Tropical Starburst Discontinued – Is there any shortage?

Is Tropical Starburst discontinued? Have you ever experienced unexpectedly bold and juicy fruit-flavoured candies? If not, then unluckily, you have missed it. The best of the best bold fruit-flavoured Starburst Tropical Candy has been discontinued. 

Generally, Starburst candy is popularly known for its chewy and sticky texture. But the hard candy version was also available once. 

Did you know that? Tropical Starburst candy was available in many flavours, such as orange, apple, strawberry, and cherry. According to the Reddit posts, it is noted that candy fans are only able to find Tropical Starburst online and at stores. 

Fans need pina colada, strawberry, and banana flavours. But it looks like they all have gone. As we all know, Tropical Starburst also had a chewy and sticky texture and is now discontinued. 

Moreover, its hard candy version was also removed from store shelves in the 2000s. People also need that hard version of Starburst candies.

If you have never tasted it, let us tell you it was more than a juicy candy. Its extraordinary juiciness enticed everyone—besides the inner side of the beloved chewy candies. The wrapper was also beautiful. 

Out of the wrappers, recipes and decorations were there. You might add them to a party. These candies were available in many flavours, such as:

Mango melon, cherry, kiwi, pina colada, strawberry, banana, and more. It could be an amazing treat if Tropical Starburst remains.

So sit tight and continue reading to discover more about Tropical Starburst Discontinuation. 

Starburst Origin

These Starburst candies were launched in 1960 in the United Kingdom. Sugar enthusiasts loved these candies. When it was introduced in the UK, it was known as Opal Fruits. That was available in orange, lemon, strawberry, and lime flavours. 

Later, the original manufacturer, Mars, rebranded these candies as Starburst. This way, it made its way to the United States. Afterwards, it became well known as Starburst, as a wide range of options is available to candy lovers. These Starburst candies come in different flavours.

Starburst products burst with mouthwatering flavour and may have something for everyone. Or they are a part of almost everyone’s childhood if you want to go with vegan products. 

Then we are sorry these products are not for you. As most hard candies are made up of gelatin and Tropical Starburst also. Do you know from where the gelatin comes? So let us tell you that gelatin comes from animal meat, including pork and beef. 

Suppose you are looking for vegan products. Then you must go for other vegan candy alternatives that contain no gelatin. 

Or if you are obsessed with the taste of Starburst and want to have something closer to it. Then you can opt for many other vegan candies in the market. 

Suppose you don’t find anything similar to Starburst. You control the ingredients and try to make them yourself.

Why Did Tropical Starburst Discontinue?

The original manufacturer, Mars, did not release any official statement on Tropical Starburst’s discontinuation. So, what was the exact reason behind it? 

It is anticipated that the failure did not meet the company’s sales target. Another reason is that it was also unable to meet consumers’ demands as different types of candies are already available in the US. So, Starburst flavoured candies did not meet consumers’ needs and preferences.

As they were more likely to be hard candies. So people did not like that because some alleged that they were toothsome and chewy than hard. According to social media, a few more reasons came out Why Tropical Starburst was Discontinued. 

It was believed that a variety of pleasing flavoured candies have already been available in the US. Jelly-filled strawberry candies, lemon drops, ribbon candy, and Werther’s Originals have a reputed position among fans. 

It indicates that those fruity treats could not make their space. When it comes to flavorful hard candies, their loss also dismayed many candy fans seeking a longer-lasting sweet experience.

Why Are Starburst Candies So Popular? 

The first and foremost reason for Starburst candies’ popularity is they are available in 16 different flavours. The original Starburst comes in Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, and Cherry flavours. 

Not limited to these flavours only, but also available in Fruit Punch, Strawberry Banana, Grape Slushie, Strawberry Watermelon, Cherry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Lemon Orange, Fruit Punch, Pina Colada, and Lemon Lime. 

Moreover, each flavour corresponds to a different colour, such as Pink for strawberry, red for cherry flavour, and yellow for banana.

When it comes to the most popular flavouring of Starburst, it generally depends on individual taste. Even though the most popular and beloved flavour is strawberry, each candy contains about 20 calories. 

It releases unique combinations or limited edition flavours frequently. Besides, Starburst Swirlers has two flavours in one candy. Suppose that in a single pack, you will get two or more flavours. Let us tell you that it allows you to have your beloved package in a single box. 

As it offers a single flavour in a single pack. The best part is that all Starburst candies sold in the United States are gluten-free. But these are not vegan as it contains gluten.

Where To Buy Tropical Starburst?

Candy lovers are obsessed with Starburst candies, as Starburst offers 16 distinct flavours. All of its flavours are tongue-tingling. It provides a unique experience that buzzes candy fans with excitement. But the tropical Starburst has been discontinued. Fans are angry over it. 

But no worries anymore, as your beloved tropical Starburst can be available online. You can find it by visiting websites with hard-to-find food products. You can visit Instacart, Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger.

What Is Similar To Tropical Starburst?

As we have already mentioned, Tropical Starburst has been discontinued. However, the manufacturer did not release any official statement of the discontinuation. But everything is clear as consumers cannot find it in stores or online. 

So it is better to keep some similar products aside. Let’s take a look at the best matching options for Tropical Starburst.

  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Dots
  • Skittles
  • Jolly Rancher
  • Twizzlers
  • Airheads


The discontinuation of Tropical Starburst shocked its fans. As other Starburst flavours are also available, you can opt for them. However, each flavour is unique in its charm, which attracts us to enjoy more. 

In truth, the tropical tones of Strawberry Banana, Lemon, Orange, or Pina Colada are more appealing. These could be the ultimate choice ever, and each flavour is a winner in its unique way. 

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