Is Trump water discontinued in 2023? - Can you rebuy it?

Is Trump water discontinued in 2023? – Can you rebuy it?

“Trump Water” was a bottled water brand owned and marketed by the Trump Organization. Former US President Donald Trump owns this business. Trump water was sourced from natural springs and was sold as a premium product with high quality and a luxurious image. The product was available for purchase at Trump-owned hotels, golf courses, and other properties and online.

However, in 2019, it was reported that the production and sale of Trump Water had been discontinued. The Trump Organization has not publicly disclosed the reason for this decision. Still, it is likely that the brand was less profitable than expected or did not fit with the company’s overall strategy.

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Is Trump water discontinued? 

There is no news or confirmation of Trump water being discontinued in the us, but it’s unavailable in the market now. You are still looking for it. But recent Former US President Donald Trump recently visited East Palestine, Ohio, and promoted his brand of bottled water, Trump Ice Natural Spring Water, during a speech at a Republican Party event.

Donald Trump praised the quality of the water and encouraged people to buy it, saying that it was “the best” and that he had it at his events. The water is sourced from a natural spring in the US and is sold under the Donald Trump Organization’s brand. Trump’s promotion of his water brand comes after discontinuing another Trump-owned water brand, “Trump Water,” in 2019.