Wattamelon roll discontinued

Wattamelon roll discontinued: Are you still buying it in 2023?

Is Wattamelon roll discontinued? Friendly’s is the place for delectable sweets, particularly ice creams, shakes, and sherbets, especially in the summer. They have long been the go-to spot for ideal sweets or sweet treats in the summer. It is due to their selection of traditional sundaes, creamy milkshakes, and a range of ice cream cakes and rolls.

In America, the arrival of Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll on store shelves signaled the start of summer. Sadly, Friendly’s announced in 2021 that all its ice cream rolls would no longer be made. And as a result, Wattamelon Rolls were no longer available.

Don’t worry, though, because this love has come back! It appears somewhat different than it did before. It’s time for the Wattamelon Krunch Sherbert Cake to reclaim its place as a mainstay of events and backyard barbecues. This article will help us learn about our favorite cool summer treat.

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About the brand

The East Coast of the United States is home to Friendly’s restaurant business. Since its founding in 1935, it has become renowned for its delectable cakes, sundaes, and ice cream delicacies. 

The Wattamelon Roll is one of these mouth-watering options. With its wonderful combination of watermelon, lemon sherbet, and chocolate chip “seeds,” it became a fan favorite. It didn’t take long for this original innovation to become well-liked. It became a staple of many American families’ summertime celebrations.

Early in the 1970s, Friendly’s launched the Wattamelon Roll. It immediately gained popularity among ice cream lovers. The dessert’s creative design resembled a slice of watermelon. Thus, it became a colorful and entertaining addition to any summer party.

On April 7, 2019, Friendly’s abruptly shut down most of its outlets in upstate New York. Friendly’s declared on November 1, 2020, that it would submit a second Chapter 11 petition. It gave Amici Partners all its assets. It is a subsidiary of Brix Holdings. The company asked for $2 million due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects in the US.

Although some closures are being announced, the business has claimed that “nearly all” its outlets will remain open. Amici Partners Group, LLC, was announced to have purchased Friendly’s on January 19, 2021. It consists of seasoned restaurant operators and investors. Also, it has experience working for both domestic and foreign restaurant franchisors.

Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll is a hit

The Wattamelon Roll earned its position as a must-have delicacy throughout the warmer months. Its reviving flavor and distinctive combination of textures made it famous.

The Wattamelon Roll’s popularity grew over time. Many customers now eagerly anticipate its appearance on store shelves each summer. Based on this enthusiasm, Friendly’s added more popular flavors to their lineup of ice cream rolls. This includes the Jubilee Roll and the Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Roll. These extra options strengthened Friendly’s standing as the place to go for delectable ice cream treats.

Wattamelon Roll discontinued

Unexpectedly, Friendly’s announced in 2021 that it would stop manufacturing its complete line of ice cream rolls. This includes the cherished Wattamelon Roll. Many summertime staple fans were devastated by this choice. They now have to spend the summer without their beloved cold and refreshing pleasure.

Friendly’s stated that the main factor leading to the discontinuation of their ice cream rolls was a shift in consumer demand. The company’s media relations department stated that Friendly’s was refocusing on optimizing its ice cream cartons, novelty items, and cake portfolio. This is to serve better their customers’ demands for various events and celebrations.

There was major disappointment and disbelief when the Wattamelon Roll was announced as discontinued. Many people vented their anger and despair on social media. Some even started petitions to persuade Friendly to change their mind. The Wattamelon Roll received so much support from consumers. A petition to reinstate it was started on Change.org.

The Return of the Wattamelon Roll

Friendly’s has reintroduced the dessert in an intriguing new shape in response to the public’s demand. The Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake is what it is named. It was part of a line of KRUNCH cakes that included more tastes like orange, citrus, strawberry, and Chocolate.

The Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake offers a novel take on the well-known delicacy. It preserves the essence of the original Wattamelon Roll. The cake is covered in a crispy cookie crumb shell with a watermelon sherbet base with lemon sherbet on top. After that, the dessert is topped with a liberal sprinkle of chocolate chip “seeds.” It brings a hint of nostalgia to the modern dish.

ShopRite of Scarsdale and other associated Friendly’s restaurants carry the new Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake for customers excited to try it.

Friendly’s eliminated our favorite summertime treats to rebrand them. The weight of the first Wattamelon Roll was 58 oz. Some consumers recall paying $5 to $10 for one. The new cake weighs just 40 ounces and costs an outrageous $22 and change.


The Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake is another version of Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll. It proves the strength of nostalgia and the enduring allure of a beloved delicacy. Fans of the original Wattamelon Roll will no doubt make new summertime memories. But this time, with the revised Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake’s addition of a crunchy cookie crumb layer, redesigned shape, and price hike!

Let’s pause to reflect on its colorful past if we plan to eat the Wattamelon KRUNCH Sherbert Cake. Also, it’s time to cherish its part in countless summer celebrations. It has made joyful memories and will continue to make them.