white rain hairspray discontinued

White Rain Hairspray Discontinued 2023 – what are the causes?

Is White Rain hairspray discontinued? Most people would claim to have a personal health and beauty brand that they use exclusively. Many fans considered “White Rain Hairspray” to be their favorite. The news that the hairspray brand was being discontinued was indeed disappointing.

Unresolved issues are the primary reason for the discontinuation. The confusion keeps growing, especially as consumers continue to discover the product for sale in some retail stores or on independent websites. Let’s review the circumstances leading to the discontinuation of the White Rain brand.

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What happened to white rain hairspray?

white rain hairspray discontinued

The hairspray’s discontinuation is probably due to the company’s business transition. It also had a subsequent change in ownership. Gillette launched White Rain for the first time in the 1950s. International Wholesale purchased the White Rain brand in 2021 from High Ridge Brands, LLC. International Wholesale later transferred the Health Smart line to the White Rain brand.

Tengram Capital Partners, which owns High Ridge Brands LLC and Gillette, said in a press release: “We are thrilled to transfer ownership to a high-quality firm such as International Wholesale.” Since White Rain is a precise and vital strategic match.

This would imply that High Ridge Brands LLC and Tengram Capital Partners decided it was no longer in their company’s best interests to continue manufacturing under the White Rain brand. High Ridge Brands LLC might have also realized that selling was the best option to keep the brand available to its loyal fans. Since then, it has remained within the scope of its business.

International Wholesale offers white Rain Hair Spray for retail stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and any other type of store. Thus seeking a reputable wholesale supplier of White Rain. There are two methods for purchasing in large quantities:

  • Non-Aerosol Extra Hold, 7 oz.
  • Max Hold Non-Aerosol,7 oz.  

Customers wishing to buy separately for their use should be aware that they are unable to do so through international wholesale. Customers must therefore go through a store that has the item in stock. Customers should check to see if the item is available from a local retailer. Websites might not be updated, and supplies may vary quickly.

Where to buy white rain hairspray?

Walmart and Family Dollar are the two stores that buy white rain hairspray from International Wholesale. Some are available for sale on websites like Amazon and eBay. But buyers should proceed cautiously and verify whether the item is real beforehand.

Finding out the version of the product being promoted is one technique to check the authenticity of White Rain Hairspray online. International Wholesale no longer produces aerosol hairspray.

The official White Rain website is an alternative place to look for products. Customers cannot make direct purchases on White Rain’s website. The website still needs to provide details on merchants who currently sell the product.

The non-aerosol product version is still available for sale on Amazon. Nonetheless, many users have been doing precisely that, with highly varying views. Furthermore, a few of them appear connected to the sale and later acquisition of the White Rain product line.

Which company makes white rain hairspray?

The business history of the product is attractive. The most recent and unexpected turn occurred in 2021. International Wholesale purchased White Rain personal care items, including the White Rain hairspray. Corporate acquisitions sometimes result in this kind of problem. Thus, it is possible that this changeover is to blame for the difficulties various fans have had finding the goods.

International Wholesale is currently the owner and manufacturer of White Rain Hairspray. This is according to Wikipedia.

White rain hairspray shortage

White Rain also received many negative reviews. This might have contributed to its ultimate discontinuation. A major complaint among Amazon reviewers is that the product is difficult to use. This is because the spray function usually gets stuck or tight.

Some negative comments discovered on Amazon state:

  • Compared to other hairspray products, the product also can’t hold the hairstyle in position. 
  • The hair feels heavy and has a sticky residue from the spray. 
  • After spraying it over, the hair took longer to dry than other products.

Also, despite some unfavorable reviews, several customers were sad that White Rain’s hairspray was being discontinued.

One Facebook user claimed to have used the item for over 40 years. The product’s discontinuation had left her in a complete state of worry. It’s also essential to remember that every person will have a slightly different perspective on the same product. For instance, one Amazon customer said the hairspray’s original formulation had no odor. Some described it as “very fragrant,” referring to insect spray. 


Fans of White Rain are having trouble finding the product at the local stores and might have been upset. It’s because High Ridge Brands LLC has stopped producing White Rain Hairspray. Although White Rain has been acquired by International Wholesale, which still manufactures the goods, it is still hard to locate and buy hairspray.