Things remembered going out of business

Yes, things remembered have yet to be out of business. The company is still operating and has become a subsidiary organization of Enesco. It was in February 2019 that the company filed for bankruptcy because of financial issues it had been facing for the past three decades. Within months it was acquired by another famous gifting brand known internationally for its services. 

This is the reason why things remembered have stayed in business. But it is no longer a privately owned retail organization and has become a part of another big organization. You will see many things remembered stored in the United States of America. Initially, the company decided to shut down many of its stores because of the losses. But all the stores that were left or still operating and actually making profits. The CEO of Enesco is also the CEO of things remembered now. Many changes have been brought into the organization and have worked pretty well for the welfare of both ends. 


Things remembered was a very famous brand in the 1960s and 1970s. But later on, it started facing losses in the 1990s. Since then, it has tried various strategies to overcome the financial problems that the company was facing. Nothing really world, eventually leading to the company filing for bankruptcy in 2019. Later, it was acquired by another famous gifting company and had been operating as a subsidiary.

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