Hyundai Veloster N Discontinued

Hyundai Veloster N Discontinued: Which Models Replace Veloster N?

Exclusive car lovers have to say goodbye to one of their favorites every other day. People were already dealing with discontinuing several iconic cars, and here is another one joining the gang. After releasing the extensively redesigned second-generation Veloster in 2018, Hyundai debuted the Veloster N, a high-performance variant of the exact vehicle, in 2019. Hyundai introduced its ‘N’ brand of high-performance cars in the USA with the Veloster N.

Even though we’re sorry to see one of our favorite hot hatchbacks go, the non-N Veloster’s discontinuation last year signaled the end of an era. Not only that, but Hyundai is also discontinuing the Accent subcompact sedan following the 2022 model year. The Venue, a Korean automaker’s subcompact SUV, has replaced its least costly model, and the choice was made to make room for it.

While discontinuing the Veloster N, it is also confirmed that all the other models of the N series will not be discontinued. You can still see other models around.

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Models that are going to replace Hyundai Veloster N

Hyundai Veloster N will not make it to 2023. Hyundai has announced the discontinuation of Veloster N. The decision to kill off the Veloster N is due to introducing the new Elantra N and Kona N, says Hyundai.

It’s not surprising that the hotter N won’t be around, as the ordinary Veloster was canceled last year due to low sales. Hyundai attributes the demise of the Veloster N to the release of the Elantra N and Kona N. While both vehicles are certainly entertaining in their own right, we’ll always have sweet memories of Hyundai’s original boisterous boi.

Having other models of the ‘N’ series is one thing, but there are other reasons for Veloster N discontinuation. Every company in the car industry is planning to switch to EVs, Crossovers, and SUVs. Hyundai also has the same thoughts. It is planning to introduce more advanced models and is ready to dive into the SUVs, EVs, and Crossovers market.

Veloster N discontinuation is disheartening for Fans

Hyundai Veloster N Discontinued 2022

Even though Discontinued News will witness more amazing models in the future, we will still miss the old iconic models like Veloster N. People are frustrated after getting to know about the discontinuation of Veloster N. They are commenting and posting how much they love Veloster N. 

This is what a Veloster N fan says: “I reviewed the Veloster N back in 2020. It was a hoot. The Veloster N is nimble and lightning quick; its exhaust note is maniacal and crackling. The engine delivers an ample amount of oomph — 275 horsepower — for the price point. It still feels visceral in a way many modern cars do not. From a car enthusiast’s perspective, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for the Veloster N.”

On the one hand, Veloster N has a great fan following, but there is also some criticism. Some people think that the model used to look weird. It has an asymmetrical structure with a three-door design. Well, everyone has their own opinions. People may have some odd things to say about Veloster N looks, but there is no comparison in its technology. It will remain one iconic car of its time.

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