Audi R8 Discontinued (2022): Why did Audi stop It?

Audi R8 Discontinued 2023 – Why did Audi stop It?

The Audi R8, a two-door supercar that made its debut in September 2006, was well-liked in India and other regions. The goal of the second generation, which debuted in 2015, was to build on the brand’s prior success. The top-of-the-line V10+ version of the second generation was released in India in 2016.

Recent sources indicate that the iconic supercar’s adventure is about to end because Audi planned to phase out the R8 globally in 2020. The most believable theory is that its poor performance in the sales charts is the cause. Other potential factors include:

  • The VW Dieselgate incident.
  • Audi’s withdrawal from the Le Man series.
  • The rebranding of Audi Quattro (to Audi Sport).

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Is 2022 the last year of the R8?

Audi R8 Discontinued (2022): Why did Audi stop It?

One of the most recognizable sports vehicles ever introduced is the Audi R8. This is due in part to the coupe’s timeless appearance and in part to Tony Stark’s use of it in the film Iron Man. Since then, R8 has been well-known and adored by all. Audi regrettably stopped selling the R8 in India. It was one of the most affordable supercars, with a commanding presence on the road and thrilling performance. Now that some of them have entered the used car market, you may get the R8 experience for much less money than it cost when it was new.

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Audi has announced R8 discontinuation, but some models are still available in the market. Here are two 2009-built Audi R8s currently available on the used car market and are going for prices lower than those of Toyota Fortuner SUVs. They have priced under Rs. 45 lakhs, which is astounding considering how much a brand-new Toyota Fortuner will ultimately cost.

While the R8 would cost less to purchase than the Fortuner, having one in your garage would be much more expensive. Being a supercar that has been discontinued, it would require particular maintenance and care, and it would be challenging to locate replacement components. However, the R8 will deliver much more than a shrill soundtrack and strong road presence.

Will there be a 2023 Audi R8?

Audi R8 Discontinued (2022): Why did Audi stop It?

People are sad about the Audi R8’s discontinuation, but they can have a little sigh of relief. Audi is releasing a limited-edition run of the vehicle to give select lucky purchasers the chance to own a piece of Audi history. Moreover, the limited edition will only consist of 30 total units. The R8 V10 Quattro’s final incarnation will likely have the same engine and transmission configuration, but Audi added a few special characteristics to make it stand out from the rest.

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Some of the suspension and performance upgrades that were previously only available on the performance variants of the R8 will be included in the limited-edition vehicle. Some of the most prominent components include a front carbon-fiber sway bar, a performance exhaust system, and a carbon exterior package that features carbon sigma side blades, carbon lower trim, and an engine compartment covered in carbon fiber.

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