Vaseline Spray Lotion Discontinued: where to find it?

Is Vaseline Spray Lotion discontinued? Over time, the Vaseline brand has become an icon in the skincare industry. The company’s goods’ creativity and efficacy have attracted many people.

The Vaseline Spray and Go Lotion series is one product line that displays these Vaseline product attributes. They come in three different varieties and are made to moisturize dry skin. They are Vaseline Total Moisture, Vaseline Cocoa Radiant, and Vaseline Aloe Fresh.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray is not found on Vaseline’s official site. But it is accessible on Amazon and other online merchants until supplies last. The fact that the item is no longer in stock elsewhere means Vaseline must have stopped making it and discontinued it. This article provides solutions to many queries about these products.

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About the brand

The global company Unilever owns the Vaseline brand of petroleum jelly-based products. Products offered include plain petroleum jelly and various skin creams, soaps, lotions, cleansers, and perfumes.

Vaseline is a skincare brand developed in 1870 in Brooklyn by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. The brand is present in 70 countries. Its items are available everywhere, including online retailers and physical storefronts.

Vaseline has emerged as the industry standard for treating dry skin. Even though skincare goods are more vital than cosmetics, they can go out of production. This can be due to a lack of consumer demand, unsafe ingredients, or limited production.

Vaseline introduces a spray-on moisturizer

The lotion is present in the homes of 80 million American women, but they rarely use it. Among these light lotion users, more than half cited “lack of time for their own” as the main barrier to using lotion. Many of these women know that they ought to use body lotion daily. But they avoid doing so since it slows down their morning routine by taking a long time to apply and absorb.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is a rapid, continuous 360° spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in just a few seconds. This allows women to wear their clothing immediately after moisturizing and continue their busy day.

This ground-breaking lotion leaves skin instantly smooth. It is neither greasy nor sticky. It was offered nationwide beginning in March 2013.

About Vaseline Spray Lotion

Vaseline created spray-on lotions for users who are short on time and want to apply cream quickly. Compared to using skin lotion with your hands, it is the fastest approach for getting the most hydration.

Remove the cap and spray the lotion where you want it to go. It is practical since you can stream it in places that are difficult to reach. It penetrates deeply into your skin to offer maximum hydration. Thus, it intends to keep your skin looking fresh all day without needing a second application.

At the same time, Vaseline introduced three spray lotions. There is a distinct flavor to each of them. They are Vaseline Total Moisture, Vaseline Cocoa Radiant, and Vaseline Aloe Fresh. Users of the Aloe Fresh variety adore its lively and natural summer smell. At the same time, those who favor the Cocoa Radiant are admired for its sweet fragrance.

Only the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray is thought to have been withdrawn from the market.

Is the Vaseline Spray Lotion no longer available?

A spray lotion with oat straw extract, Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray, is designed for dry skin. It is a non-greasy spray that penetrates the skin right away. It includes tiny droplets of Vaseline Jelly that give your skin the hydration it needs.

You can use it whenever your skin feels a touch too dry. But it works best when used right after showering to ensure complete absorption into the skin. The lotion treats dry skin, which causes itching and pain. The constant, non-aerosol spray provides an even application.

The healing spray might have been withdrawn from the market since there wasn’t enough demand for the company to keep making it. Despite the spray lotion’s efficiency being praised by those who used it, aloe and cocoa butter, lotions were the more widely favored choices.

The Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray is not sold on the company’s official website. But it is still available on Amazon and at a few other online retailers while supplies last. Vaseline must have discontinued the product because it is no longer available elsewhere.

Vaseline didn’t make a formal statement about discontinuing production. Only a few retailers carry the spray lotion; local stores do not sell it. It is best to check with reputable internet retailers about the product’s availability.

The following methods can be used to verify whether a product has been discontinued:

  • Visit the company’s website.
  • Look over the feedback.
  • Keep an eye out for news.
  • Join the brand’s social media pages.
  • Lookup using Google
  • Forum Posting
  • Message the business directly.

How Can Vaseline Spray Lotion be Replied?

The Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray was unable to be found. Then you may want to take into account the two Vaseline options that are still readily available nationwide:

1. Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion:

On the websites of Walmart and CVS pharmacies, you may purchase the aloe soothing lotion. This item may still be available in some stores since it is a popular spray-on lotion.

Vaseline makes the Intensive Care Aloe Soothe lotion for dry and irritated skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and relaxed because of its cooling impact. Aloe vera, the main component, is renowned for calming irritated skin and rehydrating dry skin from the inside out.

Users love how it soothes the skin and reduces irritation, which helps their skin get the hydration it needs without any adverse side effects.

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray:

On the websites of Walmart and Target, you can get the cocoa radiant spray. Use the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray for dry, lifeless skin.

The lotion is made with 100% pure cocoa butter, which helps your skin glow. It also shields skin from sun damage, makes it ultra-smooth, and hydrates.

The reviewers claim that after using this product, their skin felt healthy from the inside out and looked soft.

The lotion stops skin itching, frequently brought on by dry skin. You won’t need to reapply the cream often because the lotion ensures one use lasts a long time.

Like the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Spray, the aloe soothing spray and cocoa radiant spray lotions contain Vaseline Jelly for retaining moisture.

Because of the lotion’s non-sticky formulation, your skin won’t appear greasy or oily. Instead, it will look gorgeous and healthy. It is recommended to apply the lotion evenly, ensuring that every part of your skin receives an equal amount.

Other Alternatives

Similar qualities are present in several additional Vaseline products, including the spray lotion line. These are a few of them:

1. Vaseline Healing Jelly Original:

On sensitive or dry skin, this lotion is very hydrating and efficient.

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Revitalizing Green Tea Moisturizing Body Lotion:

This lotion has a sweet, energizing aroma. It is lightweight on the skin, just like the Vaseline Spray and Go products.


One of the most well-known skincare companies in the world is Vaseline. An innovative option that offers customers the reviving and efficient post-shower moisturizing they need is the Vaseline spray lotion line. Vaseline spray lotion is simple to apply and available in various flavors. Thus, it allows customers to choose the one that best suits their preferences.

We know how a product’s discontinuation or stock shortage may annoy loyal clients. Due to a lack of demand and fading popularity, one of their moisturizing spray lotions has become challenging to locate. But the other two are still offered online and in small shops around the United States. On the official Vaseline website, you can learn where they are available.