Car Seat Recall 2023

Car Seat Recall 2023 – What brands in this list?

What Car Seat Recall in right now? All car seat manufacturers must ensure that the seats are correctly built. Car seats play a vital role in passenger safety and roads. Being comfortable driving your car is also very important, especially for long hours. A comfortable car seat can prevent a lot of medical ailments such as backaches, cervical, and other similar things. 

Many times a would have seen that car seats from certain brands keep getting a call from the market due to some manufacturing defect. Regarding children and older adults, you must ensure that your car seats are of the right quality. Older adults require car seats that are comparatively more comfortable than the regular seats used by young people. 

On the other hand, children tend to move from one place to another, even in cars. This might cause some road accidents. This is why a child lock is vital in car seats, especially for children to avoid such things.

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Is there a recall on car seats?

Car Seat Recall 2023

Recently there has been a recall on car seats. Recently there has been a recall on many brands that manufacture car seats. Around 20,000 car seats have been recalled from the market due to quality-related issues. There were manufacturing defects in these car seats, resulting in them having to be recalled from the market. 

federal recall list has also been issued stating the names of the brands that have been recalled. If your car seat is on the list, you must change it as soon as possible. The situation is a safety hazard currently, and people are being warned not to use car seats from these particular brands. 

Always remember that when purchasing a new car seat, give your contact details to the manufacturer. This way, if a particular brand is getting recalled, you will be informed through the manufacturer regarding the Recall. This will help get your seat changed as soon as you receive information.

Even if your car seat brand is not listed under the recall list and you are still facing some problems, then you must report the problem online on the website of the concerned brand. It is essential not to show any kind of leniency towards car seat manufacturing defects as they can have lethal outcomes.

Car seat recall list 2022-2023

All the brands that have been recalled under the new federal Recall last 2022 are:-

  1. 4moms- Self-installing Car Seat 
  2. Angel Guard (See Merritt Manufacturing)
  3. Aprica (See Graco)
  4. Aria Child (See Goodbaby)BabyJogger, LLC800-241-1848 RF-Only Seats• City GO Infant Seat Models BJ64510, BJ64529;• City GO Infant Car Seat Base Models BJ80400, BJ61500;• City Mini Car Seat Stroller System Model BJ72510;• Vue Lite Car Seat Stroller System BJ70411, BJ70424, BJ 70431 Made 11/3/14 – 4/30/15. 
  5. Baby Trend-3-in-One Hybrid LX modelFB48417 made 7/14/16 sold only at Walmart & model FB58181 made, 7/23/16 sold only at Military Exchanges. B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite Recall#1of2:Made 11/1/15 through 5/31/17.
  6. Advocate70-G3,Boulevard70- G3 and Pavilion 70-G3 models begin “E9L” J91A, E91M, J91S, J92E, J93P, J93S, K91A, K31A, K31Q, K32D, K32Z, K33Q, L11A, L11Q, L12D, L12Z, G81A, G83N, G83P, G83X, G83Y, L21A, L23P, L23Y made 6/1/12 – 8/31/12. Problem: The child chewing on the HUGS chest pad may bite off a small piece, presenting a choking hazard.
  7. ClickTight Convertible models: Made 8/1/14 – 7/29/15
  8. Advocate ClickTight Models beginning E9LT plus: 86F, 86G, 86A, 86H, 85Q, 85S and beginning E1A plus: 135Q, 015Q, 016A, and 016H.
  9. Boulevard ClickTight models beginning E1A plus: 013Q, 016A, 016H,135Q,LT85Q,and
  10. beginning E9LT plus: 85Q, 85S, 86A, 86F, 86G, 86H
  11.    BOB B-Safe35(w/strollersyste)
  12.  B-Safe35EliteModels
  13. Beginning E1A: 183F, 185M, 185P, 186R, 203F, 205M, 205P, 206X, 206Z, 207E
  14. Beginning E9LU: 65V, 66X, 66Z, 67D, 67E. EXA185M
  15. Beginning S020: 63600, 63700. Beginning S03803: 400, 500, 700,
  16. 800, 900
  17. Beginning S04: 144400, 144500,
  18. 144600, 145000, 402800, 884200, 884300, 975600, 978900
  19. Beginning S0: 5260200, 6020300, 6020400, 6020500, 6020600, 6020700, 6020800, 6020900,

Many more variances have been recalled from the market. To have a closer look, you me check it from the official the call list

If your car seats are featured on this list, ensure you get them fixed as soon as possible. This problem has become severe, and the government has been paying much attention. Try only to use your car if you cannot get the car seat fixed soon. Many cars having these car seats have indulged in some road accidents, and all the passengers have been Ye harmed. Car seats play a vital role in protecting a passenger during accidents on the road. If a car seat lacks the needed group, passengers might fall or bump into something. This may even cause death. This is why you must take this problem seriously and sort it out as soon as possible. 

Is there Relled on child car seats?

Car Seat Recall 2023

There has been a massive recall of child car seats in both the United States of America and Canada. It has been found that most car seeds manufactured especially for children are choking them. The seat belts and the locks of the seats are so tight that children have difficulty breathing. As young children cannot communicate their problems, they end up choked because of their inability to breathe correctly.

