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These Cars Being Discontinued in 2024: list of Models

We are already half months into 2024, believe it or not, which means many automakers have already rolled out their 2024 model year vehicles – and even some 2024 models – in anticipation of the upcoming sales year. But as the new batch of products makes its way to dealerships, you have to say goodbye to some vehicles that won’t be joining us after this year.

About 30 vehicles have been discontinued or phased out for 2024. Cars like the Fiat 500L and Honda Clarity FCV didn’t have enough selling power to survive. Others, such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Polestar 1, and Lotus Evora GT, will be replaced by more modern options. In this post, you will read in detail about the discontinued cars in 2024.

What Cars Are Being Discontinued In 2024?

We have a list of car models whose demise has been formally announced. Some are gone forever, but others may be resurrected in battery-electric form, although several cars exist. That is going to discontinue because of some useless features for the buyers. Here you will read about the vehicles that will be discontinued in 2024. But first, let’s take a look at the list of models.

  • Hellcat models
  • Kia Stinger
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300
  • Ford
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Audi’s R8 and TT and the Genesis G70
  • Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan

Hellcat’s Models

These Cars Being Discontinued in 2023 - Know The Models - Hellcat's Models

You might have heard about the Hellcat models if you are a car lover. Unfortunately, the end of this model is drawing near. Earlier this year, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said as much, but the future was still unclear. Now, it’s a limited model till 2023. If we consider the models of 2023, they are just around the corner, and the Hellcat’s last ride will be open till the following year.

That is, the recent report of the Motor Authority should be accurate. According to this report, Dodge shared a short statement about it. There is little reason, as 2023 is the final year of Hellcat’s models. 

Based on our research from the website. It is mentioned on the website, according to the Kuniskis stating, that Dodge’s new electric muscle car will arrive in 2024 from Hellcat. In their recent report, Kuniskis said that a functional prototype of the new EV muscle car will appear in 2022. It is unknown whether it seems to be a so-called near-production vehicle or a wild concept. Still, perhaps it could fit the definition of electric and Internal-combustion dodge muscle coexistence. That would be a stretch, but with most major automakers moving fast on EV development, perhaps the Hellcat replacement could come a little early.

Kia Stinger

These Cars Being Discontinued in 2023 - Know The Models

You might want to pull the trigger soon if you’re on the fence about getting a new Kia Stinger. It’s no secret that sales of the vast sports sedan have been soft for a while, and the next generation of Stinger is still unknown. This could eventually be a moot point as we’re hearing that the current generation model will be out early in the spring of 2022, to be specific.

Kia reportedly released a production plan for its manufacturing plants in South Korea on July 16. The Stinger is assembled at the automaker’s Sohari plant in Gwangmyeong, but Korean Car Blog reports that the plant needs a specific nod for a hybrid version of the new Carnival minivan to handle mass production of future electrified vehicles. It will be remodeled together. The report, which cites unnamed local industry sources for information, further suggests that Stinger production will resume at the beginning of the year and that Stinger production will end by the beginning of the second quarter of 2022.

The report paints a bleak future for the sports sedan, but we recommend very little information. With the US version all-new this year, the Stinger has been given a facelift for all markets. It seems impossible to abandon the model entirely after such an investment, and South Korea isn’t the only place Stingers are made. If the deadline for the Sohari facility is correct, smaller quantities may continue to be produced at other locations.

Toyota Avalon

These Cars Being Discontinued in 2023 - Know The Models - Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon will be the latest sedan to succumb to SUV dominance.  Toyota’s flagship four-door is dead in the United States after the 2022 model year, ending a long one that began 25 years ago.

The term came about as an official communication between Toyota and its suppliers. In a letter to suppliers, Automotive News reports that Toyota’s purchasing department explained Avalon production at the automaker’s Georgetown, Kentucky, manufacturing plant would cease after the 2022 model year.

Toyota confirmed the news in a statement to A Toyota spokesperson confirmed that Avalon would continue to be produced for the Chinese market at the automaker’s Tianjin, China, manufacturing plant. As such, the big sedan will survive at least a little longer, but only for buyers in China.

The Avalon first appeared at the 1994 Chicago Auto Show, debuting as a 1995 model. The full-size sedan proved quite popular, but it was never a dominant force in the market, although one could argue that it was not a great Camry option, despite sharing the Camry’s platform. The current generation Avalon debuted in 2018 as a 2019 model, switching from Toyota’s permanent K platform to the TNGA-K architecture. It was first offered in a spicier TRD trim, though horsepower remained unchanged. Instead, the Avalon TRD took an aggressive look with suspension tuning and a throaty exhaust note for a bit more excitement.

