Zyn discontinued 2024 – Is Zyn nicotine pouches still avaliable?

The FDA has focused its attention on nicotine pouches, and it appears that things are going wrong. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over what will happen to “ZYN” nicotine pouches and other brands. Also, retailers remain uncertain. Zyn discontinued effects on their nicotine pouches stocks?

The main source of concern and reason for more constraints on ZYN is its potential popularity among teenagers and young people. It is one of the top-selling nicotine pouch brands in the United States and has attracted a lot of interest.

In the second week of April, the FDA sent warning letters to three ZYN merchants in the U.S. Meanwhile, the argument over more regulations and limits went on in the House.

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What exactly is Zyn?

Zyn is an oral pouch containing nicotine powder and flavors such as mint, coffee, and citrus. The pouches are the fastest-growing part of the tobacco business. It has been struggling for decades to replace declining cigarette sales.

Philip Morris International markets Zyn to adult tobacco users. Despite the fact that it contains no tobacco, U.S. officials classify it as a tobacco product.

How is Zyn used?

Philip Morris representatives claim that Zyn’s popularity arises from its nicotine-only formulation.

Users place these pouches between their lips and gums. They gently release tiny amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream. In contrast to typical products like chew and snuff, pouches typically don’t contain tobacco. Thus, there isn’t any spitting.

“People may be hesitant to try an oral tobacco product if they believe it is similar to traditional chewing tobacco,” business spokesman Corey Henry said. “A key component of Zyn is consumer acceptability.”

FDA and ZYN Regulations

The relationship between the FDA and ZYN has been hard. Zyn entered the United States market in 2014. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snus, and dip were not subject to strict laws at the time.

Zyn didn’t have a very great start and was overtaken by flavored vapes. By the end of 2019, vaping had become widespread in schools and among children. The FDA restricted vape use due to its addictive and attractive features.

Zyn, which had not yet been regularized, quickly gained popularity throughout the states. Influencers and politicians both publicized it. Zyn has still not been approved by the FDA, although it is lawful in all states.

Impact of ZYN

Lawmakers find ZYN’s publicity and teens’ widespread usage of social media concerning. What’s even scarier are the dangerous issues and patterns that people identify with ZYN. One challenge title, “Mouth Stuffing,” featured a streamer stuffing his mouth with ZYNs.

This tendency might easily result in a nicotine overdose and other serious problems. For clarity, ZYN has printed a way to use nicotine pouches on its cans properly. At the same time, the impact of social media on children and teenagers is obvious.

Millions of people have watched videos of young kids popping ZYN pouches. The rise of nicotine pouches as a teen subculture is unsafe and harmful.

The FDA issued warning letters to ZYN

The FDA reported on April 4 that it had issued 119 warning letters. Also, it filed 41 civil money penalty cases against brick-and-mortar shops. These shops sold various flavors of ZYN nicotine pouches to minors between October 2023 and February 2024. The FDA has also issued warning letters to three online shops for selling unlawfully flavored ZYN nicotine pouches. It includes Espresso, Black Cherry, Lemon Spritz, and Cucumber Lime.

According to the 2023 National Youth Tobacco Survey, roughly 1.5 percent of kids are currently using nicotine pouches. The use has been consistent among youth in previous years.

Still, the FDA has been notified of data stating that these items may become more popular among young people. Young people and social media influencers are also talking about these products on social media.

Thus, the main source of concern and reason for more ZYN regulation is its potential popularity among teenagers. It is one of the most well-known nicotine pouch brands in the U.S. and has gained a lot of support.

According to the CDC, ZYN sales had doubled to $1 billion by 2023. Philip Morris International’s fourth-quarter conference call reported remarkable growth. Their non-tobacco items achieved the most success.

The FDA has approved four oral tobacco products that meet its guidelines. As of April 2024, the FDA had not approved any ZYN products for sale in the United States. Three of the warning 

Letters were issued to internet retailers for selling unlicensed-flavored ZYN nicotine pouches. 

As a result, these popular nicotine pouches have flown off the shelves. Many have questioned whether there is a ZYN shortage. It’s because the country’s ZYN stock levels are spread so thin, with certain tastes being hard to get in various locations.


Youth usage of any tobacco product, including nicotine pouches, is harmful. These goods contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. It can disrupt teenage brain development and impair attention, learning, and memory. Parents, teachers, and other adults should be informed of the health dangers associated with the use of nicotine pouches among youngsters. Since these products do not need spitting, they may allow youth to use them without drawing attention.

The warnings explained above reflect the FDA’s ongoing efforts across the supply chain. This is taken to combat the promotion and sale of illegal tobacco products. To date, the FDA has issued more than 550 warning letters. It also filed over 100 civil money penalty lawsuits against retailers for selling unlawful tobacco.

The agency continues to track the marketplace and enforce the law. This includes surveillance, inspections, and investigations.

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