Yankee Candle Tarts Discontinued - Does they still sell Tarts?

Yankee Candle Tarts Discontinued – Does they still sell Tarts?

Is Yankee Candle Tarts discontinued? Yankee Candle has officially revealed that production of their classic wax melts and tarts will end. The 22-gram compressed wax bead tarts have been an excellent way to experiment with fragrances. In fact, wax crumble pots were created in 2013 to allow individuals to try fragrances that were not available in the wax tart format.

The Yankee Candle Company is a producer and retailer of scented candle, candleholders, and dinnerware in the United States. Its products are available in nearly 50 countries through many gift shops and online. The company runs over 260 small-box format shops in malls across 43 states and Ontario, Canada.

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What happened to Yankee Candle Tarts?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic’s outbreak, social media users have noticed a link between a rise in reported COVID-19 cases and negative posts about Yankee Candle products. Individuals scraping Amazon.com review data for scented and unscented candle discovered increased negative reviews for scented candle. 

Also, there was a rise in the number of reviews complaining of a lack of aroma. Unscented candle, on the other hand, did not show this pattern. One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is loss of aroma. Hence, the rise in positive cases may be causing more customers to not be able to smell their scented candle. The “Yankee Candle Index” was named after this correlation.

The list of discontinued Yankee Candle Scents is as follows:

  • A Child’s Wish.
  • Aloe Water.
  • Autumn Leaves.
  • Autumn Night.
  • Beach Flowers.
  • Beach Holiday.
  • Beach Walk.
  • Black Plum Blossom.

The discontinued Yankee candle melts have now been replaced. Yankee Candle debuted new single-use wax melt packaging at the Birmingham trade show. They contain 22 g of smooth-set melted wax in convenient plastic packaging. Their cost has been set at £1.99 each. ($2 each in the United States)

Does Yankee still sell candle tarts?

Yankee Candle Tarts Discontinued

The new melts are now available in stores. They still have the same amount of wax. They provide the same 8 hours of aroma but are now packaged in a plastic clamshell. It cost 

A whopping €2.65 in Europe! Customers are shocked to hear that they are no longer manufactured in the United States or Europe.

How can Yankee Candle explain another price hike for 22 grams of wax? They have also only released a few classic fragrances. They actively encourage people to purchase more significant, more expensive versions of their products. Yankeecandle.co.uk currently has them for £1.99 in the UK. There are no new fragrances available until 2021. Only classic scents have been released thus far.

Yankee Candle in 2023

The company is discontinuing 30 classic large and medium jars. We can view and purchase them for €15.95 in their Goodbye Sale.

Yankee Candle will launch its new scent collection in completely revamped vessels in January 2023. They will introduce “The Signature Collection,” a collection of 25 new unique fragrances. In addition, 20 classic jars will be recreated in the signature jar style.

They say we can explore inspiring fragrances for a one-of-a-kind experience. They intend to make lovely designs and hand-illustrated artwork that make an ideal décor statement for our home.

The new Signature Tumbler

The new Yankee tumbler candle was introduced as a fresh take on the tumbler shape. The new jar has two cotton wicks and a premium soy wax blend for the ultimate clean burn. It also has hand-illustrated labels with brilliant wax colors for an imaginative touch to our home. The brushed-tin lid slides under the base of the jar and serves as a candle coaster.

They presently sell 37-gram glass-filled votives of some of their perfumes in their shop. Before the big jars arrive, the company is experimenting with new smells!


Candle are discontinued due to the passing of holidays, the changing of the seasons, or just a general lack of demand. Women with families make up the majority of Yankee Candle’s customer base. Candle are one of life’s little luxuries bought at roughly the same rate by people of all economic levels, all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and all educational levels.

Candle are the simple pleasures of a fragrant house that awaken the senses. Yankee Candle is planning a comeback for its discontinued scents. We have to choose which ones are ours.

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