However, year-over-year sales figures show that buyers weren’t very interested in the new Avalon, TRD trim,s or otherwise. 2019 – the first full year for the fifth-generation Avalon and the average last year for recent car sales – recorded just 27,767 Avalon purchases in the US. That dropped 17.3 percent from 2018, and things were predictably worse in 2020 with only 18,421 sales.

It’s unclear whether Toyota will offer any final-edition Sendoff for the Avalon. There is no complete information about whether Toyota plans to replace the Avalon with another vehicle produced at its Kentucky facility. Along with Avalon, the Georgetown plant manufactures the Camry and Lexus ES350.

Volkswagen Passat

These Cars Being Discontinued in 2023 - Know The Models - Volkswagen Passat

The 2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition marks the end of the German brand’s sedan assembly in the United States. It is going to discontinue, the company has given some classy touches to this particular model. It is building just 1,973 of them, a reference to the year of the vehicle’s original launch in Germany. 

The brand makes 411 examples in Aurora Red Metallic with Titan Black interior. This number is Passat’s original vehicle production code.

There are 423 in the Racing Green Metallic model with Mauro Brown cabin. VW manufactures the American Passat in Chattanooga, Tennessee; the figure is the area code.

The company makes the 524 in pure white body and Mauro Brown inside. This refers to the opening of the Chattanooga factory on May 24, 2011.

Lastly, there are 615 examples in Platinum Gray Metallic with Titan Black interior. This number represents six generations of Passats imported to America, one made in America, and five decades of American sales.

Apart from these color combinations, all Passat Limited Editions get 18-inch wheels, a black mirror cap, power-folding side mirrors, and LED headlights with a 15-spoke design. Inside, the “1 of 1973” emblem appears on one side of the seat tag, and “Chattanooga 2011” is on the other. Unique mats at the bottom of the cupholders show an aerial map of Chattanooga and a picture of the factory.

All limited editions get comfy sports seats with perforated Vienna leather, driver seat memory, and a power-adjustable passenger seat. Navigation, a fender stereo, and front and rear parking assist are also standard. Both rows of seating are heated.

The 2022 Passat Limited Edition will start at $30,295 (plus a $995 destination fee). The 411 units in Aurora Red Metallic will cost an additional $395 for a price of $30,690. 

VW launched the Passat in Europe in 1973 and introduced it in 1974 under the model Dasher model in the US. The company called the second-generation version Quantum in the US. The vehicle did not receive the Passat name in this country until 1990. In 2011, VW decided to create a US-market-specific version of the Passat, which was more significant than its European counterpart.

Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300

The year 2023 marks the end of the road for the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300. Stellantis, the parent company, bids farewell to this trio with a series of “Last Call” models, signaling the retirement of these powerful and iconic vehicles. Will we see their resurrection in electric form? The possibilities linger as the automotive world embraces electrification.


Ford, a key player in the automotive arena, is making strategic moves to retire certain models. The Ford Edge and Escape are set to leave the American market by 2024, making way for the production of electric vehicles at Ford’s Oakville plant. Additionally, the Transit Connect will take its final bow in 2023, citing efforts to streamline manufacturing and adapt to changing demands.

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet bids farewell to the Bolt EV and EUV, the affordable electric vehicles that have made waves in the market. However, there’s a promise of a new generation utilizing GM’s Ultium battery tech. Meanwhile, the iconic Chevrolet Camaro bows out in 2024, graced with a Collector’s Edition.

Audi’s R8 and TT and the Genesis G70

European automakers are not immune to the winds of change. Audi’s R8, a supercar that graced the roads for 17 years, takes its final lap, leaving room for speculation about an electric successor. The Audi TT follows suit in discontinuation after the 2023 model year. Across the spectrum, the Genesis G70 bids farewell, aligning with the brand’s electrification goals.

Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan

Japanese automakers are also part of the evolving narrative. Mazda’s CX-9 bids adieu, making room for the CX-90 in the lineup. The Mazda MX-30, an oddity in the electric realm, sees its end in the U.S. market. Mitsubishi Mirage, the most affordable model, faces discontinuation in 2025, while Nissan’s Maxima concludes its production run in 2023, leaving room for potential electric revival based on the IMs concept.


The discontinuation of these car models in 2024 marks a symbolic shift in the automotive horizon. While we say goodbye to the roaring engines and classic designs, we also usher in a new era of electric possibilities and sustainable mobility. The roads may be different, but the journey into the future promises innovation, efficiency, and a redefined driving experience.
In the ever-evolving automotive industry, the goodbye to certain models is not just an end; it’s the beginning of what lies ahead.

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