Why did SoBe Get Discontinued

Current Status of SoBe Drink Discontinuations in 2024: Is it Ongoing?

SoBe drinks used to be everywhere in stores, like grocery stores and gas stations. But in 2023, it was hard to find even one. Still, you won’t see them on Amazon, either, even though Amazon usually has everything!

People are wondering where SoBe drinks have gone. Many questions across Sobe lovers: Has Pepsico discontinued SoBe? Will we not be able to taste SoBe again? SoBe, the nostalgic drink, has recently created massive chaos among its lovers. Every SoBe’s admirer is worried about its discontinuation. Let’s find out what happened to SoBe drinks!

There is a question instead of drink on everyone’s lip, “Will we not be able to taste SoBe again?” The company claims the discontinuation of many drinks on Twitter, too. But there is a sigh of relief for the cult community.

In this article, we’ll uncover why SoBe drinks have been discontinued, delving into the causes, the shift in ownership, and what could lie ahead for this famous brand.

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What Happened To SoBe Drinks?

SoBe drinks used to be everywhere, like in stores and online. But, in 2023, it’s tough to find them. Prominent places like Amazon don’t have any.

People are wondering what happened to SoBe drinks.

SoBe is a company part of PepsiCo. It used to sell lots of different fruity drinks, like tea, juice, and flavored water. You might remember it for its cool glass bottles and lizard logo. But now, it’s not around anymore, and it’s sad because it used to be really popular.

With its fusion of flavor and function, SoBe Drinks once epitomized this perfect blend. SoBe has been there since 1996. The sun-drenched beaches and laid-back vibes of South Beach inspire SoBe’s flavourful concoction. The first drink, SoBe Black Tea 3G, was an unheard blend of Ginseng, Guarana, and herbal ingredients.

SoBe is a healthy, energetic drink with an exceptional taste. How can anyone forget that soothing and unique taste on lips? Since then, it has been ruling people’s hearts and tongues, and suddenly it vanished. They used to be super popular, known for their cool bottles and lizard logo. But now, they’re not around anymore, and that’s sad.

Some people are discussing it on social media, wondering if SoBe drinks will ever return. The company’s website still shows some of its flavors, but we weren’t able to enjoy them when we checked where to buy them.

The Discontinued SoBe Drinks

Are you looking for SoBe drinks that aren’t around anymore? We’ve made a list of them. From Qi to Lizard Lighting, you can see all the flavors SoBe used to have but stopped making. Further, we’ll also explain why each flavor was discontinued, giving you a better idea of why SoBe’s selection changed over time.

Here’s a List of Some SoBe Drinks that are discontinued now:

  • SoBe Elixir
  • SoBe Energy Drink
  • SoBe Adrenaline Rush
  • SoBe Life Water with Cordyceps
  • SoBe Green Tea
  • SoBe Essentials
  • SoBe Pure Rush
  • SoBe Pure Unsweetened Iced Tea
  • SoBe No Fear Energy Drink
  • SoBe Active Root Beer Float Energy Drink

There are also discontinued products like SoBe Qi, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, SoBe No Fear, and others. These drinks used to be available, but they’re not anymore.

One enjoyable drink was Mr. Green, who was only around briefly. It was green and had ginseng for flavor and energy. They made it to accompany the movie The Grinch in 2002, but it didn’t stick around for long.

What Are the Different Types of SoBe Drinks?

SoBe started as the South Beach Beverage Company in Connecticut from 1996 to 2001. Kevin McGovern founded it, along with John Bello and Tom Schwalm. Their first drink was SoBe Black Tea 3G, which had ginseng, guarana, and ginkgo. People liked it, so they made more flavors. PepsiCo bought the company in October 2000.

Here are the types of SoBe drinks:

  • SoBe Lifewater / SoBe Water: This drink has added vitamins. Most flavors don’t have any calories and use a natural sweetener called steviol glycosides.
  • SoBe Elixirs: These drinks are sweetened with sugar, sometimes a mix of sugar and Stevia. They also contain herbal extracts and some vitamins.
  • SoBe Tea: These are iced tea drinks with herbal extracts.
  • SoBe Pure Rush: These were energy drinks, but they’re not available anymore in the United States.

The Pros and Cons of PepsiCo Buying SoBe

The PepsiCo company buying SoBe, known as the South Beach Beverage Co., was a big deal in the drink world. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this deal for SoBe:


  • More People Know About SoBe: Being part of PepsiCo meant more people heard about SoBe. PepsiCo has many ways to get drinks, so SoBe has to be in more places.
  • Getting Help: SoBe got money and help to grow from PepsiCo. This helped SoBe make new drinks and expand.
  • Fits in with PepsiCo: SoBe’s drinks added new flavors to PepsiCo’s lineup. They offered different kinds of drinks, such as energy drinks, teas, and sports drinks, which made PepsiCo’s choices more diverse.


