TransUnion Layoffs 2024 – Is TransUnion cuts 339 above jobs?

TransUnion LLC is an American company that provides consumer credit reports. In more than 30 countries, TransUnion gathers and compiles data on more than one billion customers. This includes 200 million files profiling almost every credit-active customer in the United States. The customer base comprises around 65,000 businesses. TransUnion Layoffs 2024? Is that ture that TransUnion cuts 339 above jobs?

The Chicago-based credit reporting company is nearly increasing its statewide layoffs to 640 employees. This is part of a larger cost-cutting plan announced in 2023.

The company had announced that 339 employees would be laid off starting in February. However, 301 are receiving pink slips in Illinois, based on a mandated filing with the state.

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TransUnion aims to cut costs

On November 15, 2023, credit reporting behemoth TransUnion announced it would make cost-cutting changes, which would affect 1,300 of its employees.

TransUnion declared it would remove roles and relocate some of its staff to “Global Capability Centers” in India, South Africa, and Costa Rica. Four thousand of its employees already work there.

The company should have specified how many of its 13,000 employees would be laid off. However, it said staff separation and facility exit costs will be estimated at $155 million. The business estimates that these changes will result in one-time pre-tax charges ranging from $355 million to $375 million.

TransUnion estimates the cuts and changes will result in $120 million to $140 million in annual operating expense savings. Also, $70 million to $80 million is estimated for capital expenditure reduction by 2026. TransUnion President and CEO Chris Cartwright said in a statement, 

“These changes require difficult decisions. But they improved TransUnion and created a chance to extract more value from our recent acquisitions.”

One of TransUnion’s recent acquisitions was Verisk Financial Services. It was acquired for $515 million in February 2022 as the financial services division of Verisk Analytics Inc. This acquisition came after Neustar’s marketing, fraud, and communications businesses were purchased for $3.1 billion in cash in September 2021. In 2021, TransUnion paid $638 million for Sonti, an identification protection company based in Nottingham, Maryland.

TransUnion planned 339 staff layoffs

TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are the three major credit bureaus. TransUnion collects personal financial data and generates reports for companies and customers.  It has over 13,000 employees in 30 countries. TransUnion claimed that the cost-cutting measure would affect around 10% of its workforce through relocation or layoffs.

Since 2018, the company has grown its overseas operations to over 4,000 employees in India, South Africa, and Costa Rica. According to a November 2023 news release, it intends to relocate additional duties to those regions over the next two years to save costs.

The company recorded a $400 million net loss on flat revenues in the third quarter of 2023. Higher interest rates and inflation reduced demand for mortgages and other loans.

The business alerted the state about the 339 permanent layoffs at its Illinois facilities in December 2023. According to the company, the layoffs will begin on February 2, 2024.

TransUnion increases layoffs

TransUnion nearly doubled its planned layoffs, bringing the total number of employment cuts in the state to 640. The move comes only months after the business announced plans to lay off 339 people.

TransUnion said in a statement on March 26, 2024, 

“As a part of that effort, we are moving certain roles to our successful Global Capability Centers (GCCs). This is to boost productivity, save costs, and fund growth.” “We are dedicated to helping the people whose roles are impacted by this change.”

TransUnion declared in November 2023 that it would eliminate up to $140 million in annual operational expenses by 2026. It already says that half of the savings were obtained this year.

According to the business, the cost-cutting plan includes moving more employees from the United States to its growing overseas operations. Illinois is bearing the brunt of the change, with reported job layoffs totaling about five percent of TransUnion’s staff. In 2023, the company recorded a net loss of $206 million on revenues of $3.8 billion.


To conclude, Illinois is the most targeted target of this strategy. This creates concerns about the long-term effect on the company’s innovation and staff morale. It is essential given its $206 million net deficit last year.

TransUnion maintains that the layoffs aim to ” improve productivity” and “fund growth.” But the vast number of job cuts in Illinois suggests something.

Many wonder if this is a misguided attempt to increase earnings in the near term or a calculated move toward hiring a more global workforce. Irrespective of why, hundreds of TransUnion workers in Illinois have an uncertain future.

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