Has the Uniden SDS100 been Discontinued

Is Uniden SDS100 Discontinued or Still Thriving in 2024?

Is Uniden SDS100 Discontinued or Still Thriving in 2024? Let’s find out if this gadget is still kicking or if it’s vanished. We’ll explore its features, why people like it, and what happened to it. Stick around for some scanner mystery-solving! The Uniden SDS100 is a fancy scanner that lots of people who love scanning stuff really like. But lately, some people are worried because they heard rumors that it might be discontinued. This has got the scanning fans wondering if it’s true.

To find out the real story, it’s important to check what Uniden, the company that makes the SDS100, has to say. You can look on their website or ask the people who sell the scanner. This way, you get the right information from the people who know best.

SDS100 is a radio scanner designed by Uniden, which is backed up with hi-fi technology. It provides facilities and user-friendly options even in the most challenging radio frequency environments. 

The scanner is comparatively pricey and expensive compared to other scanners in the market, but the facilities offered by this one are also excellent. 

The scanner has excellent mobility and also has an LED screen. The screen voice is customizable, and the keypad, which is present below the screen, is back late so that the customer can look at the keys and identify them correctly at night. At first look, the customer might feel that the product is minimal, but it’s made so that it’s convenient and can be carried to various places very quickly. 

This model also has much more durability than the other models in the market. The hand grip is also very smooth, so you will be comfortable carrying this model.

It is believed that manufacturers discontinued this model just sometime after its release in 2020. The brand has yet to reveal the real reason. It suddenly disappeared from the market; since then, it has been the first time anyone can trace even one product from a new batch. This probably means that the manufacturers have decided to discontinue this radio scanner permanently. 

Table of Contents

  • Why Did Uniden Discontinue Making The SDS100 Radio Scanner?
  • What Are The Features of SDS100
  • What’s Happening with Uniden SDS100? Updates, Upgrades, and Future Plans!
  • Was SDS100 Well-Received by Customers?
  • Can You Still Buy Uniden SDS100?
  • Exploring Other Scanner Options: What Fits Your Needs Best?
  • The Bottom Line

Why Did Uniden Discontinue Making The SDS100 Radio Scanner?

The real reason behind the discontinuation of this product has yet to be discovered. The manufacturer suddenly decided to discontinue this product. It was agreed that the company would soon release an alternative scanner to make up for the discontinuation of SDS100. 

But as of now, an alternative scanner has yet to be released by Uniden. People assume that the manufacturers will release alternative scanners at some point because SDS100 enjoyed great success and good reviews. It would be stupid to discontinue this particular variant and not give the public an alternative. The scanner is available on some online websites because of the stock backups; otherwise, it has been discontinued by the manufacturers.

What Are The Features of SDS100?

SDS100 became immensely popular because of its customizable features, such as:

  • Adjustable Settings: You can change the default settings for bands, modulation, and steps according to your preference.
  • Priority Check: You can set how often and how many times the scanner checks for priority channels.
  • Analysis Mode: This mode helps you analyze trunked systems, signal quality, and activity and find EDACS/LTR LCN.
  • Audible Alerts: Adjust the volume for various tones like Key Beep, Emergency Alerts, Channel Alerts, Tone-Out hits, and Close Call Alerts.
  • Avoids Feature: Allows you to skip unwanted channels during scanning.
  • Battery Saver: Helps conserve battery life.
  • Broadcast Screen: While searching, you can focus on specific bands like TV and radio stations, pagers, etc.
  • Channel Delay: You can set delays in increments of 0-2.5.10,30 for each channel.
  • Volume Offset: Adjust volume individually for each channel.
  • Close Call Features: Detects nearby transmissions with options like Do Not Disturb, Priority, and Temporary Store.
  • Control Channel Only: Focuses on the control channel for trunked systems.
  • Custom Search: Program up to 10 search ranges.
  • Discovery Mode: Finds new channels on trunked systems and frequency ranges.
  • Fire Tone Out: Alerts you with two-tone paging for fire departments.
  • Fire Tone Out Search: Displays received tones.
  • P25 Decode Threshold: Adjusts P25 decoding settings.
  • Intermediate Frequency Exchange: Reduces interference on specific frequencies.
  • Location-Based Scanning: Scans based on your current location.
  • Multi-Site Trunking: Shares Trunked System’s TGIDs across multiple sites without duplicating.
  • Negative Channel Dropout Delay: Adjusts the delay before resuming scanning on skipped channels.
  • Number Tagging: Allows quick navigation using number tags for Favorites List, System, and Channel.
  • Priority Scan: Focuses on priority channels.
  • P25 One-Frequency Trunking: Follows individual talk groups on P25 single-frequency systems.
  • Quick Search: Quickly searches for channels.
  • Audio Recording: Captures and stores transmissions for later playback.
  • Date/Time Indication: Displays date and time with time stamping for recordings.
  • Instant Replay: Plays back recent transmissions without quiet time between.
  • Repeater Reverse: Adjusts settings for repeater channels.
  • Search with Scan: Performs custom searches while scanning.
  • Startup Configuration: Sets preferences for scanner startup.
  • Weather Operations: Includes features for monitoring weather frequencies.

