Is Fairlife Ice Cream discontinued

Is Fairlife Ice Cream discontinued or out of stock in 2023?

Is Fairlife Ice Cream discontinued? When will you bring the ice cream out? “Will you guys make some fair life ice cream if I write a song about it?” Why can’t I see the Fairlife emblem in the ice cream section at my store? This is a small selection of inquiries Fairlife, LLC, has faced from customers, merchants, and vendors. It has been since their ultra-filtered milk first appeared in stores nationwide in 2015. The fact is that while 80% of the company’s customers are willing to taste Fairlife products from other categories, 87% think ice cream is the most alluring product type.

The business now has an answer for the fans. Fairlife has broadened its dairy nutrition credentials to the $14 billion ice cream market. This was done in collaboration with Boardwalk Frozen Treats, LLC. It is the company’s first attempt at frozen desserts while avoiding beverage-related goods. There will be several retail locations where we can buy Fairlife Light Ice Cream.

About Fairlife

Fairlife is an American brand of ultra-filtered milk. The Coca-Cola Company in Canada, China, and the United States supplies it. When Select Milk Producers and The Coca-Cola Company partnered in 2012, Fairlife, LLC, was created. The Coca-Cola Company formerly owned 42.5% of Fairlife LLC. In January 2020, it bought the remaining 57.5% of stock holding. Chicago, Illinois, serves as the headquarters office for Fairlife.

Fairlife, LLC, was established to create wholesome and delicious milk-based products. These are produced using a unique cold-filtration technique. While concentrating the naturally occurring calcium and protein present in actual cow’s milk, this method will remove some natural sugars.

The business expanded its choice of coffee creamers in January 2020. Regular, hazelnut, Vanilla, and caramel are the available flavors. Later, in July 2020, Fairlife expanded its menu by including ice cream. There are seven different taste choices available. They are Vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, double fudge brownie, java chip, and mint chip.

Each taste would have eight to nine grams of protein and 40% less sugar than regular ice cream. This is according to the brand.

Boardwalk Frozen Treats is partnering with national ice cream brands in sales, marketing, and distribution. A corporate team of ice cream and CPG industry specialists supports the company’s efforts. They are dedicated to delivering their partners’ high quality, flavor variety, and brand promise. Boardwalk Frozen Treats headquarters are in Lafayette, CA.

Fairlife Ice creams

In 2020, Ultra-filtered milk was used to make Fairlife Light Ice Cream. Compared to typical ice cream, it offers a robust nutritional profile and a delightful product with a creamy texture. There are seven delicious kinds of lactose-free ice cream to choose from. Fairlife Light Ice Cream is made with natural flavors. Thus, it doesn’t contain any artificial coloring or preservatives. Besides, the milk is from cows not given synthetic growth hormones during their development.

In a few food chain stores, the new ultra-filtered light ice cream will be offered for $4.98 per 14-ounce container as the suggested retail cost. Following the introduction of Fairlife Light Ice Cream, the business will broaden its distribution. It will offer products to more convenience, retail, and grocery outlets nationwide.

Ice cream is seen as an indulgent treat by customers. David Owens, CEO of Boardwalk Frozen Treats, LLC, states, “Many are fascinated and enthused by frozen dessert options with less sugar.” Also, they are still determining if they can also taste excellent.

“Fairlife” is a pioneer in the dairy sector. They have released a range of cutting-edge milk-based products. Also, they are delicious and offer the nutritional qualities consumers want. Since we knew the new collection of light ice creams from Fairlife wouldn’t be no different, our team was excited to collaborate with them. We are thrilled to support Fairlife as they enter the ice cream market, marking a significant turning point for their business.”

Fairlife Milk Shortage 2023

In 2020, Fairlife Milk Company was severely involved in a major dispute. This occurred due to a viral video showing employees forcefully assaulting cows that were captured secretly. However, the company insists that the cows received good care. A $21 million settlement regarding Fairlife milk was obtained two years later.

In the spring of 2022, the Fairlife class action lawsuit was ultimately settled. The defendants named in the settlement include Fairlife, Coca-Cola, and Fair Oaks Farms. The place where the animal abuse footage was captured is here. The owners of Fairlife, Fair Oaks Farms, and Select Milk Producers, Inc. are Mike and Sue McCloskey.

The defendants reached a settlement “to prevent further lawsuits.” They maintained their dismissal of all claims that their milk was produced inhumanely.


In 2021, Fairlife saw a consistent double-digit sales increase each week. So it set a new annual record for U.S. retail sales of almost $1 billion. According to the business, the brand reportedly also saw “large share growth” in the value-added dairy category across all Top 10 retailers. Additionally, it is Instacart’s top-selling brand in the relevant category.

Fairlife also achieved important strides in the crucial fields of animal protection and sustainable practices. In its recently published stewardship report, Fairlife cites significant successes. This includes boosting community support through its grant program. It also ensures that all its supplier farms fully install the required animal care standards. As a result, it is on track to reach its 2025 target of having 100% recyclable packaging.