Chloe Nile bag Discontinued

Chloe Nile bag Discontinued (2023) – Where To Get It now?

Chloe Nile Bag Discontinued: The bag you have never seen before and perhaps will never see again! Gaby Aghion founded Chloe in 1952. This fashion house has been shaping fashion for 70 years now. Chloe is also known as Left Bank bohemianism. Aghion had a practice of showing her collections in restaurants like Café de Flore, where the models would walk among the diners, a gesture that was both down-to-earth and free-spirited.

Chloe Nile Bag was introduced in 2017. The design of these is so distinctive that it was never seen before. As soon as the bags came into the market, every fashionista fell in love with them. This one-of-a-kind bag is unlike any other since you can wear it as a bracelet around your wrist with the gold hoop or on your shoulder as a crossbody purse, making it the perfect item to transform your outfit from day to night.

The Nile is an influencer’s dream, whereas the Paddington was the celebrity It bag. Clare Waight Keller, the house’s leader from 2011 to 2017, created this handbag. A sizable round bangle can be seen on the half-moon-shaped purse. There is a strap as well, allowing for crossbody or wristlet wear. It resembles jewellery and pays homage to one of Philo’s first ringed-bracelet bags (inspired by a vintage piece), yet its streamlined design fits well with the current minimalist trend.

Unfortunately, Chloe has decided to discontinue the Nile Bags. Nile bags have been the iconic, unique bags that made their niche in the fashion industry. It is its rare design that took over other luxurious bags at that time. Maybe we will not be able to see it again.

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Why does Chloe have to discontinue the Influencer’s Dream?

Chloe Nile bag Discontinued
Chloe Nile bag Discontinued

Trends are mercurial. No one can predict what is going to last for a longer period. Fashion trends are kind of inconsistent too. At one point, every other person is following the same trend, and in the next moment, no one is not even talking about it.

That is what happens with the Chloe Nile Bags. Chloe has been the trendsetter since 1952. Chloe creates a trend while launching every new bag. Nile bags were one-of-a-kind and were in trend for five long years as the Influencer’s Dream. People might have shifted to other new trends, due to which Nile bags have lost their spark.

There is no such confirmation why Chloe has discontinued the Nile bags. The company has announced the discontinuation news without giving any particular reasons. Everyone is guessing that the company is facing low-profit margin issues and the sales are insufficient to cover production costs. Unavailability may be another reason for Nile bags’ discontinuation.

Where People can still find Nile Bags

There are people out there who worked hard to save enough money to buy one of those. But due to Chloe’s discontinuation of the Nile bags, their dreams have shattered. Well, Chloe has some good news for Nile fans. 

One is available through Fashionphile or another used luxury retailer. The good news is that you may save a lot because the bag normally costs $585 on Fashionphile. People can also buy reused bags on reselling websites like e-bay at lower prices. Ultimately, these are only trends meant to change and move on. 

What are People’s reactions to Nile Bags’ Discontinuation?

Chloe Nile bag Discontinued

Every product has admirers and haters on the one hand, whereas Nile bags are loved and accepted insanely. On the other hand, some people think the Nile bags are just overrated. One person shared her opinion online about the Nile bags. According to her, Nile bags are overrated and expensive because they lie under the luxurious bags category. She also added that she is not saying because she can not afford it; she is saying the design and structure of the bag are useless.

Everyone has the right to speak, and products aren’t relevant until they have some criticism. Maybe some people are having trouble with Nile bags, while some are still struggling to get one before it vanishes completely.

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