Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued

Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued 2023: Is the VW Beetle coming back?

Is Volkswagen Beetle discontinued? After the successful three generations of the Volkswagen Beetle many decades, it is so pernicious to say that 2019 is the last year of the version of this iconic Volkswagen Beetle, designed to just showcase at the local museum in Mexico, not for a selling purpose.

This classic and legendary car occupied a place in the hearts of millions of people globally. It won hearts and became the pride of many because of its history, unique styling, and impressive versions. It may be sad news for beetle lovers that it is time to say goodbye to the Beetle because Volkswagen has ended the production of its model. 

If you want to enjoy the last ride with this beloved model, you can go for Volkswagen of Ann Arbor! This would be your last chance to experience the Volkswagen Beetle. So, if you want to know why people were crazy about its model, what is its history, and why the discontinuation? Let’s go through this blog post to know what is the reason behind it!

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Is Volkswagen Discontinued Beetle?

Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued

The answer to this question, “Is Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued” is yes! The Volkswagen Beetle was axed after 81 years of its launch, and there is no more production by Volkswagen.

On July 10, it was the last day of the Beetle, and later, it was headed to be showcased in a museum in Puebla after the ending ceremonies to mark the end of Volkswagen Beetle’s production. 

Its last model featuring a stonewashed blue metallic coupe, was displayed at the museum in Puebla, Mexico. The Beetle’s last unit was “Beetle Final Edition,” which featured LED DRL fitted Bi-Xenon front lights, 18-inch white aluminum alloy wheels, LED taillights, a navigation system with touchscreen, leather-covered front, and back seats with diamond-stitched design, better quality audio system, a panoramic sunroof, etc. with high-quality features showcased at a local museum indicating the darkest days during Hitler’s period in Germany. 

In a nutshell:

  • Volkswagen Beetle’s current generation was developed in the year 2011.
  • It symbolizes the History of Germany’s postwar and the rising middle-class Prosperity.
  • Ferdinand Porsche manufactured the Beetle, and its third-gen was powered by a 174 hp turbocharged 2-litre TSI engine offered with 6-speed automatic transmission.

This iconic Volkswagen Beetle is going away; this historic car will not be produced after 81 years of its launch.

Volkswagen Beetle’s Series Production and the history it Holds!

Volkswagen Beetle started its series production in 1945 and was manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen in Pueblo, Mexico. It was officially known as Volkswagen Type 1, also known by various nicknames in different parts of English countries. 

It featured a rear engine and two doors designed for five occupants. Its rounded silhouette design fulfilled the project (People’s Car) of Adolf Hitler in the darkest era of Germany.

Volkswagen Beetle’s first generation sold around 21.5 million after its launch; this car was the most popular at the time of the Nazis. In 1938, it was owned by Adolf Hitler, and later it became popular globally. Hitler commissioned Austrian automaker Ferdinand Porsche to manufacture cars for ordinary people, and it was known as the “People’s car” this car was affordable. Later, Porsche’s design now indicates today’s model of VW’s Beetle.

But now it’s the time to say goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle, and you can say it now there is the end of the road for a vehicle. This vehicle symbolizes the darkest days in Germany as it symbolizes the History of Germany’s postwar economic renaissance. Apart from these, this car was also designed to remind the coca-cola bottle.

The Volkswagen Beetle was initially launched during Nazi Germany, under the rule of Adolf Hitler, and this iconic car was introduced by the name people’s car. Later, its second generation launched in 1998 with a wide variety of exterior and interior colors and trims with 13 different engine models. The third generation was introduced in 2011 with superior features, including Denim, Coast and Pink, and Dune. Beetle’s all generations were iconic and most popular. This vehicle sold in 91 markets all over the world.

Why Is Volkswagen Beetle Discontinued?

After its launch, the Volkswagen Beetle became one of the most popular and best-selling vehicles. There are several reasons behind its discontinuation, including:

This iconic Volkswagen Beetle was estimated to be sold worldwide, and 22 million units were sold by 1972. But its sales were beaten by the sales of the famous model of the Ford T. in 1970, and the demand for Volkswagen Beetle was diminished. 

Also that time, most people preferred to buy front-wheel drive models that allowed them more vacant space in the truck to keep their stuff safely, which was not allowed in the third model of the Beetle. 

Besides, the currency was one of the major reasons for its discontinuation and the decline of its sales as the car was sold at high rates. For Americans, buying the Volkswagen Beetle in German currency was expensive. 

This way, the car became more expensive for them to buy in German currency, and the sales declined from 565,838 to 230,137 units from 1970 to 1976. After having big shame for years, the German engineers decided to launch new models with the updated design according to the customer’s preferences. To keep in mind all these points, the automakers launched the latest superhit models: the Passat and the Golf.

Rise and Fall of the Volkswagen Beetle

Later, in 1998, the retro-model of this vehicle was launched within a year after its retro-version launch; it successfully sold 80,000 units of Volkswagen Beetle by 1999. It was a great success for the German automakers.

In 2012, the Beetle was renewed to its latest updated version of the hit car, unluckily this model was not found a huge success and did not cross its target regarding its sales. 

Because that time, this hit version of the Volkswagen Beetle was competing with the new American SUVs, but people were crazy about SUVs, and the demand for the Beetle declined. In 2019, in Puebla, Mexico, the last version of the Volkswagen Beetle was introduced at Volkswagen’s factory.  

On the launch of its latest model, the CEO of the VW Group of America, Scott Keogh, stated, “ We can not imagine the Volkswagen and where it would be without its initial and iconic model, ‘the Beetle.’ But now, it is high time to say goodbye to the Beetle, which played a crucial role in the evolution of our brand, and now it is the time to cherish the moment forever.”