Waffle Crisp discontinued

Waffle Crisp discontinued – Is They going out of business?

Is Waffle Crisp discontinued? Waffle crisp is a brand of cereal company that sells Maple flavored cereals in the shape of waffles. The cereals are made from corn and sold by Post Consumer Brands. The cereals were released in the market in 1996 along with a separate budget line for making breakfast more accessible and affordable. In 2018 the manufacturers decided to discontinue the cereals.

The reason for discontinuation still needs to be released by the manufacturers officially. But in January 2021, they decided to bring back these cereals to the market. People of all ages extremely enjoyed the flavor of the waffle crisp. It is believed that due to severe public pressure to bring back the cereals, the company decided to make a comeback. 

Post foods did the marketing of this product upon the relaunch. This time they took the help of social media marketing and distributed their brand-new product to influencers. By getting their serial promoted through famous influencers who had a mass following, they ensured that everybody knew about their comeback. This was an extremely smart strategy and was compared to other brand relaunches.

After the relaunch of the cereals, they became again as popular as they were before their discontinuation. The brand even introduced a new logo and advertisements to increase the publicity of its cereal.

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Discontinued again

The brand again discontinued the cereals around the end of 2021. Again the brand did not disclose any official statement regarding the discontinuation of the cereals. It was reported that the brand would be back by July 2022 with new packaging and flavors. Customers felt betrayed and furious over the perpetual policy of launching and relaunching the cereal.

The cereal was again introduced in the market in mid-2022. Now the serial is available worldwide on different websites and even in stores. People have yet to figure out the reason behind the perpetual discontinuation and relaunch of the serial brand.

Some say that it is a Smart marketing strategy for waffle crisps to increase the demand among the public by decreasing supply. When there is a decrease in supply, the urge and hype about the product are more than when the supply is high.

Why waffle crisps discontinued?

Waffle Crisp discontinued

No, waffle crisps have not been discontinued by the brand permanently. For the last few years, the brand has been going in and out of business which makes people think that the brand is permanently out of business.

But this is supposedly a business strategy by the brand to increase the hype of cereals in the market. This gives them an unpaid form of advertisement and promotion, which any brand would like. Also, since the pandemic m, brands have been facing an issue of supply chain-related issues.

 The cost of transportation has become extremely expensive, which has led to the demand and supply of bridges. But the cereals have yet to be discontinued by the brand, that is for sure. So it would help if you did not worry about that.

Are waffle crisps good in taste?

Waffle crisps taste really good and are often enjoyed by people of all groups. They have a taste of maple syrup. This is why people of all age groups enjoy waffle crisps thoroughly. They are also made from high-quality corn. 

Some ingredients used in these cereals are Sugar, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Whole Grain Oat Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Caramel Color, Soy Lecithin, Natural And Artificial Flavor, and Turmeric (Color). Bht Added To Packaging Material To Preserve Product Freshness.

Waffle crisps are high in calories, so if you think of losing weight, there are better options than this. They also have very high sugar levels, which is not a healthy option. But they are made from vegetarian ingredients, so you can eat them guilt-free without worrying about anything.

Final verdict 

Waffle crisps have been a very famous cereal brand since the 1990s. It is a favorite cereal brand of many people, especially children, which is why through so many years, it has still managed to remain so popular. But lately, the waffle crisps supply has been relatively high in the market for a long time. It keeps coming and disappearing in the market, which has become very problematic for people who consume it daily. 

This is why people demand answers on its sudden disappearance. The brand has been unable to extend any official statement regarding the disappearance of its cereal. People have made their respective assumptions about creating hype or supply chain issues. Some people even say that because of fewer raw ingredients available, there is a decrease in the supply of cereals. 

Right now it is very much available in the market and shops. You can even shop it online on websites like amazon and food delivery. The brand has also started exporting its cereals to other countries, which means it plans to go international. But with the current unaccountable behavior, the brand will not likely go very far in business. It might just collapse very soon. 

To become a successful and profitable brand, it has to increase its transparency to the public. Sudden disappearance may decrease the brand image of the product, and even if the cereals are high quality and great in taste, people may still not buy them. This is why it is advised that the brand must start paying attention to its business ethics.

 There is cut-throat competition between people and brands, and it takes much less time for a brand to be relegated due to high competition. So waffle crisps must become a more responsible brand to retain its relevancy in the market. They must improve customer service to promote brand image. This way, the brand can become very successful and profitable.

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