Is Netflix Cancelled Wednesday

Why is Wednesday Discontinued: Is Netflix Cancelled Wednesday?

Why is Wednesday discontinued? Netflix renewed its popular series Wednesday for a second season. Wednesday already blew up Netflix’s all-time rankings to become the second-most watched season of an English-language show ever. Both the cast and crew of the show are eager for more of Jenna Ortega’s depiction of Wednesday Addams. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough told Tudum they couldn’t wait to explore Nevermore’s strange, spooky landscape in season two.

It’s time to search the internet for more information about Season 2 now that we know it’s back. Similar to knowing when a movie will come out, who will be in it, and what will happen over the season, people can expect this news. Little information is available because the show debuted late last year, and the renewal happened. But we did get some insider information from the cast and producers. Let us know more about it.

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What happened to “Wednesday”?

Why is Wednesday Discontinued: Is Netflix Cancelled Wednesday?

Wednesday was the second-most watched Netflix series in 2022. The show has Jenna Ortega as the newest actress to portray the title Addams family member. Stranger Things’ big fourth season came in first.

But the spooky series smashed records that Stranger Things had originally held. Thus, it became Netflix’s most-watched English-language series in its premiere week in November. This is according to the streamer, with 341.2 million viewing hours.

Despite Wednesday’s popularity, Netflix took a while to reveal a second season of the smash series. This led some viewers to believe the next episode may be available on Amazon Prime. Amazon and MGM completed their $8.5 billion merger on Wednesday in March.

According to various data, Wednesday’s success was mostly due to its appeal to multicultural audiences. Hispanic households account for approximately 25% of all viewers. According to reports, the show is also well-liked by young women. Over 60% of Wednesday’s viewers are female, with over half aged 18 to 49.

Recap of Wednesday from Season 1

Tim Burton directed and worked as executive producer of the show’s first season, earning a big W for Wednesday. Along with rescuing Nevermore School and its outcasts from the revived Joseph Crackstone, the psychic youngster also exposed the real identity of Marilyn Thornhill. He was responsible for a large part of this season’s tragedy. Some big puzzles from the show’s eight episodes still need to be answered. Specifically, who is the stalker still keeping tabs on Wednesday’s activities?

Fans look forward to learning more about Wednesday’s ties developed throughout the first season. There’s also Tyler Galpin, the perfectly harmless “normie,” who has feelings for Wednesday. But he ultimately proved to be the monster Hyde had been pursuing. In the Wednesday finale, Tyler battled an exhausted Enid while in his Hyde form but lost. Although he closed the show by waking up in a car, albeit in chains, he left the door open for a comeback. Now, we are still determining the character’s plans.

Rumors about Season 2

It was rumored that Wednesday might not make a second season on Netflix following its incredible success. The Addams Family spin-off surpassed Stranger Things with 341.23 million hours watched during the week of November 21–November 27, 2022. Thus, it is the most popular series in the era of streaming services.

On January 3, IndieWire noted that it was doubtful that Wednesday would be switched to Prime Video. According to someone familiar with the merger, the Wednesday agreement between Netflix and MGM was finalized before Amazon’s takeover. 

In January 2023, the availability of Wednesday on another streamer has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, Amazon, or MGM. According to a report by Deadline, Amazon has said that it does not want to make all MGM content only available on Prime Video. To keep the dark comedy on their service, Netflix might try to reach an agreement.

Is there going to be more dancing in Season 2? This is what everyone is wondering. The answer is undeniably a big yes after Wednesday’s Season 1 dance went viral. The streaming service has now announced that it has renewed its blockbuster hit for a second season. It happened after rumors circulated that the show would be moved to a different platform, days after Netflix canceled another popular original show.


Now fans need not worry! Wednesday will mark the start of Season 2! On January 6, Netflix finally announced that we would see our spooky heroine again. We made it through the anxious wait with positive news!

Fans were initially thrilled to follow our appealingly macabre protagonist and her gang of friends at the school of the supernatural. This includes the cheerful Enid Sinclair, a fencing enthusiast, the queen bee Bianca, and others. Remember that after that huge plot twist, we still need to figure out what’s happening around the not-so-normal “normie” Tyler Galpin.