Why Christmas tree shortage in 2022

Christmas tree shortage 2022 – Why this is hard to find?

During the holiday season in December, Christmas trees are in great demand. This is because nearly every Christian home decorates their house with a Christmas tree during this season. This means that many trees are cut to supply and satiate the demand for these trees when Christmas is around the corner. Many people have opposed this tradition, citing that a festival doesn’t justify mass cutting trees.Why there is Christmas tree shortage in 2022 for the second year constantly?

Nevertheless, the tradition has continued for a very long period. However, the government has imposed certain restrictions by limiting the number of trees that can be cut during Christmas. Because of this, Christmas trees have been in high demand for the last few years. As the number of trees that can be cut is less, they need to catch up with the order in the market. Because of this, many people need help to get Christmas trees for their homes.

An average diesel during the Christmas season has 30% less inventory than what is demanded from him. This affects these people’s businesses a lot, and they have to cut a lot of orders and let go of many customers. This year due to high inflation, the prices will also be very high. This means that many people will not even be able to afford a Christmas tree. Both inflation and a low supply of Christmas trees will lead to a substantial increase in their price.

Christmas tree shortage in America

Why Christmas tree shortage in 2022

The demand for Christmas trees in the United States of America has always been high. People in the United States of America prefer real trees more than artificial ones. This means that to keep up with the demand, more trees must be cut since Americans do not like artificial trees for Christmas.

Due to the ongoing inflation, there are many problems for Christmas tree sellers. The inventory costs have increased. Transportation has become very expensive due to higher petrol and diesel prices. This means that to transport a tree from Shop to the customer’s house, the owner has to spend so much money on transportation.

This is why most shopkeepers suggest customers buy Christmas trees early on. This removes the doubt about the unavailability of Christmas trees, which are usually less expensive during that time. When Christmas is around the corner, the price of a Christmas tree shoots up exponentially. 

Artificial trees as a solution

Many people have shifted to buying artificial Christmas trees to solve this problem of high prices and low supply. This is a more eco-friendly way of celebrating Christmas without having to cut trees, and it’s not that expensive. Also, you do not have to fight and wait for your Christmas tree to have plastic; artificial Christmas trees are always available in the market. This way, you are saving up a lot of your money and contributing your bit towards the environment.

Artificial trees are also easy to transport since they are not so big. Multiple artificial trees can be transported in one truck which also saves the cost of commutation. You can quickly get artificial Christmas trees from nearby Christmas decoration shops or even order them online. These trees are generally under some offer so you might get many discounts.

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Christmas tree shortage 2022

Many people are now worrying about the Christmas tree shortage in the coming holiday season. Since Christmas is around the corner, people are panic shopping to make sure they have their Christmas tree available. Chances are high that the shortage will be much more intense and elevated than in previous years because of the ongoing inflation.

As inventory costs have increased, the prices will also be higher compared to the previous years. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected the global economy in a lot of ways that ordinary people will not be able to understand. Transportation has become more expensive, along with labor. Due to this, tree manufacturers have to spend more money on delivering what you need, so you will have to pay higher for their services.

Why Christmas tree shortage for the second year consecutively?

Why Christmas tree shortage in 2022

People across the United States of America and many European countries have seen this shortage for the last two years. They have been demanding help from the government, but the government still needs to do something to solve this problem. 

Since Christmas is the most important festival of Christians and most people in North America and Europe or Christians, it bears a lot of significance to them. Not being able to celebrate the festival in a way they like and admire is disrespectful to them. 

Many Christmas tree sellers are closing their businesses permanently because they do not see any scope in the same field. They have shut down and resorted to other companies for their livelihood because this seasonal business has become a considerable investment. The profit margins could be higher as well. 


Christmas tree shortage is likely to continue this year as well. As a holiday and Christmas enthusiast, you should buy your Christmas tree early on if you are interested in purchasing a real tree. But if you want to help the environment, you must go for an artificial Christmas tree as it will help cut one less tree and save a lot of your money. 

You will not have to unnecessarily spend so much money buying real trees for Christmas, which will be useless just after the festival. You can use that money elsewhere where it is needed, more like distributing gifts among underprivileged people. Celebrate your Christmas in a better way this year and spare yourself from this negative loop of demand and supply. Inflation will make you spend more, and the bandwagon will persuade you to do what everyone else does. But make an intelligent choice for your self and do what is best for you.

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