Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued

Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued 2023 – Where to Buy?

Is Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued? Vitalis gained popularity around the 1940s when it was introduced as the first hairstyling product that was very light to use. Generally, hairstyling products then were extremely greasy. Vitalis was the first product that was non-greasy and yet did its job. Alcohol was a significant component in making this product, and another mystery ingredient called V7 was also used. The secret behind V7 was disclosed on the date.

Many people are worried about the excessive quantity of alcohol in this product. But the brand cleared that alcohol was extremely diluted before being used in this product. Alcohol not only made the styling product better in terms of consistency but also added a clean fragrance to the already fresh odor of the product. Using this product made hair look highly formal. Earlier, the brand needed help in making itself established in the market. Earlier, people needed to understand the need for hair styling products as they believed it was unnecessary. The usual hair care routine at that time was washing hair, then driving it with a towel and letting it air dry.

People used not even blow dry their hair then as it was considered highly unhealthy to use such heat. Later, when some people tried the product, its popularity widened. The product became like a leave-in conditioner that quickly de-tangled hair and made them combable without breaking them. The product became a massive hit, especially among people who were always in a hurry. It also added a lot of shine to the hair. The brand was very clever in marketing its products through hairstylists. You could see white lace in almost every hair styling salon. As going to the salon was an indispensable need, people used to know this product very often. It caught the public’s attention, and people started buying it much more.

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Is vital discontinued Where to Find?

Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued

By the end of 2021, there were rumors that Vitalis had been sold to some other company. Soon after this news was released, the supply of Vitalis decreased from the market. There were rumors that the production of this hair care product had been discontinued. Vitalis has a complete range of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, and mousses. They were available, but the hair tonic disappeared from the market.

Later on, it started reappearing in the market and even online. Many said that retailers who had stocks of this product had started reselling it. But the production of the hair tonic by Vitalis has been discontinued. If you go on the internet, you can find this hair tonic on almost all online shopping websites. You can even order it from Amazon. If the production had been discontinued, it would be easier to find the Vitalis hair tonic in many places. The real news is fake, and the company is still manufacturing the hair tonic. The company may have started manufacturing the hair tonic in lesser quantities than before. This is why the product is less available than it used to be. This decision by the company could have been taken because of the enormous market competition in the hair tonic range.

Many brands like L’Oreal Paris, Tresemme, Vella, Garnier, and others have been producing their hair tonic for a long time. Since Vitalis is an old brand, it has yet to be able to grab the tension of the younger generation. This could be a reason for the relegation of this product. The brand still has many loyal customers but is different numbers than it used to be. But the whole news Dada photo hair tonic range has been entirely discontinued is incorrect.

Is it vital healthy for hair?

Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued

Vitalis is a cult favorite hair tonic product that is still used by a lot of people. Despite being a brand around a hundred years old, it has still stood the test of time. It has fewer chemicals than most of the hair serums or hair tonics available in the market today. They still use their conventional and old recipe to make the product super authentic and vintage. Many customers who use this product say that it reminds them of their childhood. It is made from the following ingredients-

Cannabis Sativa L. Cannabidiol (CBD Isolate), Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil, Red Beetroot Juice Powder, Pennywort (Centella Asiatica) Extract, Rosemary (Salvia Rosmarinus) Extract.

To apply the product, you must ensure that your hair is dry from a damp towel. Do not apply this on wet hair. It would help if you also remembered that since this Hair tonic contains alcohol, it’s highly flammable. On the immediate application, make sure that you stay away from fire. Also, it is not fit for consumption, so after applying the product, ensure you wash your hair, do not bring it, and wash your hands near your mouth. It is advisable to keep the product away from children as it’s poisonous upon consumption and can even lead to death. The product may seem a little sticky for some people upon using a headgear. Many people have complained that it gets stained after applying the hair tonic if they wear a cap. So make sure you consider this before using the hair tonic.

The final word for this product is that it is a massive success even though it’s such an old product. It is a cult classic and a fan favorite in many countries. Despite so many brands entering the hair tonic market, Vitalis has a place of its own. The brand has maintained its consistency in the market for many years. People of this generation may not even have heard of this brand. But the parents would have indeed used this brand and loved it. You might like this one if you like using vintage stuff with simple ingredients and manufacturing.

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