There is a list of safety standards that have been issued by the government of the United States of America for the manufacturing of baby car seats. Car seat manufacturers need to comply with all of these standards. It has been found that lately, car manufacturers have been violating all of these rules. As a result, babies have to suffer.

There have been a lot of brands that have violated the safety standards. These brands include-

  1. Baby Trend
  2. Bébécar
  3. Britax
  4. Canadian Tire
  5. Clek Inc.
  6. Chicco
  7. Diono
  8. Dorel (Cosco, Eddie Bauer Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, and Safety 1st)
  9. Evenflo
  10. Graco
  11. Harmony
  12. KidsEmbrace
  13. Learning Curve Brands Inc.
  14. Orbit Baby Inc.
  15. RECARO Child Safety, LLC
  16. Sunshine Kids
  17. TEAMTEX (5514 KM)
  18. Volvo

Different products from these brands have been recovered from the market. It is only essential for some of them or baby car seat manufacturers. Some of them even manufacture cushions for cars and other interiors like that. But all of them have violated the safety standards, resulting from which they have been recalled from the market.

Recaro car seats recall

For a long time, Recaro has been facing the controversy of not being immune to crashes in the car. After a long resistance, Recaro finally called around 173,000 of its baby car seats from the market due to quality-related defects. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlighted this problem.

The agency found that the part that keeps the child locked to the seat could break during a crash. This means that the probability of the child falling out of the city during a collision is very high with these car seats. This violates the purpose of a child seat with so many locks.

Ricardo Hadu filed a petition in 2014 against the NHTSA, stating that no recall is necessary as the problem is not severe. It can be fixed without recalling the products from the market. But after such a long time, its products have finally recovered from the market. 

Nania car seat recall

Nania’s car seat was also featured in the record list. It was found that these cars could pass the safety test, but in overall safety, they could not receive satisfactory marks. As a result, these car seats were recovered from the market. Due to the prolonged Recall and dissatisfactory changes, this brand’s car seat production has been discontinued permanently. These car seats are no longer available in the market as manufacturers have stopped manufacturing these car seats. 

These car seats could not meet the quality standards due to which they were recovered from the market. Like other brands retrieved from the market, the brand also tried to suppress the record warnings. But eventually, it had to bow down and recall its products from the market.

Doona car seat recall

The Doona seat was also not able to meet the quality standards. This is the reason why these car seats were recovered from the market. These car seats are still not allowed in Canada, and people cannot buy any product from this brand. This is because Donna has yet to meet the standard quality measures set by the government there.

 These cars were found to be not safe enough during a crash. The brand is permitted in many other countries, but it is a moderately reputed brand in the United States of America and Canada. This is why people are apprehensive about purchasing car seats from this brand, even if they are available at an affordable price.

Graco car seat recall

Around 3.6 million baby car seats were recalled from the market by the brand Graco. This has been called the fourth-largest Recall in the history of the United States of America. This Siri call was done due to the presence of a defect in the manufacturing of the car seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration detected the defect. It was found that removing the emergency lock and taking the child out of the seed during the emergency was tough. There was a possible defect in the buckle of the seat. This is why the sources had to be recalled from the market. The Recall was complex for Graco as it recalled many of its products.

Upon hearing about the problem, a lot of parents were disturbed to find out that they had been losing a defective chair for a long time. These child car seats increased the possibility of children being harmed in road accidents. If the accidents were serious, they could lead to morbid outcomes. As a result, all the parents decided to change their car seats from this brand as soon as possible.

The models recalled from the market included Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride with Safety Surround, My Ride 70, Size 4 Me 70, Smartseat, Nautilus, Nautilus Elite, and Argos 70. All of these models that were manufactured between 2009 to 2013 were recalled.

Immi go car seat recall

Immi go car was a famous brand that manufactured car seats, especially for children. It had all the features you would look for in a car seat for children. During a quality test, it was found that the car seats were unsafe as they could not pass the crash test. 

As a result, all of their products were required from the market. Due to the long-sustaining Recall, the manufacturers decided to discontinue the production of the car seats permanently. As a result, in 2015, the brand was discontinued, and no products were manufactured further. 

Why are recalls imposed?

Car Seat Recall 2023

Many brands that manufactured car seats for adults and children have been recovered from the market. Now and then, you keep on sharing the news of Recall. This is because the government and the other subsidiary agencies have become more active over the past few years. They keep on running quality checks on products now and then. 

Upon doing these quality checks, it is found that many famous names in the market do not comply with the safety measures given by the government. If the product quality is unsatisfactory, the government decides to recall Them from the market. The calling product doesn’t mean discontinuing it.

 All the present variants in the market available for sale are taken out. The company is given a chance to figure out the problem and make all the necessary improvements to re-launch the brand in the market. Some brands can successfully do that, whereas others are not able to do so. 


Many recalled brands are discontinued permanently as they cannot face losses during the recall period. 

Most cars that are called have some quality-related defects and are not crash-friendly. Car seats specially made for children must be solid and crash-friendly as children can’t help themselves. This is why the government keeps initiating recalls like these from time to time.

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