Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot Discontinued

Has Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot been Discontinued?

Has Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot been Discontinued? So, Tom Ford’s Venetian Bergamot perfume has been discontinued.  Let’s find out what’s going on!

Yes, you read that right! Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot has been discontinued. Someone said they went to a Tom Ford store and discovered they discontinued Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot. Besides, some other perfumes like Oud Minerale and Tobacco Oud are also being discontinued. It’s strange, right?

So, if you’re wondering about those perfumes or any others, you could ask the store or email Tom Ford to learn more. If you liked that smell, try to check out other perfumes by Tom Ford.

Even though Venetian Bergamot has been discontinued, plenty of other lovely perfumes remain.

Why Are Some Fragrances Discontinued?

Do you know how some perfumes are suddenly discontinued? Let’s find out why that happens:

  • People’s Tastes Change: Just like how you might like different toys or games as you grow up, adults’ perfume preferences change too. If a perfume isn’t famous anymore, stores might stop selling it.
  • Making Perfume Costs Money: Perfume-making involves fancy ingredients and cool bottles. If it costs more to make a perfume than people buy it for, the company might stop making it.
  • Some Ingredients are Hard to Get: Perfumes need unique stuff to make them smell good. But if these things are tough to find or not allowed to be used anymore, the perfume might have to go.
  • Safety Rules: Just like there are rules for your safety at home and school, there are rules for making perfumes, too. If a perfume has things that might not be safe, it might not be sold anymore.
  • Not Enough People Buy It: If only a few people buy a perfume, the company might stop making it and focus on making other perfumes that people like more.
  • Can’t Make it Again: Sometimes, a perfume has a unique mix of smells that’s hard to make again. If they can’t make it the same way, they might stop selling it.
  • Newer Perfumes Come Out: Just like new toys and games come out, new perfumes do too! So, old ones might be less popular now.

So, even though it’s sad when your favorite perfume goes away, there are always new ones to try out and enjoy!

What To Do If Your Perfume Is Discontinued?

So, if your favorite perfume has been discontinued, don’t worry! Here are some things you can do:

  • Look for Leftover Bottles: Even if they stopped making your perfume, some bottles might still be left in stores. Try checking out small perfume shops or looking online.
  • Find Similar Smells: Try other perfumes that smell like your old favorite. Look for ones that have similar smells or ingredients.
  • Try Online Stores: Sometimes, you can find discontinued perfumes on websites like eBay. Just be careful to make sure they’re real and stored well.
  • Talk to Other Perfume Fans: Join groups online where people talk about perfumes. They might know where to find your favorite or suggest something else you’ll like.

Even if your old perfume is gone, many new ones exist to try!

What Perfumes Are Similar To Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot?

Tom Ford’s Venetian Bergamot perfume is not discontinued, and you may not find it anymore, so don’t worry! We’ve got some other perfumes you might like:

  • Guess Seductive: It smells like YSL Libre and has orange flowers, vanilla, and black currant. It’s not the same, but it’s pretty close!
  • Individual Tonic: This one is fresh and modern, with green notes. It’s easy to wear, and people might even compliment you on it!
  • Bergamotto di Calabria: This one is more green and woody than the usual bergamot scent. It’s a bit different but still cool.

Everyone likes different smells, so try these and see which one you like best!


If you’re a fan of Tom Ford’s Bergamot fragrance, you might be disappointed to hear it’s discontinued. But don’t worry! There are plenty of other unique fragrances out there waiting to be discovered. You will surely find something you love, from fresh and citrusy scents to your floral and woody blends. 

So, explore different options, visit fragrance stores, and don’t be bold and ask for recommendations. While saying goodbye to Bergamot may be bittersweet, it’s also an opportunity to embark on a new olfactory journey.

Why was Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot discontinued?

The discontinuation of fragrances can occur due to various reasons, including changes in consumer preferences, production costs, ingredient availability, and industry regulations. In the case of Venetian Bergamot, specific factors led to its discontinuation.

Could Tom Ford bring back Venetian Bergamot?

While it’s challenging to predict, fragrance houses occasionally reintroduce discontinued scents as limited editions or reformulate them. However, there’s no official confirmation regarding Venetian Bergamot’s return.

What made Venetian Bergamot unique?

Venetian Bergamot was celebrated for its refreshing blend of Bergamot, floral notes, and exotic spices. Its distinct character sets it apart from other fragrances.

Are there any similar fragrances to Venetian Bergamot?

Yes! Several fragrances share similarities with Venetian Bergamot. Guess Seductive, Individuel Tonic, and Bergamotto di Calabria offer comparable vibes.

Can I still find Venetian Bergamot in stores?

While it’s officially discontinued, you might discover unsold bottles in authorized retailers or online platforms. Check with perfume boutiques or explore online marketplaces.

What fragrance families does Venetian Bergamot belong to?

Venetian Bergamot falls into the citrus and floral fragrance families. Its prominent bergamot note gives it a fresh and uplifting quality.

Did Venetian Bergamot have any celebrity endorsements?

Tom Ford fragrances often attract celebrity fans, but specific endorsements for Venetian Bergamot aren’t widely documented.

How can I find discontinued fragrances?

Besides checking remaining stocks, consider fragrance communities, online marketplaces, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. They might lead you to hidden gems.

What memories are associated with Venetian Bergamot for perfume enthusiasts?

Perfume memories are deeply personal. For some, Venetian Bergamot evokes summer evenings, coastal escapes, or special occasions.

Is there a fragrance revival movement for discontinued scents?

Yes! Fragrance enthusiasts actively discuss and seek out vintage or discontinued perfumes. Websites like Basenotes and Fragrance Revival celebrate these olfactory treasures.