Burberry The Beat Discontinued 2024

Remember that perfume, Burberry The Beat? Some people said it might be discontinued. So, let’s find out if it has been discontinued!

Is Burberry The Beat discontinued? no it is still here! You can even buy it soon on the Burberry website. People like this scent because it lasts a long time and smells great. So don’t worry; you can still enjoy Burberry The Beat! 

Burberry released The Beat perfume in 2008. They got the idea from the cool vibes of Studio 54 and the 1960s. They aimed to mix old and new, like having a modern twist on a classic.

Two perfume experts named Dominique Ropion and Olivier Polge made The Beat. They’re really good at making scents and have worked for big brands like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. Olivier even works for Chanel now!

They got inspired by music and bands when they made The Beat smell spicy and classy. They liked bands like the Arctic Monkeys and the Fratellis for their energy. Burberry loves music, too. They help British musicians and even have concerts in their store in London!

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What Makes Burberry The Beat Perfume Special?

Burberry The Beat, and it’s got a bunch of different smells mixed. It’s like a flowery, woodsy, and musky combo. At first, you can smell things like mandarin, orange, and pepper; then it gets more flowery with an iris and bellflower. It ends with a calm smell of musk and cedar.

This perfume is good for lots of different people. Burberry wanted to make it for younger and older folks, so it’s for everyone. If you’re into music and feeling lively, you might like it!

You can wear The Beat daily, like when working or on a picnic. It’s not too strong, so it’s perfect for daytime. But it’s not the best for wild parties or festivals.

The bottle looks cool, too, with a fancy design and a checkered pattern. It comes in different sizes, so you can pick the one you like best.

Overall, The Beat is a fun perfume for people who like a mix of classy and modern vibes!

How Well Does Burberry The Beat Perfume Work?

Burberry The Beat has been around for a while, and people still love it! Even though some folks thought it might be gone, it’s still being made and will be back on the Burberry website soon.

It lasts a long time when you wear it. It has a strong scent but is not too overpowering at first.

The good part is that a fancy designer brand makes it, but it’s not crazy expensive. Its smell and look are classic, so it’s always in style.

But sometimes, the smell of tea and iris in the perfume can be too strong compared to the peppery smell. That might make it seem too old-fashioned for some younger people.

Where To Buy Burberry The Beat?

If you want to buy Burberry The Beat, you’re in luck! Here are some places where you can find it:

  • Nordstrom.com: They have it in two sizes, a big one for $80.00 and a smaller one for $62.00.
  • Bloomingdale’s: Check their fragrance section to see if they have it.
  • Neiman Marcus: Another good store to look for is Burberry The Beat.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: They might also have it in stock.

Is Burberry Classic Discontinued?

So, there’s this perfume called Burberry Classic, or Burberry Women, and it’s been around for a long time. Even though you might not see it in stores anymore, you can still find it elsewhere.

It was made back in 1995 by a designer named Michel Almairac. It smells lovely, fruity, and flowery, perfect for everyday wear. You can get it in two sizes, 50 ml and 200 ml bottles. Even though Burberry doesn’t sell it directly anymore, you might still find it at other stores.

If you can’t find the original Burberry Classic, other perfumes are similar and just as elegant and fancy!

What Are Some Alternatives To Burberry The Beat?

If you’re looking for perfumes like Burberry The Beat, here are some excellent options to check out:

  • DKNY Be Delicious: Smells like apples, flowers, and roses, which are great for daytime.
  • Clinique Happy Heart: A fresh, flowery scent with hints of mandarin and cucumber.
  • Glossier You: A simple perfume with warm, musky smells that change based on your skin.
  • Guerlain Le Songe de la Reine: A dreamy perfume with flowery hints of honey and jasmine.
  • O Boticario Acqua di Colonia Floral: A fresh mix of citrus, lavender, and flowers.
  • Jacques Fath Irissime: A fancy perfume with iris smells and a bit of woodiness.
  • Cacharel Promesse Eau Fraiche: Light and fruity, perfect for spring and summer.
  • Tom Ford Violet Blonde: A luxurious perfume with violet and spice smells.
  • Natura Biografia Volume 2: A Brazilian perfume with tropical fruits and flowers.

Perfumes can smell different on everyone because of our skin, so it’s best to try them yourself before picking one. Have fun exploring and finding your favorite scent!

The Bottom Line

In 2024, rumors swirl about Burberry The Beat being discontinued in the US. Despite speculation, the fragrance remains available, reassuring fans of its enduring presence. 

With its timeless appeal and lasting popularity, Burberry The Beat continues to captivate fragrance enthusiasts, proving its resilience in the ever-changing world of perfumes.


Is Burberry The Beat still available to buy? 

Yes, you can still get Burberry The Beat! It’s sold in different places like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Has Burberry The Beat been discontinued? 

Nope, it hasn’t officially been discontinued. Even if Burberry doesn’t sell it directly now, you can still find it elsewhere.

What smells are in Burberry The Beat?

It has a mix of bergamot, cardamom, pepper, mandarin, iris, tea, musk, and vetiver. It’s fresh and woody, suitable for any time.

Is there a perfume like Burberry The Beat? 

Yeah! If you want something similar, check out DKNY Be Delicious, Clinique Happy Heart, or Glossier You. They’re excellent for everyday use.

Where can I get Burberry The Beat in 2024? 

You can look on the Burberry website or wait for special releases like their Summer 2024 Show or Spring 2024 Campaign.

What’s unique about Burberry The Beat? 

It’s modern and classic at the same time, with fruity, flowery, and woody smells. It’s great for people who like a mix of old and new.

Are there other versions of Burberry’s The Beat? 

Yeah, but the main one is still around. Sometimes, they release special ones, but you can still get the classic.

Can I still find Burberry Classic (Burberry Women)? 

Even though Burberry doesn’t sell it directly anymore, you might find it in other stores. Try looking online or in unique perfume shops.

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