  • Losing Freedom: SoBe wasn’t as independent anymore once PepsiCo took over. Making decisions became more arduous because of PepsiCo’s extensive corporate rules.
  • Hard to Fit In: SoBe had to change to fit into PepsiCo’s way of doing things. Sometimes, this clashed with SoBe’s original way of being creative and independent.

So, while joining PepsiCo helped SoBe grow, it also meant giving up some freedom and dealing with the challenges of being part of a big company.

Why Were SoBe Drinks Discontinued?

After being famous for a while, many SoBe drinks were suddenly discontinued. Many people wondered why SoBe drinks disappeared. Let’s discuss why SoBe drinks were discontinued.

Not Enough People Buying:

One big reason why SoBe drinks were discontinued is because not enough people were buying them. Even though they used to be popular, fewer and fewer people were buying them in the early 2010s. This happened because there were more other drinks to choose from, and what people liked changed.

Even when they tried to improve the brand and add new flavors, it didn’t work. So PepsiCo decided to stop making many SoBe drinks.

People Want Healthier Drinks:

Another reason why SoBe drinks were discontinued is because people started caring more about being healthy. Many of SoBe’s drinks had a lot of sugar and fake stuff in them, which didn’t make them popular with people who wanted to be healthy.

More and more people wanted drinks with less sugar and no fake stuff, making it difficult for SoBe to keep selling its drinks.

Cost of Making the Drinks: 

Besides, not enough people buy and want healthier drinks, so SoBe drinks were discontinued because they cost a lot. Many of the ingredients SoBe used were rare and expensive.

Because of this, the drinks cost a lot to make. Since SoBe couldn’t make much money from selling them, PepsiCo decided to stop making many SoBe drinks to save money.

The Uncertain Future of SoBe Drinks

Explore the uncertainty surrounding SoBe drinks’ future. While some stores still carry the brand, discontinuing numerous products has left a question mark. Stay updated on the latest news, including rumors of a new energy drink in Connecticut, to gauge what might lie ahead for this once-iconic beverage brand.

SoBe has not discontinued all of its flavors. There were popular flavors of SoBe loved by everyone, including Pure Rush Energy Drinks, South Beach Sunset, and 14 Karot. These flavors can be seen on product locators but not under the drinks category.

Where Can You Find SoBe Drinks?

If you’re looking for SoBe drinks, it’s not so easy. Their website says you can only get certain flavors in specific places. For example, if you want Black and Blueberry SoBeWater, you might have to go to North Carolina and visit a Circle K store.

The company’s website now shows the location of stores with stocks of discontinued flavors, but there are hardly any stores left to rely on. The company has discontinued many flavors and switched to a new lane of flavors. Some people can still buy and enjoy SoBe Elixirs, Teas, and Waters. Even SoBe’s lizard-print drinks were available in 2022.

People still looking for SoBe’s endangered drinks can visit the website and use the product locator to grab their favorite one before extinction. Home Delivery is also available in certain stores. Rest, Change is the law of nature, and everyone has to move on with time, so cherish the old ones and enjoy the extraordinary new ones.

The Wrap

SoBe drinks were discontinued in the wrap because not enough people bought them, making them expensive. People started liking different beverages, and SoBe couldn’t keep up. Even though some SoBe drinks are still available, many favorites are gone.

But SoBe had unique flavors and ingredients that other drinks didn’t have. Whether you liked SoBe Lifewater or Elixir drinks, they were different from other brands. Even though you might not see SoBe drinks in stores now, they made a big impact on the drink world.

SoBe might make a comeback someday, bringing back memories of its unique flavors. Keep an eye out for any news about SoBe—you never know what might happen next! 


Is SoBe wholly discontinued? 

You might still find SoBe drinks in some places, but they’re not as easy to find as before. You might have to look in particular areas or online to see them.

Why did SoBe drinks discontinue? 

SoBe drinks were discontinued because not enough people were buying them anymore, and PepsiCo wanted to focus on other drinks that were more popular.

What flavors of SoBe are no longer available? 

Many SoBe flavors are no longer available, like Lifewater, Elixir, Teas, and Lizard Milk. People miss them a lot!

Can I still get SoBe drinks? 

You might still find them, but it’s not guaranteed. You can check the SoBe website or look online to see if you can find any.

Will SoBe come back? 

We don’t know for sure, but it’s not around now like it used to be. It may come back someday.

What can I drink instead of SoBe? 

If you miss SoBe, you can try other drinks with similar flavors that are good for you. Look for natural teas, flavored waters, or energy drinks.

What are people saying on social media? 

People on Twitter have been asking about SoBe for a while now. Some people feel nostalgic about it, while others try to find anything left in stock.

Can I buy SoBe online? 

You might have been able to buy SoBe drinks online before, but now it’s harder to find them. Check different online stores to see if they have any left.

Why did SoBe become less popular? 

SoBe lost its popularity because people started liking different flavors, and there were more drinks.

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