Trix Yogurt discontinued

Is Trix Yogurt discontinued in 2023: Did they stop making Trix?

Is Trix Yogurt discontinued? Yoplait, a company part of General Mills, continues to make Trix yogurt. General Mills withdrew Trix yogurt before being brought back into the Trix lineup after many years. This may be the reason for any confusion around the product.

Trix yogurt has been discontinued since 2016. Yoplait has formally given Walmart and SuperValu our favorite chilled dessert from childhood. The brand hinted at the product’s comeback, which also revealed that the 8-pack would be offered. In May 2021, this yogurt was revived in strawberry and berry flavors.

Each cup has a swirl of two vivid colors driven by the bright and striking appearance of Trix cereal. Four strawberry cups and four berry cups are included in the $8 package. In this way, we can make the best of both flavors. 

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Overview of Trix Yogurt

Trix Yogurt discontinued

The cereal Trix is widely known in the US. Trix yogurt is one of the items offered with the Trix brand and flavor, but it needs to be addressed. Yoplait produced this item under license from General Mills. When it was first introduced, kids were more familiar with this product than adults. Yoplait’s continued production of it shows that it has earned a market.

Yoplait has had trouble marketing various spin-off yogurt products over the years. This was even though it was a niche product. Trix yogurt has been a consistent player for them.

Later, sales of Trix yogurt decreased. Parents began to complain that yogurt, cereal, and other kid-targeted goods had too much sugar. Trix yogurt has been reorganized, and the recipe has been altered accordingly. This was an effort to meet those needs. The market’s perspective will play a big part in whether this attempt succeeds.

History of Trix products

In 1954, Trix cereal was introduced. The cereal flavors and shapes have evolved. But the clever marketing that supports this cereal has remained constant. Trix’s recipe has been modified over the years by General Mills. This is to better adhere to prescribed health standards for children.

But aside from these health-related changes, the cereal has mostly stayed the same for decades. General Mills’ Trix yogurt is among the few cereal brands successfully producing spin-off items. It has been sold for more than a few years.

In 1974, a Michigan firm that sold cottage cheese obtained a license to market Yoplait for the first time in the United States. Once General Mills got involved, they changed the product’s package. Also sold and marketed in the US, they were named the brand’s only franchisee. When General Mills took over, the product rose to the top of the sales charts, and they soon added flavors. One should try SuperValu and Walmart to purchase this delicious item.

What happened to Trix Yogurt?

A popular treat from the 1990s is Trix yogurt. It successfully returned to store shelves after being gone for five years. After a five-year break, yogurt manufacturer Yoplait stated in May 2021 that Trix Yoghurt would return.

Frozen yogurt was offered in various flavors when it first came out. This includes Strawberry Banana Bash, Raspberry Rainbow, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon Burst. However, the cool fruity delight was only offered in two flavors until it returned in 2021. They are strawberry, red, green swirls, and berry, blue, and purple swirls.

The line was probably discontinued first because General Mills wanted to save money or concentrate on other product lines. And it is not because it was particularly profitable or in demand.

Due to this exact issue, Trix yogurt has been discontinued several times. According to Yoplait in a message to a fan on Twitter, the yogurt was originally withdrawn in 1999 due to poor demand. The line was subsequently restored a few years later. But, between 2014 and 2016, it was once again discontinued.

Even so, the repeated requests from fans to bring the yogurt line back have effectively driven the product’s re-release. Consumer demand may have been the primary factor in the yogurt line’s production return.

A petition was also established by a fan passionate about the yogurt line. Andrew Gerdes created the petition, which he then forwarded to General Mills and Yoplait. The petition had approximately 11,000 supporters as of February 2023.

The Yoghurt Line was a favorite of many people during their childhood. Also, many people who commented on the petition mentioned how it brought back fond memories. They also said they would buy as much of the item as possible if it were to return to stores.


There are only two stores that sell the current Trix yogurt range in-store. They are Walmart and SuperValu.

But customers who are prepared to pay more and wait longer for their order can use Food Service Direct. This offers the yogurt in volume. However, there might be better options for single-family households. And this method of getting yogurt is perfect and efficient for daycare facilities. This includes schools and other organizations that serve many young people.

Distributors like Sysco, Reinhart Food Service, and Martin Bros. are some vendors offering the products to businesses.