Has the Uniden SDS100 been Discontinued – Is they Still make it in 2023?

Has the Uniden SDS100 been Discontinued

Has the Uniden SDS100 been discontinued? SDS100 was a radio scanner designed by Uniden, which was backed up with hi-fi technology. It provides facilities and user-friendly options even in the most challenging radio frequency environments.

The scanner was comparatively pricey and expensive compared to other scanners in the market, but the facilities offered by this one were also excellent. 

The scanner had excellent mobility and also had an LED screen. The screen voice was customizable, and the keypad, which was present below the screen, was back late so that the customer could look at the keys and identify them correctly at night. At first look, the customer might feel that the product is minimal, but it’s made so that it’s convenient and can be carried to various places very quickly. 

This model also has much more durability than the other models in the market. The hand grip is also very smooth, so you will be comfortable carrying this model.

The manufacturers discontinued this model just sometime after its release. The brand has yet to reveal the real reason. It suddenly disappeared from the market; since then, it has been the first time anyone can trace even one product from a new batch. This probably means that the manufacturers have decided to discontinue this radio scanner permanently.

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Why was Uniden SDS100 discontinued?

The real reason behind the discontinuation of this product has yet to be discovered. The manufacturer suddenly decided the discontinuation this product. It was agreed that the company would soon release an alternative scanner to make up for the discontinuation of SDS100

Has the Uniden SDS100 been Discontinued

But as of now, an alternative scanner has yet to be released by Uniden. People assume that the manufacturers will release alternative scanners at some point because SDS100 enjoyed great success and good reviews. It would be stupid to discontinue this particular variant and not give the public an alternative. The scanner is available on some online websites because of the stock backups; otherwise, it has been discontinued by the manufacturers.

Features of SDS100

SDS100 became immensely popular because of its customizable features, such as its LED screen. Customers had the facility to choose different colors for their screens to make identification easier. Customers also had the opportunity to select which field showed what information. This way, you could segregate more critical data from less important information. 

SDS 100 was also water resistant, meaning you could use it in an environment with high humidity and even underwater to a certain death. It would not get damaged and continue with its operation. The scanner was also GPS stimulated, meaning you could add your current location through a ZIP Code or by putting information in your GPS coordinates. 

This will help you in locating the nearby frequency very quickly. If you need more clarification about your current location, an auto location feature will help you find out about your current location. The scanner is already equipped with all the databases of Canada and the United States of America. This means that you have access to all the pre-saved information about the radio frequencies of Canada and the United States of America.

Did customers like SDS100?

The customers appreciated SDS hundred for its customizable options, which was contrary to the existing products in the market. The pre-existing customers had a rigid approach toward the facilities they provided; nothing was customizable and customer-oriented. 

Although all the users recommended that you learn how to use the scanner properly to derive the utmost advantages from the scanner. Otherwise, there is no use purchasing it at all. It’s not that easy to use and a little complex in terms of its technology and facilities. This is why You must learn how to use it properly to take full advantage of the money you spend buying the product. As a user, you have the facility to use the scanner while you are charging its battery.

 People swear by its competency in different fields, such as simulcast with many sites. You can enable location-based scanning in the Favorites list and then set your current location.


SDS100 was launched by Uniden in 2018 and was discontinued around 2020. People were hoping that the manufacturers would soon release an alternative. There are new official announcements but let’s hope that the company will either bring SDS hundred back or give the public a proper alternative.

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