Victor Dog Food Recall

Victor Dog Food Recall: things you need to know

When it comes to the health and happiness of our furry companions, selecting the right pet food is paramount. A well-known name in the pet food industry is “Victor.” It has long been a trusted choice for pet owners seeking premium dog nutrition. However, recent events have brought a pressing concern: A recall due to potential safety issues.

In this article, we’ll delve into the Victor Dog Food recall. You were also shedding light on its reasons and the affected products. Most importantly, what you, as a responsible pet owner, need to do to safeguard your pet’s well-being. We are not only aiming to provide accurate information about this topic. But also to guide how to navigate this situation with your pet’s health as the top priority.  

We understand the importance of informing and supporting pet owners during times like this. We are committed to delivering reliable information. Your pet’s safety matters, and this article is here to help you make informed decisions regarding their nutrition. So, let’s dive in!

Overview Of Victor Dog Food

Victor Dog Food is a well-established pet food brand. It is renowned for its premium dog food offerings, rooted in the 1940s. Based in Texas, it has been owned by Mid America Pet Food since 2007. It has brought a wealth of experience to the pet food industry. “Always By Your Side” is the motto of the brand. It underscores its commitment to providing high-quality nutrition for dogs. This makes it a trustworthy choice for pet owners.

Its extensive range of dog food lines and recipes sets Victor Dog Food apart. All are tailored to suit various breeds, activity levels, nutritional requirements, and life stages. From energetic puppies to wise seniors and from large species to small companions, Victor covers it all. Their high-protein formulas, in particular, cater to the needs of large breeds. In comparison, specialized options address concerns like joint health and weight management. They are even offering low-carb diets.

Among their top products, the Victor Super Premium Dog Food Professional Dry Dog Food stands out as gluten-free. It is a high-protein choice, perfect for active and sporting dogs. Besides, it is a good option for pregnant dogs, lactating females, and puppies. Another option is the Victor Super Premium Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog & Puppy. This product is specially launched for those pets who have sensitive digestion.

The Victor Super Premium Dog Food Purpose Nutra Pro is known for its rich nutritional profile. This makes it an excellent choice for high-energy dogs.

Victor Dog Food has earned popularity and trust among pet owners in the United States. It is popular due to its commitment to quality and a wide range of choices. They ensure that dogs of all sizes and life stages receive the nutrition they need to thrive.

Victor Dog Food Recall

A well-known pet food company has recalled some dog food due to salmonella worries.


  • When the company shared the news: September 3, 2023
  • When the FDA told everyone: September 4, 2023
  • What it’s about: Pet food for dogs
  • Why they’re telling us: Because it might have salmonella
  • The company’s name: Mid America Pet Food
  • The brand: Victor
  • What the product is: It’s a type of high-quality dog food

Mid America Pet Food in Mount Pleasant, Texas, did this recall voluntarily. Because they found possible contamination. The reason behind this recall is that a random South Carolina Department of Agriculture test detected salmonella in a Victor Super Premium Dog Food sample. 

The company and the FDA suggest that the products shouldn’t be sold or given away. Or they should be removed from store shelves right away. If you’re a pet owner, you should throw out the recalled food where your pets, children, or wildlife can’t reach it. Clean and sanitize pet food bowls, cups, and storage containers thoroughly. Or it would be best if you washed your hands and anything that touched the food.

Affected Product Details

The FDA shared a notice saying the recall is only for five-pound bags of Victor Super Premium Dog Food, Hi-Pro Plus. These bags are part of 664 cases sold at stores across the U.S. 

They have a lot of code of 1000016385 and a “best by” date of 4/30/2024. This recall doesn’t affect any other products.

