Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Discontinued

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Discontinued – Is it out of stock?

Is Whole Earth Farms dog food discontinued? Social media posts claiming the discontinuation of Merrick Whole Earth Farms Dog Food have been proven to be false. There have been a lot of posts recently that need to be clarified by providing incorrect information.

A post recently on forums and social media sites claiming that Merrick Whole Earth Farms Dog Food had been discontinued was discovered to be false. Merrick has experienced only one recall to date. It was for their cat food line rather than the dog food. The firm is one of the leading dog food brands, ensuring the use of high-quality ingredients, and has ambitious plans for the future.

Whole Earth Farms sells organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free foods. They are a certified organic farm because they fulfill the American Organic Farmers’ Certified Organization’s standards.

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About Whole Earth Farms

Merrick Pet Care owns and manufactures Whole Earth Farms. Nestle Purina has owned this company since 2015. Whole Earth Farms is open about what it is: it’s food for individuals who like the idea of natural ingredients but don’t want to spend a great deal of money on it.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Discontinued

The brand is marketed as offering “goodness from the earth at a tremendous value,” but there isn’t much meat in that claim.

Merrick Pet Care guarantees to work with American growers. But the company sources from all over the world. All their recipes, including Whole Earth Farms foods, are created in the firm’s Hereford, Texas, kitchens. These kitchens are Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3-certified and USDA National Organic Program-certified.

Is Whole Earth dog food being discontinued?

Merrick has announced only that the Whole Earth Farms cat food line will be discontinued in May 2022.

The recipes and products of Whole Earth Farms have never been recalled. Thus, we can identify them as a recall-free dog food brand. The brand has been in business for more than a decade, demonstrating that they take its quality and safety processes seriously. We hope that by retaining high safety standards, they can keep this recall-free record going in the future.

Despite this recall-free record, we always recommend that pet owners remain alert about future Whole Earth Farms recalls ensuring their pets’ health and safety.

Merrick Whole Earth Farms Dog Food is still available in some stores, but not all. Whole Earth Farms can be purchased at retail pet chains such as Petco and PetSmart, as well as select feed stores and independent pet specialty stores.

The information circulated about Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food being discontinued is incorrect and based on weak evidence. Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food is available on Amazon and Walmart. Specific inventory remains in these stores.

Whole Earth Farms’ dog food recipes have a nutritional content compared to other brands in their price range. It is generally average to above average. The above-average nutrition foods include above-average protein and fat proportions, which should be the foundation of every dog’s diet. However, the carbohydrate content of Whole Earth Farm recipes is still higher than many dogs’ needs.


There are no recalls listed for Whole Earth Farms dog food on the FDA’s website. Whole Earth Farms Dog Food reviews speak highly of this seemingly unnoticed “holistic food” for dogs. Whole Earth Farms Dog Food is unquestionably one of the best dog foods on the market.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food reviews show this is an excellent choice for dogs. Customers report that their dogs adore the food. Also, puppies digest it quickly, and their skin appears much healthier.

Overall, Whole Earth Farms dog food is an excellent choice for our dog. The ingredients are of the highest quality. The quality is comparable to or greater than other dried pet foods in the industry. The dogs adore the taste of this food.

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