Hash Brown Patties Shortage 2023

Hash Brown Patties Shortage 2023 – what is the Causes of Empty stores?

Is there Hash Brown Patties shortage? We all know that global supply chain disruptions have caused considerable problems. Everything that you want to eat or buy is unavailable in the market. The ongoing recession and inflation have caused massive supply chain disruptions, and slowly everything is getting out of stock. Operational costs have increased, which has become difficult for the manufacturers. 

The increase in the price of diesel and petrol has made it difficult to transport things from one place to another. The supply chain disruptions have also immensely affected McDonald’s, the largest fast food chain in the United States of America. As a result of being unable to find your favorite fries and hash brown patties. Many customers have reported that they have not been able to buy hash brown parties in particular because they’re out of stock almost all the time.

 McDonald’s stores, especially in Taiwan, have stopped selling hash browns. The company has marked hashbrowns as temporarily unavailable and suspended selling hashbrowns. This means that the problem of the hash brown shortage is significant and will last for some time.

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Is there a recall on hash browns?

Hash Brown Patties Shortage 2023

Now, there has been no recall of hash browns. The reason why they are not available in the market is because of some supply chain disruptions. Hash Browns are made from potatoes that have been unavailable in the market for a very long time. The harvest of potatoes was not successful this year because of climatic changes.

 As a result, there has been a shortage of potatoes in the United States of America and the UK. Food chains have yet to be able to get potatoes in the desired quantities. As a result, all the things made from potatoes have been impacted. This is why you have not been able to get your favorite McDonald’s fries and hash brown patties. 

Their unavailability has nothing to do with them being recalled or some quality-related issues. Due to the shortage, McDonald’s has stopped selling hash browns and fries in many of its outlets worldwide. McDonald’s has faced this issue before. A similar thing has happened a couple of times before as well. In some areas, McDonald’s has restricted fries capacity to small. This means you cannot buy a pack of large or medium fries.

Hash brown patties shortage 2023

The shortage of hash brown parties is likely to last in 2023 as well. This is because 2022 has not been an excellent year for the cultivation of potatoes. Due to temperature falls in the areas where potato is grown, the crop was wasted. Also, some tornadoes were reported in The areas where potatoes were grown. As a result, the harvest of potatoes could have been more beneficial this year.

Due to this, potatoes are not available in the market. This shortage of potatoes is going to impact 2023 as well. As a result, you will likely see some shortages in potato foods. Also, more and more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans. 

As a result, the demand for fruits and vegetables has increased massively. Potatoes are one such vegetable that is very versatile and is used in making a lot of dishes. The potato demand has grown exponentially, and crop failure has added to its shortage.

Frozen hash brown patties shortage

Hash Brown Patties Shortage 2023

There has been a shortage of frozen hash brown patties because many of the brands that produce frozen patterns have been recalled. The recall is done because of some quality-related concerns. It was reported that these patties might contain some unwanted substances. The substances were called as not being beneficial for health. As a result, it was decided that the brands must be recalled from the market. 

The FDA found that these parties contained unwanted wheat in the food. A lot of people were allergic to gluten. Having wheat at parties might trigger their gluten allergies. This means that it is harmful to a lot of people. The bad part is that these brands didn’t specify the amount of wheat used to make their hash browns. As a result, it was decided that these brands must be removed from the market until they do not fix their problems of excess heat. 


Hashbrowns are unavailable in the market because of potato shortages. It has nothing to do with hashbrowns being recalled. Some brands that produce freezed hashbrowns have been recalled because of the availability of excess wheat. The problem of a shortage of hash brown will likely continue for the coming years.

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