This video indicates that EVGA won't be joining forces either with Nvidia rivals AMD, Intel or any other Nvidia company. It will just stop making GPUs once the stock of the RTX 30-series has sold out.

EVGA, a popular graphics card manufacturer, has announced that it will not be working with Nvidia in order to produce new graphics cards.

EVGA, one of Nvidia’s largest partners, is now citing "disrespectful Treatment" by Nvidia and has announced that it will be leaving the GPU business.

This story was first published by Steve Burke, Editor in Chief at Gamers Nexus.

Burke also released a video. Burke describes discussions with Andrew Han, CEO of EVGA.

EVGA still confirms that it will continue supporting existing graphics cards on the market, and users can still claim warranties for relevant products.

As things stand, however, the brand's current batch of EVGA GPUs will be its last.