Was SDS100 Well-Received by Customers?

The customers appreciated SDS Hundred for its customizable options, which were contrary to the existing products in the market. The pre-existing customers had a rigid approach toward the facilities they provided; nothing was customizable and customer-oriented. 

Although all the users recommended that you learn how to use the scanner properly to derive the utmost advantages from the scanner, otherwise, there is no use purchasing it at all. It’s not that easy to use and a little complex in terms of its technology and facilities. This is why You must learn how to use it properly to take full advantage of the money you spend buying the product. As a user, you have the facility to use the scanner while you are charging its battery.

People swear by its competency in different fields, such as simulcast with many sites. You can enable location-based scanning in the Favorites list and set your current location.

What’s Happening with Uniden SDS100? Updates, Upgrades, and Future Plans!

People are a bit confused about the Uniden SDS100 scanner – some are saying it might not be available anymore. As of now, there’s no direct replacement for the Uniden SDS100 scanner. Even though Uniden hasn’t officially said there’s a new version coming, here are a few things to consider: 

Firmware Updates: Uniden is still making updates to improve the SDS100. If you already have one, updating the software can make it work even better.

Replacement Parts: If something on your SDS100 breaks, Uniden sells replacement parts. For example, you can get a new battery clip or a 3D-printed replacement knob.

Battery Upgrade: Uniden offers a bigger battery for the SDS100. You can get it for free by signing up on their website.

Looking at Scanner Trends: Scanners can be tricky because what’s cool today might not be tomorrow. We need to see if there are new scanner trends, like better technology or what people like more now.

Future Models: While we don’t know when Uniden might make new scanners in the future. 

Stay alert for any updates they release.

Get Updates from the Right Places: To be sure we’re getting the right information, it’s good to follow what Uniden officially says on their website or what the people who officially sell the SDS100 tell us. That way, we’re not listening to rumors and getting the real scoop.

Can You Still Buy Uniden SDS100?

Yes, you can buy the Uniden SDS100 in the future, but right now, it’s not available. Due to its tough, weather-resistant handheld scanner with cool features, the scanner is still more in demand. If you want to buy Uniden SDS100, you can check its official website. Also, you must visit websites like Amazon, hamradio.com, and zipscanners.com, but currently, it’s marked as ‘out of stock.’ A lot of websites, such as zip scanners, say it might be back in late March 2024.

Exploring Other Scanner Options: What Fits Your Needs Best?

Lots of people like the Uniden SDS100, but it is not available right now. So you can explore other scanner options. Let’s find out:

Uniden SDS200: This is an upgrade from the SDS100 with similar features but a bigger screen and better performance. It works with the same software and extras.

Programming Software: Uniden Sentinel helps set up your SDS100. ARC536 is another easy program to use. ProScan lets you control the scanner from far away.

Whistler TRX-1: It’s not exactly like the SDS100, but it’s a digital scanner covering many frequencies. It might not have all the features, but it’s worth checking out. Remember, each scanner has different things it’s good at, so pick what’s best for you!

The Bottom Line 

The Uniden SDS100, which came out in 2018, got a lot of attention but was discontinued around 2020. Even though people hoped for a new model in 2024, no one officially said anything. Still, fans are hopeful it might come back or that Uniden will make something similar. Technology changes fast so that Uniden might give us better features or a totally new scanner. Right now, the SDS100’s history lives on, and people are excited to hear more from Uniden. Keep an eye out for their updates because they could bring good news for scanner fans!

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