Potential Health Risks

While people don’t usually eat dog food. Still, there’s a risk of getting sick from salmonella if you don’t wash your hands properly after touching contaminated products or surfaces. If you get salmonella, you might experience:

  • Bloody or prolonged diarrhea
  • High fever (over 102 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Severe vomiting, making it hard to keep liquids down
  • Signs of dehydration, like a dry mouth, peeing less, and feeling dizzy when you stand up
  • Stomach cramps

These symptoms usually show up within six hours to six days after being exposed. Most people recover in about a week. But if your immune system is weak, like if you’re a child under five or an adult over 65, you might need medical help.

Pets can also get salmonella; even if they seem okay, they can carry the germs and make others sick. So, if your dog might have eaten the recalled dog food, contact your vet, even if they don’t look sick. It would help if you looked for these symptoms in your pet.

  • Being tired
  • Diarrhea, sometimes with blood
  • Fever
  • Throwing up
  • Eating less
  • Belly pain

Victor’s Response And Actions

This recall happened because one Victor Super Premium Dog Food sample tested positive for salmonella in a random check by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Stores and distributors should take the recalled product off their shelves right away. They shouldn’t sell it or give it away.

Reporting And Contact Information

Don’t give the recalled food to your pets or any other animals. Throw it away where kids, pets, and wildlife can’t get to it. Clean your pet’s food bowls, cups, and storage containers well. And always wash your hands and anything that touches the recalled food.

Contact Mid America Pet Food Consumer Affairs at [email protected] if you need more information.

Or you can call at 1-888-428-7544, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

This recall is happening with the help of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Guidelines

If you bought dog food that’s been recalled, don’t give it to your dog. You can return it to the store where you got it and get your money back. Or, you can throw it away safely so other animals can’t eat it.

If your dog ate the recalled food, talk to your vet immediately. Even if your dog seems okay, it’s a good idea to be careful and get advice from the vet. Your dog’s health comes first.

What To Do To Keep Your Dog Safe? 

Here are some simple tips to help you and your dog stay safe:

  • Use soap and hot water to wash your dog’s food and water bowls daily.
  • If you can, use stainless steel bowls.
  • Keep any open canned food covered and in the fridge.
  • Store dry food in a sealed container to stop pests from getting to it.
  • Before and especially after touching pet food, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Follow your vet’s advice to give your pet a healthy diet.

What Dog Food Brand Is A Substitute For Victor Dog Food?

In our research, we found many pet food brands that are like Victor. Below, we’ll show you several brands with similar ingredients and nutrition levels.

What’s more, most of these brands are budget-friendly options. These substitutes for Victor could save you around 10% or more on average.

Most importantly, We need to know, What kind of Pet Food Are You Searching For? By the way, we’ve provided the best alternatives to both dry and wet dog food. Let’s have a look:

Affordable Dry Dog Food Options

  • Diamond offers dry dog food, much like Victor, but costs about 15% less on average.
  • SPORTMiX has dry dog food that’s about 47% cheaper on average than Victor.
  • True Acre offers similar dry dog food at a price that’s roughly 12% less than Victor.

Similar Wet Dog Food Choices

American Journey has wet dog food similar to Victor, and it’s about 19% cheaper.

These brands have ingredients that are as good as, or even better than, Victor. So, you can give your pet top-notch food without breaking the bank.

Summing Up

In summary, the Victor Dog Food recall reminds you of the importance of ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being. 

As responsible pet owners, we must stay informed about any recall. Or to make choices that prioritize the health of our beloved pets. The Victor brand is known for its long-standing commitment to quality. It is just one example of how even trusted names can face challenges in the pet food industry.

Remember, our pets rely on us to make the best choices for their nutrition. The safety of what goes into their food bowls should never be compromised. Salmonella contamination is not to be taken lightly. So, it’s crucial to follow the company’s and the FDA’s guidelines. This way, we can prevent any potential risks.

Our furry friends deserve nothing but the best. Staying informed about recalls is our duty. Like the one involving Victor, Dog Food is a vital step toward ensuring their safety and well-being. Keep an eye out for any updates or changes regarding this recall. Always make informed decisions when it comes to your pet’s nutrition. Together, we can provide the love and care our pets deserve.